In a pit of Engulfed darkness, a dark armour rattled. The rattling sound echoed throughout the boundary's of pit awakening the little ones. Blood drenched sand. The gauntlet grasped a handful of red sand as it rises above the ground. The first thing he sees is the skeleton before him on scattered robes clinging on to a glowing medallion. " Too tight" the armour spoke. He grabbed on to his helmet and started to pull it out; it didn't budge. The gauntlets, cuisse and breastplate he tried removing every part of the armour. It all clutched on to him like a mad dog; nothing came removed as it all firmly grasped on to the owner has it all glued to his body. In a panic, he grasped the helmet and pulled and pulled till his gauntlets gave in. He almost popped his head out. And he tried it again and again and again. A few seconds later. A scream. A chill sound of defeated deafening sound echoed throughout the boundaries of wall, Now awakened the deep slumbered ones. "I CAN'T GET THIS OUT!"

The reply to the scream was a booming growl that shook the entire place. Then followed Little footsteps with the sound of the banging club on the ground. He grabbed the medallion as a light source for a way out. He walked closer to the walls stumbling very slowly. Mumbling the words "WHO AM I ?" " WHERE AM I ?". As a confused soul, he wandered around until something blocked his path.

He stood at a giant rusty gate halfway stuck. The pulling mechanism has jammed by a worn short sword. Screeching sounds from behind automatically spam the armour to turn back out of his own will. There stood three goblins with bloodthirsty gazes. In exchange, the armour emitted a bloody terrifying aura, the menacing gaze through the helmet threw daggers at them. Like a cornered animal in a frenzy, the hero stepped forward, the incredible pressure emitted from the armour pushed back the goblins. Whoever you are and how strong you are, What would you do if you go up against something unknown where the mere existence would give you the shivers, you'll back up little, you'll get confused, you'll think twice before doing anything rash. The goblin has encountered many humans in armour plates but not this one; this one was different. Everything was going smoothly; until he spoke.

"where is the Exit?. Blind has a bat because of his helmet disarranging any light through his peripheral vision. He stood there like a complete idiot expecting a response. Now the goblins were more confused than before. They were looking at each other's face trying to grasp the situation if it is prey or predator. Then the ground started to shake again. A tall shadow loomed behind the goblins. It's a troll as the size of a mountain. In a blink of a second, a spiked club knocked the chest plate and blasted the armour into the gate. With his head first banging on the gate, he fell into his knees. Blood flow through the helmet with a few fracture if he is lucky. The momentum changed very quickly as steam of tension boiled through the place. The frightened goblins soon started to laugh at the fallen armour. The troll flexed his muscle and picked the armoured hero in one hand and dragged his unconscious body throughout the place. The goblins followed the troll laughing and screaming. But the sudden sound of the gate opening from behind alarmed the goblin as the jammed sword is missing from the pulling mechanism.