A small low hanging light dangled precariously above Jericho's head. It looked as if it was going to fall any second. Yet given the state of the jail itself he was surprised there were any lights left to have save for torches. "Still if it were to it'd probably land on my head...wouldn't that be a laugh?"

He smirked, finding humor in his own joke. It was one way to pass the time. Being stuck in a jail cell in a room the size of a standard two car garage, alone somewhat, with only one source of light and no windows, as well as in a dank decrepit place like this was boring to him. Had he been here of his own volition he would have left long ago.

As it stood, it wasn't his choice to be here.

A light from the far side of the room, near the exit door came into view. A tall man in grey and red robes appeared. His face was covered by a hood while he held a torch in one hand and what looked like a chain in the other. The metal chain led behind him to a line of prisoners, all of whom wore collars around their necks and were attached to each other by chains. Three men and a woman were all escorted to a cell alone. The woman was shoved into the cell on Jericho's right, collar still attached to her slender throat. She wore rags that covered enough of her body to give her some measure of dignity, and yet there was enough exposed that Jericho liked what he saw. Curves in all the right places reminded Jericho of the last time he saw a gorgeous woman. Of course, in his life time that was few and far between, given the state of the world. That was why he had a bit of interest in her looks, even if the woman was in dire state. While that was wrong Jericho didn't care.

Speaking of the woman...

Once the door had been closed and locked tight the woman got up from the hard stone floor and tried to shake the metal bars to escape but to no avail. "Bastards! Let me out of here!"

She had a pixie top haircut and what looked to be reddish in color. Jericho couldn't tell in the low level of light that came from her cell. The man in the robes ignored her and kept up his pace as he threw the rest of the men into the cell on Jericho's right. Seems keeping them all separate by gender was important, though why Jericho was alone was anyone's guess. He got up from his spot on the floor and looked at the wrist watch on his left arm. "What is taking so long..."

"Hey you."

Jericho turned and saw that the woman was speaking to him. "What?"

"How long have you been 'ere?"

'Her accent...Cockney maybe?', Jericho thought to himself. He crossed his arms over his chest. "First day vacancy. What's it to you?"

"Is there any way to get out of here?"

The Brit found humor in this question. So he returned it with a bit of his own. "...through that door." He pointed to the way she had come in, that he had come in a few hours before. "Back up the stairs, down a hall and take a left to another door to a lobby and out through a pair of big wooden doors to the outside."

She blinked, "You memorized the way out?" She hadn't even paid enough attention to know.

"Not the first time I've found myself in here, sweetheart. Though this is one time I would have preferred I hadn't." Jericho looked around his cell, specifically the ceiling which also had metal bars going across it to prevent prisoners from escaping. "Those bars weren't here before though..."

"Must suck, having escaped only to be brought back. That or you're just unlucky," said the woman who placed her hands on the bars in front of her. It was here that Jericho got a better look at her. She did have reddish copper hair and hazel eyes. However what he couldn't help looking at was her chest, covered partially by the rags given to her by the prison guards. They barely covered the curves of her breasts and straining against the cloth. He liked his she had curves but not an hourglass figure, as well as appeared all natural.

She had been looking away at the moment and when she turned back to him he had turned his eyes elsewhere. Not out of respect or fear of how she'd react to him eyeing her body with a lustful gaze, but the fact that he had other things that required his attention.

'Where the hell is that little ass wipe?'

"What is it?"

The woman's question as Jericho looked at his cell door brought his eyes back to her. "Nothing. What's your name?"

"I'm Eclipsa Lynch, from the southern coast. And yours?"

"Creed. Jericho Creed."

Introductions aside, Eclipsa went ahead. "What brings you here? I was out scavenging for food when I was captured."

Jericho raised an eyebrow. "Let me guess: by a guy the size of a gorilla carrying a large rough sack over his shoulder?"

Eclipsa nodded, "Sodding bloke got me by surprise. Took everything from me included the clothes on me back...but it looks like you got away better than me."

If she meant in one piece Jericho agreed. Those guys with the sacks were called Swipers. They kidnap people that haven't been converted into followers and place them in jails similar to the one Jericho and Eclipsa found themselves in now. Stealing everything on the person as they take them, everything down to the very clothes they wore, and taking them to the nearest gaol. Jericho had been lucky to have a few followers of Legion rough him up and take him earlier. Eclipsa wasn't so fortunate, obviously.

"Anyway..." Jericho brought his eyes back to the woman all the while trying not to stare at her chest (a Herculean effort, on his part). "This place is going to be active in a few hours."

"What do they plan to do to us?"

"Convert us into followers of Legion...or if that fails, turn us into meat to feed their lapdogs." Jericho was unapologetic about what he said, and Eclipsa's eyes went wide.

"They plan to cannibalize us?!"

Shrugging his shoulders Jericho went on, "Folks got to eat somehow, right? Though I would imagine you would be better used somewhere else."


"A woman like you would be better off as a concubine or a priestess. They tend to prefer young virgins for that sort of shit," said the Brit, trailing off the possibilities of Eclipsa's fate, none of which were good in the long run.

Yet one detail he spoke about hit her in a sensitive spot. "Virgin? Who says I'm a virgin?!"

Jericho raised an eyebrow, "No one...but are you?"

Putting her arms across her impressive chest the woman turned with her chin raised high her cheeks as red as her hair. "Bugger off."

An hour passed and though the gaol was quiet Jericho's mind was not so silent. He was getting anxious. 'Where the hell is that creeper?!'

He was going to have to gnaw his way out of the cell if he didn't get answers soon.

Eclipsa had distanced herself from him and rightfully so, she obviously felt nothing but disdain for him. He didn't mind, however. His luck with women usually went south after the first meeting.

So his attention went back to where his compatriot could be. "Booger, you better not be slacking..."

"What'd you say," said Eclipsa, sitting in the dark corner of her cell with her knees to her chest.

He paced his cell like a nervous animal. Not out of fear but anxiousness. "Something I know should have been here by now, that's all."

She chuckled, "You must be cracking already if you're thinking someone is out there waiting to see you."

She had expected him to insult her or even laugh.

Yet she didn't expect something out of the ordinary from him.

"Maybe there is," he said cryptically.

She turned to him, tilting her head slightly, confusion all over her face. Getting to her feet Eclipsa felt excitement beginning to go up her spine. Could he have a way out of this?" She grabbed onto the bars of the cell. "You better not be shittin' me, Creed. Do you have a way out or not?"

Sighing lightly, Jericho gave a creepy half smile, like he knew the secrets of the world and wasn't going to let anyone else in on the scoop. "Maybe..."

Eclipsa wasn't one to play games, "Fuckin' hell, would you please give a straight answer?"

Before he could answer her, Jericho heard something coming from above him on the roof of his cell to be exact.

Both he and Eclipsa looked up and while she gasped in surprise, Jericho felt elation.

"About damn time."

On the roof of the cell was a creature with dark grey skin which helped him meld into the darkness of the gaol to only his neon green eyes could be seen. As well as a wide grin with many razor sharp teeth.

"Oi, Jeri! It's been a half-moon since I last saw ya!"

The creature's voice was raspy and otherworldly and yet spoke like a person on the street greeting an old friend.

"More than a few hours to be precise. What'd you find, Booger?" Jericho was not at all disturbed that he was talking to an imp that made Gollum tame in comparison.

The creature literally squeezed itself between the bars with little effort and climbed down using the ceiling light before dropping onto the floor. He was the size of a toddler, slightly hunched over and with claws instead of fingers on three digit hands.

"Legionnaires all over the damn place, getting out might be a bit trickier than last time. That and-oh? What'd you got 'ere Jeri?"

The imp's attention had gone to Eclipsa, who was eyeballing him with nothing short of astonishment.

Jericho couldn't help but find her expression humorous, even if underneath he was surprised she could see the imp at all. Very few people knew of Booger's existence, and those who did see him thought of him as nothing less than another cosmic demon or a figment of their imagination. That or the Brit was losing his fucking mind, since most of the time they saw him talking to himself like a loon.

"This is Eclipsa and she can see you apparently," answered Jericho.

Booger climbed onto the bars right in front of the woman, "Can she, eh? Tan me hide and call me an angel." Eclipsa took a step back, her breath caught in her throat. She could smell the creature's breath, it smelled of garbage. That disgust went up a notch a second later. ""What do you know Jeri, she's quite the looker. Hair could be longer but oh boy those knockers!"

Eclipsa gasped and covered her chest with her arms, extremely offended. "Excuse me?!"

"Just complimentin' your milk jugs, love. You could feed many kids with 'em." The imp turned to Jericho and gave a not so subtle whisper, "Very noice, Jeri."

Jericho agreed wholeheartedly.

The woman took an angered swing with a closed fist at the demon but he slipped back onto Jericho's side and avoided the blow. Not that it could have possibly hurt him anyway. "Feisty too! Daddy like."

Eclipsa was going to blow a gasket, but even though he was getting a personal kick out of it Jericho turned the matter back to the problem at hand. "Booger. I need to get out of here."

Booger blew Eclipsa a kiss before turning to his 'master' of sorts. She flipped him the bird in response.

"Oi, and I gots just the tool for that job, Jeri," the imp reached into a void within its own chest and pulled out a metal object. A dagger from the looks of it, with a near twelve inch long shiny serrated silver blade and the name Mae etched into the side.

"Ah, perfect." Jericho seemed pleased.

"There's one other thing, Jeri. Seems the loons of this place have a new jailer, looks like a walking pin cushion with nails and spikes sticking out of its skin. Carries an axe too, but the eyes are covered by a metal plate. Seems to be blind as a bat but hearin' is through the roof."

Jericho held onto the knife in his right hand and inspected the blade while he listened. "Duly noted. And what about Shuck?"

"He should be up top about to spring the diversion. Best be ready."

Nodding once Jericho quickly heard a heavy bell begin to ring from above. A church bell he knew that was used to signal the Legionnaires in the area. "Seems he has started."

The imp climbed the cell wall and made its way over to the door, "Ill unlock the door for you-"

Jericho however, had another idea. "Wait. I got a plan."

As soon as the bells started to ring above the follower of Legion who had brought the prisoners to the jail returned below. He had heard a loud metal clang had had mindlessly decided to investigate. Once down below he saw the female prisoner still in her cell as were the three men in the third cell.

However the second cell, where the lone man he had captured earlier in the day should have been was empty, the door to his cell on the stone floor as it had been knocked off the hinges and now lay.

Unconcerned the man went ahead and foolishly dropped his guard when he passed the first cell and stood in front of the door of the second.

That was when Jericho struck. Though the man was a foot taller than he, his left hand grabbed the top of his robed head while his other drove the dagger into the side of the follower's neck. A gurgled scream followed, no sound came as a fountain of blood flew from the new wound and landed on the floor. The man raised his hands to possibly try and remove the violently inserted dagger but they soon fell lifelessly to dangle at his sides.

The blood from the now deceased man covered the majority of Jericho's right arm. He didn't care, as evidenced by how he callously tossed the dead man to the floor. "Fuckers..."

Eclipsa had watched with shock at how this man who had a twisted sense of humor had just murdered a man in ice cold blood and cared little if not at all at what he had done.

Booger came back down from the ceiling, having watched the whole thing unfold from above. "Seems ye haven't lost yer touch, Jeri."

Jericho looked up at his familiar, "Since when did I even seem to lose it?" He knelt down next to the corpse and after a bit of searching found what he was looking for. The key to the upper level. "This should help me get out..."

"What about me?"

Returning to his feet Jericho had heard Eclipsa but he didn't even look at her. "What about you?"

"You're going to let the rest of us out, right?"

The thought had never crossed the man's mind. "Nope."

The woman looked as if she had been insulted, one worse than earlier. "What?!"

"Look sweetheart, shit goes downhill fast when I'm around. Not that I wouldn't mind the beautiful company you would provide but you'd end up hanging from a lamp post in the city before long."

"Stop being such a prick. I can handle myself."

Booger dropped down from the ceiling, "Uh-huh..." He was obviously not convinced.

Neither was Jericho. "Call me chauvinistic but if you ended up in here via a kidnapper you've obviously never been able to handle outside, little girl."

"You leave me here I will haunt you for the rest of your miserable existence," she threatened.

To her surprise Jericho chuckled, "You wouldn't be the first."

He turned to leave, not wanting to see what would happen if he lingered for too long. Booger was already going towards the stairs, stopping only to wave his hand to hurry him along.

"Creed. Wait!"

"So long, Eclipsa-"

Even as he began to walk he heard her say his name once more just out of curiosity he turned.

And there he saw a rather provocative sight. Eclipsa had pulled the rags that covered her chest down to where the swell of her breasts were exposed, barely hanging on over the nubs and only supported by her hands.

Jericho's response? Eyes roaming her exposed body and heat rising in his groin. "Hmm." Now she had his attention. "This your idea of a bargain?"

"You said yourself it's been awhile since you saw a gorgeous woman." Letting out a slow breath the now sultry looking woman before him uttered rather nervously but it turned him on slightly more. "You get this, and more, if you help me."

"Look or touch?"

"Whichever you prefer. Let me out, and I will let you in. What do you say?"

The answer to that was damn obvious. He may not be the smartest man in England or what was left of the world but he sure as hell wasn't going to let this pass him by.

"You drive a hard bargain."

He reached for the key and unlocked the door.