"The Fall of Magic and the Ivarisian Civil War"

Written by: Vinalis Fahlow

On this planet of Vaahrem which we call home, there lies a source of power that only few have a grasp on. This source of power has caused world wars, has erased entire species from the face of the planet, and has nearly led to its destruction on multiple occasions since it was first utilized. However, this source of power has also ended century-long conflicts between peoples, and has helped send the world into several golden ages.

This source of power is referred to as magic, and those who use it are referred to as Mages.

Magic is the lifeblood of all who utilize its power. In order to use it, one must be born with its essence running through their veins, mingling with their blood.

Through a process called channeling, a Mage may call on that essence and bring forward magical energy into virtually any shape imaginable. If a Mage does not have enough control over their magic, it may backfire. This can lead to a painful magical shock, or something even worse, if they aren't careful.

Certain races of people have a higher chance of inheriting magical blood from their birth parents, such as the Humans and the desert-dwelling Salamanders.

While magic has done good for many people, it has also been the main reason why the continents of Vaahrem were divided in their ideals, resulting in the creation of various factions across the world. Spread throughout the world, these factions would fight over control of its continent of origin, resulting in a world filled with conflict at every turn.

The conflicts between factions continued on for many years until a small group of individuals grew tired of the fighting and created their own faction that would come to be known as the Royal Alliance. This faction was perhaps the most accepting of them all, welcoming individuals from every continent into their ranks. The Royal Alliance quickly grew in numbers, being made up of Humans, the Dragon-like Dragaia, the bird-like Shadow Dancers, and the aquatic race known as the Avalians, among many others. The Royal Alliance, with their numbers vastly greater than even the largest faction of old, was able to defeat each of the factions in battle in an event called the War of Factions.

Having successfully put an end to all the fighting, they restored peace to the continents, serving as what many would describe as a global empire, despite their allowing of each race's leader to keep their rule. Shortly after the Royal Alliance's victory, the Mages involved in the conflict were ostracized by many. Magic was seen as a force of destruction capable of bringing about the end of days, despite it being a force that was widely used to heal those wounded by the War.

Many laws were passed regarding the usage of magic and the treatment of Mages.

"Under no circumstances is magic to be used in territories where it is declared unsafe or inappropriate. Mages caught using, practicing, teaching, or otherwise shaping magic in these territories are to be arrested. Resistance is to be met with equal or greater force as needed."

The proclamation by the leader of the Royal Alliance at the time stands to the present day, enforced by the Human King Valen.

Mages were forced into hiding, being required to suppress their natural abilities or face a punishment as severe as death. While these laws have been put into effect with no questions asked by some rulers, many others had loud disagreements about the passage of these laws. More specifically, the rulers of the more magically-gifted races, such as the aforementioned Salamanders.

The continent of Ivaris, known to those who live there as the "Continent of Magic," is the largest continent on Vaahrem, and is considered the birthplace of the first Mage. Many magic users call Ivaris their home thanks to its massive size compared to other continents, along with its assortment of different regions, such as Lake Zylir sitting near the center of the grassy plains of Galad Field, or the mountainous terrain of the Lava Valley to the west of it.

The Avalians, who make their home in an underwater palace on the bottom of Lake Zylir, despise the law against magic, as their current ruler, Queen Pearl, is a Mage herself. Contrastingly, the Dragaia who live in the Lava Valley in their stronghold approve of this law, since Queen Magma, the current leader, hates Mages with the same fury as an active volcano.

The two races, being neighbors in regards to the region where they live, have frequent conflicts and have managed to throw themselves into an Avalian-Dragaia war, making the western portion of Ivaris their battlefield.

The Royal Alliance shows no sign of offering to break up this war, and seems to allow it to continue on, despite the destruction it has caused for both parties. Now, what was once just a simple disagreement has escalated into a conflict that may have the potential to plunge Ivaris into a…

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