Gell was born of a Human mother among the Blacklake tribe of Orcs. With his mother dying in childbirth, he had only his father to look after him. Normally, Gell would've died very young, because he was much weaker than the rest of his Orcish peers, but his father took pity on him and used his influence as tribal chief to keep Gell alive. Even still, life was hard for Gell.

He learned very early on that he was very different than his clan members. He knew he wasn't as strong as the other orcs, and they knew it too. They would constantly bully him and pick on him. Under normal circumstances, he would've become a raging inferno of anger and rage, but he knew that he was also different in other ways.

He found that, while his peers would often try to overpower one another, he could use his better intellect to plan attacks. With this skill, he soon began to gain a reputation as the smartest person in the tribe. This came in handy when he stumbled into a war meeting and made a suggestion about how to best defend against a rival tribe that ultimately lead the tribes' survival. This act made him a celebrity among his people. Becoming a King Solomon figure for not only his tribe but many tribes around the Never Winter Woods.

This fame was not to last though.

For one day, while checking the game traps, he discovered a beautiful Human Woman with long, golden hair. She had eyes that pierced him to his very core. She had gotten stuck in a net trap and before he knew it, he was helping her out of it. The human was surprised and sat dumbfounded at what this orc has done for her. Gell, knowing he would be banished for helping a human, told her to leave, and then he went back to check the traps.

It seemed as though the event was going to be fairly non-decisive until he returned to his tribe to see everyone around the announcement stump. Things got even stranger when they seemed to clear a path for him to enter. There atop the stomp was a rival of Gell's. Rujokk The Bitter. He was telling the story of how he had seen Gell free a Human and let her go free. This was among the highest taboos of the Blacklake's and for this, Gell was outed. Chased away and thrown out´╝Ź never to be seen again.

That day he lost everything.

His Tribe.

His home.

His family.


He thought it was over for him till he saw a Frost Giant. He knew this frost giant. It had been raiding the tribe's food stores just before winter and was putting a strain on the food supply. Without a second thought, Gell leaped at the beast, knowing that if he returned with its head that he would be celebrated as a hero who had once again saved the tribe from certain doom. It was a fierce battle. It is said that Gell found with the strength and ferocity of 3 orcs but, ultimately, he was defeated after the Giant threw him through a tree. Bloodied and bruised, the Giant left Gell for dead and many would have, but one person found him. The Human woman he had saved. She found him at the last second and nursed him back to health. Since then he has traveled with her as a companion and friend.