Serving as the Director of Operations at ENT Group, Alexandra DiCamillo oversees the daily activities of 25 practices, thus making the key decisions and ensuring smooth operations. She organizes center calendar, scheduling appointments and arranging travel plans for the Doctor. Besides, she negotiates with insurance carriers, post payments, and submits invoices.

As a strong leader with experience managing medical office operations, Alexandra holds an experience of more than 25 years in administration and management. She is a self-motivated, adaptable, and reliable individual with a superior work ethic. As a skilled administrator with expertise in record keeping, scheduling, and inventory control, Alexandra is adept at assessing performances and identifying opportunities for improvement.

As the former practice administrator at Long Island Otolaryngology and Pediatric Airway, Alexandra DiCamillo worked to supervise daily office operations and billing network activities. Adding to her achievements, she created a new children's area in the practice waiting room for a more family-friendly environment. She also managed patient flow, thus ensuring appointments were completely in a timely manner. Alexandra negotiated doctor's contracts with insurance providers and established and enforced office policies, standards and processes

After all, a practice administrator has an understanding of healthcare principles, policies, and legal issues in order to ensure a safe and effective environment for patients as well as healthcare professionals.

Possessing outstanding organizational and time management skills, Alexandra has the ability to effectively multi-task. Overall, she is a skilled administrator with an expertise in record keeping, scheduling, and inventory control. She is highly adept at assessing the performances and identifying opportunities for improvement.

About Alexandra DiCamillo

Alexandra DiCamillo started her career as Front Office Manager at Broadway Diagnostic and Rehab. She worked to handle all billing and collection matters, including creating invoices and liaising with insurance providers and patients. She also managed daily front office activities, including fielding incoming calls, resolving concerns and completing insurance forms. Besides, she implemented changes based on staffing requirements and floor assignments.