"Put your hands up and get on your knees!" The old, balding cop yelled at me. His hair was a silver color, and his face was hard. I could tell he had been doing this a long time. I had gotten his attention by punching a guy dressed in a green, generic basketball jersey in the face and stealing his money.

I didn't listen. Instead I took off running as fast as I could away from him. We were on a crowded avenue surrounded by random people just doing their shopping. I ran through the thick crowd; I pushed past some people and knocked some others over. I didn't care, they meant nothing to me. The old, cop kept chasing me, how was he keeping up with me? I pushed myself to run faster. Sweat streamed down my face coating it with a shiny gloss. Finally, I started opening some distance between us. I turned a corner and a second cop saw me and yelled for me to stop. He was younger, with a more defined physique. I did not want him tackling me. When I didn't comply, he pulled his gun. I heard a gunshot behind me, and a bullet ricocheted off the parked car I was closest to. This was too much for even me to handle now. I ran into the street. There were several cars waiting at the intersection closest to me. The light turned green and the first car, a red sports car drove up to me and stopped.

I walked to the driver's side door, opened it. I threw the blonde woman who had been driving out of the car. The Passenger, a tall, thin man, jumped out. They both ran down the street screaming as I got inside of their vehicle. More bullets started hitting the car as another police officer arrived on the scene. One of them shattered the back window. I sped away as fast as I could. I had no concern for the pedestrians crossing the street or the other drivers. I had to get away. I turned off the avenue onto a side street. There were less people, but a lot of cars parked. I sideswiped several of them as I finished my turn. The police cars stayed with me and turned onto the street as well. I regained control of the car and tried to lose the police cars. The car was in bad shape though. It had taken several bullets and was now spewing black smoke from the engine. I tried to turn onto another intersection and a bullet penetrated my shoulder. The shot caused me to lose focus and slam head on into a motorcyclist that was turning beside me. The driver went flying over my vehicle as flames began spouting from the engine of my car.

I got out of the car and hobbled into the first open store I found. It was a clothing store. I ran behind the counter just before the store clerk pulled out a shotgun and shot me to death. Angrily I tossed my Xbox controller across the room. "I hate this game" I shouted.