Bar-Bra-Ann was born to one of the Lords of Waterdeep. Her most notable feature was and always has been her long golden hair. Her family saw this hair as a gift from Sune and promoted her to become a cleric since before she can remember. greatly influenced by her Dwarven Mentor Bellyn she excelled at her spells but was no slouch in melee. Through her time at the temple of Sune, she was always doing charity work and developed great empathy for all people. But with this, she also grew into quite the fashionista. Always making a point to have the nicest robes and have the best public image. This one day was nearly her downfall when in the middle of the night a thief snuck into her room and cut a lock of her hair. Awoken by this She chased the assailant in a mad dash. Running into the forest she soon found herself lost. Things seemed to go from bad to worse when she was caught in a net trap hung in a tree. she spent the night there but was awoken by the sound of footsteps crashing through the forest. She looked and saw an imposing Half-orc. Taller than any man she had ever seen. She was filled with fear as she imagined the beast killing her and dining on her dainty flesh. Or worse the thing kidnapping her to become its sex slave. Tears filled her eyes as she imagined never seeing her father or Bellyn again. As the beast drew closer she closed her eyes in terror waiting for that killing blow. She was so terrified she almost didn't notice the net being lowered carefully, the net being opened with the care you'd expect from a mother putting her baby to rest. She finally opened her eyes to see the Half-Orc knelt and tell her to run before taking off himself. She sat there dumbfounded and unable to processes that which had just unfolded. When she finally got up she wondered around the forest trying to find her way back to town to no avail. Around evening as the sun was setting in the west she heard the sound of battle. She ran towards it only to find the Half-Orc that had saved her in fierce combat with a frost giant. The Giant was desperately trying to get the brute off its back and it looked as though the half-orc was attempting to chock the giant out. But despite his best efforts, the half-orc was thrown off and through a tree. Landing in a pile of blood and splinters. After seeing the frost giant walk-off battered and bruised Barbra ran to the half-orc. She knelt before him and saw the life draining from his eyes. She tried every healing spell she knew but none was enough. She could feel the life draining from him and with tears in her eyes Emilia yet out a final prayer to her God Sune. "Sune oh high goddess of all the is able to love and all that is beautiful. You have blessed me with the face and hair of an angle. You have given to me the life most would kill for and yet I would gladly give it all back to you if only you would heal he that saved me earlier this day. For he has shown me the kindness I though unknown to the orcs. I have seen in him more humanity than in all the people in Waterdeep. I ask that you would heal him because though you are the goddess of Beauty you are also the goddess of love and I cannot help but love this man for he has shown me kindness so great that to not love him would be an insult to not only you but all the lesser gods of love. So I ask Please save him and I take anything you wish. My hair, my looks, my family, or even my life I will give it all to you with a smile on my face if only you would save him" And with this, she heard the crashing footsteps. The frost giant had returned and was heading for the pair. Despite all the sacred flame, she could throw at it the beast kept coming. and when it got within striking range it lifted its mighty ax above its head. Barbra simply looked at the face that had saved her kissed his forehead and waited for the sweet release of death. She heard the sound of a blade slicing through the air but never felt it land upon her. When she finally looked up again she saw the giant lying dead with a blade through its heart. She looked around to see a great vortex had picked up every leaf in the forest and had made a wall impenetrable to the eye. Then when she looked back she saw the most beautiful woman she had ever laid eyes on. Her thin almost translucent gown outlaid by long orange hair that fell in a trail behind her and emerald eyes that sparkled more beautifully than even the best cut gems. Barbra instantly recognized her as an avatar of Sune and bowed before the deity. The avatar spoke thus" Barbra you have served my temple well all your life. You have truly best exemplified all the things a member of my clergy should. And the prayer you've spoken was as delightful to the ears as honey to the tongue. But more than that by staying by the Half-orc's side when you knew it would be your death you have proven that every word was true. For this, I shall answer your prayer. He shall live and promise you that should you stay by his side through the good times and the bad that he shall come to love you just as you now love him. Furthermore, I shall bless any children you have that they may find a love like their parents. that shall be my convenient with you should you continue to be a shining light in my church." Barbra responded 'Yes Lady Firehair. I shall do all I can to bring glory to you and your church. You willing there shall scant be a soul who has yet to hear your name and the deeds you do for all the mortals of Fortune" "Then rise my child and start a fire for what a shame it would be for your new companion to succumb to the cold after what we have discussed". Barbra could not control her joy as she shot up and hugged the goddess. The goddess startled at first hugged the mortal back and then slowly began to rise with the vortex into the evening sky. Leaving the young cleric who hastily began to make a fire. Excited and eager to begin her new life and a new adventure with Sunes blessing and her love at her side.