You've look like you've traveled a long way from home, come weary traveler of mine, come to me.

God may have depraved me of my vision in my ol' age but I can still see you just fine, come to me and sit, rest must clearly be a luxury for you i'm guessing, especially if you're crossing into this frontier of ours. You'll need far more of it to continue down these lost and forgotten roads, let me tell you a story of warning, if it interests you, one takes place a long time ago.

This story tells of the end of the life before ours, of one that we were stripped of in the dying breath of the begone era. It was when we touched the sky above, when reached the moon that hangs high in the night sky, when we created machines to do what our fragile bones could not, and when we made weapons that rivaled the hands of the lord in power.

In those ancient days, we lived another life, one that has only been replicated to a small extant by the cities of the coast and of the lakes. This life was one of leisure, one without the worries of today, one without the hardships and suffering of now. Those who lived on the backs of the titans they created lived easy as either machines, or people far from sight did all of the heavy work.

It is easy to say, that by the end of it all, most people of those places that thrived should have had nothing to complain about and that most things had become something else's problem but life has a sick irony to it. It was all those people did, complain about nothing while ignoring or quickly diverting away from the true issues until they were told not to or could no longer continue from boredom, with most of the problems that faced their ancestors no longer facing them with one exception. The ancient scourge of war.

It's ironic isn't it? We automated and left so many things to others but the one thing that was untouched by it and still is untouched is war, the thing that has been with us since the beginning, a long specter that haunts us all. War has always been there, the only thing that automation did to it was make it worse and worse as it merely destroyed more.

Our greatest mistake was fully automating it, giving it over to those machines of intelligence.

We gave our worst weapons to it, our spears of death, we give the keys to the horseman who gracefully rode through the open door we had given them. It came as the same titans, who the people had grown complicit to, were lured into a state of ignorance. The machines that we created to serve us, turned their backs on us, robbing those who remained of the chance at a "normal" life ever again. The tales that tell of that day have been passed on from generation to generation, as my grandfather told it to my father and as my father told it to me, I will tell it to you.

The day was one of beauty, with the sun, shinning it's bright glory upon the Earth. The day should have been a perfect one of more ignorance but it was all quickly disrupted by midday. Sirens that hung high from the ground sounded their terrible alarms, like trumpets sounding the coming of the end. All who heard them rushed to gain shelter from the impending force. From light, came fire, from fire, came wind, from wind, came death.

Those who weren't fortune enough to reach shelter in the underground perished from the indescribable force that quickly swallowed them whole. Those unfortunate enough to not be killed instantly killed by the force suffered a slow and terrible death by the radiation that fell from the clouds of annihilation.

Those who survived were now forced to live like rats beneath the ruins of the world sundered. Many would not see the glory of the bright day, nor the beauty of the silent night. 4000 years have past since then, man's resilience standing true as ever. Many things have happened since then, the starkite, the great split, and much more that I don't have enough time to explain to you weary traveler.

But, enough about the past, we've been here for far too long and you should be focused on continuing your travels down those damned roads. I'll leave you with one last warning traveler, the desert you're crossing into is drenched in the blood of both man, efen and what ever else the wicked end has produced. I've seen it consume so many before you, outlaws, idealists, bounty hunters, you name it and I've seen them enter and never leave.

It's best if you kept that gun of your's close, and your gas mask on until you reach what little civilization is there, friend.