Not really sure how this works but this is my first story. Its called Dead Luck.


The water was knee-deep now. Rising steadily. A blue-grey mass swallowing anything and everything in its path. There was no stopping it. Flood defences breached. Homes destroyed. It was coming closer. Closer. She watched as items swam through the hallway. Family pictures, board games, books. Shards of glass swept the currents like sharks hungry for a meal. The wall behind her whined, pressured by the weight. The girl jumped thinking it would come down on her. Blonde hair fell down her back. Intelligent eyes the colour of mossy trees now wide with fear. The wall sounded again, a brick slipping slightly. The girl tucked her hair behind her ear, showing a deep scar, still dripping blood, on the right of her forehead. She waded across the partially submerged room, struggling to keep her footing. The water kept charging, pushing her back towards the unstable wall. She lunged for the exit, gripping the door frame. The house groaned again. Outside the deadly blue liquid was gaining size. Windows broke, houses crumbled, the girl held on. She swam into the hallway, the water now above her head. A final door. A few meters. Sandbags sat at the feet of the door, overwhelmed by water. It leaked through every open inch of the door. The girl dived, found the door handle, and twisted. The house gave one final futile protest, before collapsing into the water.