These are some prose I just found, one of them gave me a little chuckle, I notice a lot of people put poetry here, so I'll give it a Whirl, hopefully not on a wash cycle though, because then I'd have to say, "goodbye"


My BFF the horseshoe

We had loads of fun

He had glued on eyes an everything

But one day he go recycled and went to that big blue sky-scrapper in the sky

I often say hi


The Hand Print army.

We made a handprint army

It went to war with the footprint army

Some lands have talk that some lands have elbow prints, and face prints, and nose prints too.

I sure hope we don't have to go to war with those armies, the footprints looked strange enough.


As I understand it, the truth is better than a lie

Well couldn't there be a lie that was better than the truth?


I was feeling blue that day, and a man asked me

Are you a man or a mouse?

Well, I can't pass for a mouse with these ears

So he handed me some Mickey Mouse parade ears

Well, I cant pass for a mouse with this tail

So he gave me a tail that would make a mouse proud

And made me feel less blue


Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite

And if they do, you know for a fact, you ought to bite them back.