Milo was the firstborn of two newlywed Halflings. He grew up in the woods around the family home. His father, a ranger, taught him how to hunt as well as a deep respect for the natural world. From his Druidic mother, he learned what plants could be used in medicine and vast and never-ending compassion for all life. Things just seemed to get better with the birth of his brother and the news that a third was on the way. Milo seemed to have it all. Then it was taken. No sooner than the announcement that they would have a new sibling did the news of their father's illness become apparent. Milo remembers it well. At first, he thought nothing of his father's horrid cough. But by the time the lumps and sores from around the hands he knew something was wrong. He wasn't around to see his father much after he was bedridden because Milo had to take up the mantle of the provider to keep the family fed. But the last time he saw his father he was a mess. The Lumps had broken out into open sores that never healed. The coughing had begun to bring up black blood and the same blood dripped from his nails. His mother did everything she could but since she was carrying a baby she couldn't work as long or as hard as she wanted too. She blamed herself when her husband died. Milo could barely keep himself together for the funeral but when he heard his mother cough it deviated him. She too fell ill with the same lumps, Cough, and bleeding. He tried all he could think of but it seemed that nothing could slow the sickness. He considered it the greatest of miracles that she was able to deliver the baby. A little girl that Milo was left to care for. With the death of his mother, it looked as if the sickness had left the family. Milo raised his sister as his own and began to teach her the same things his parents had taught him. He and his brother did all they could to give her the best life they could and for a while, it seemed to work. She grew bigger and stronger each day and things were looking up for the family. That is until little Susie developed a cough. The sickness had returned and Milo was determined to prevent it this time. He spent all his time looking for a cure. He never slept, he rarely ate and he never stopped. But despite his best efforts, he couldn't save his sister. He became depressed and began to take a liking to hard drinks. Things got worse one day when he was out gathering wood. He heard footsteps coming down a trail. With his ax in hand, he saw the Kobolds heading for the family home. He thought of what they might do and he snapped. He doesn't remember much after that, only flashes. Combat, and mad chase, and then more and intenser combat. When he finally came, he was standing covered in blood in front of a cage containing a Gnome who was all too happy to remain in the cage. The gnome eventually did come out and told Milo she was a wizard who was studying a device that could cure any illness. All he needed were a few more natural components. Milo without a second thought dragged him around the Forest gathering the needed supplies. When they had finished he had the gnome rest it on his sister's head. Sherla said the device had to stay on her head for 3 days or it wouldn't work. Milo was revived and slept for the first tie in weeks. When he awoke he found that 4 days had passed. He ran to his sister's room with the highest hopes. Only to find her dead in her bed. He was devastated. He hasn't felt happiness since. To make matters worse after the funeral his brother admitted that he had developed a cough after Milo had fallen asleep and put the headband on the cure himself. That was the last thing Milo remembered. When he awoke he found himself once again covered in blood. The rain had made it runny but it was blood none the least. That of his brother who he found in bits and pieces around his sister's grave. It was apparent what he had done. And he went straight to the family home. He burnt it to the ground. He took the headband and went to travel with the wizard. Always afraid of the rage inside him.