Hanford's marching band went to Utah to compete in Bands of America (BOA), a nationwide competition held on Nov. 3. BOA competitions were held in fifteen different locations all over the USA, but the one Hanford's band attended was at Dixie State College in St. George, UT.

As the bell rang, eager students rushed out of their sixth-period classrooms and towards the exits. It was a typical end to a typical school day for most, but Nov. 1 was a day that around 140 marching band members had been anticipating since August. Three charter busses awaited the students, staff, and chaperones who were glad to be off once the busses finally rolled out of the parking lot.

"I really hope we make it into finals. I also want the other bands to admire us," said sophomore Maggie Jackson. Though a fairly new and fairly small band, the marching band managed to take home quite a few awards, including Outstanding General Effect, Outstanding Music Effect in the AA division, 1st place in the AA division, and 9th place overall.

After BOA, the rest of the trip was focused on fun. Sunday night, the band attended a show at the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Buena Park, CA. They ate, watched, and even participated at times in a tournament set in medieval times. Monday, the band traveled deeper into southern California, had breakfast at a Ruby's Diner, hung out on the beach for a bit, and then headed to Disney California Adventure for a day. The band got the majority of the day to spend in the park, and then in the evening met backstage and marched in a parade through Main Street.

At the end of their time in Disneyland, the band got back on the busses and headed home, stopping only for short meals and bathroom breaks. When they finally arrived in the school parking lot Tuesday night, they were engulfed by their families, who had gathered near the band doors for a "welcome home" surprise. Loud music and glow sticks greeted the sleepy students, who still had to attend school on Wednesday.

A lot of work had been put into what became the highest-scoring show the marching band has ever performed. "[It's really fun] making the show awesome," said junior, Adam Muhlestein. The band had worked hard all the way since August to perfect their music and marching.