New York City-

"Attention, New York City, if you care about your lives listen up. My name is Thunderbird, me and my colleagues possess some of the most advanced military hardware the world has ever seen. For example, the Tempest-3. A powerful machine that is capable of manipulating the weather to whatever I see fit. In five hours I will activate the Tempest-3 and create a category 5 storm. For those of you unfamiliar with a category 5, a category 5 sustains winds of up to 160 miles per hour and unleash tsunami-like flooding. Streets, subways, and buildings will be completely flooded with the winds themselves causing irreversible damage and untold destruction. We also have control over communications, the local internet, and the electrical grid. We also posses high grade military hardware and AI paroling the streets to ensure everything runs smoothly. And of course, it doesn't need to be said either that any form of resistance by police, citizens, or any other authority will be met with extreme reproductions. Unless we are paid 800,000,000 dollars, everyone in this city dies. Give me what I want, or be destroyed. The clock is ticking, so choose wisely."

The video message occupied every single screen and signal in New York City, before disappearing as soon as it came. And just like that, the people of NYC started to riot, loot, and flee for their lives. Stores were broken into, fires were set, people were stampeding to get out of the city before it shares the same fate as the mystical city of Atlantis.

Criminals took advantage of the chaos as they started robbing stores, banks, and even mugging and killing innocents who just tried to escape the city. The police did what they could, but with all of their communications and software becoming compromised with the rest of the police force spread thin throughout New York City they were of little help.

With all this destruction and chaos, everyone had one big question on their minds: Where is DragonMan?

Lenox Hill Bridge-Manhattan, NYC

The colossal pile of metal and concrete lied under the river separating Manhattan from Roosevelt Field that used to be the old Lenox Hill Bridge. Beneath all the concrete and steel under the water was a man in a suit of armor, only his head, the upper part of his upper torso, and arms were sticking out of the pile of rubble.

DragonMan was completely knocked out with only a few bubbled rising from his head. A few moments passed as DragonMan struggled to wake back up, but it wasn't very effective. It seemed like DragonMan was about to black out for good, until a voice started jossling him up from his nap.

"Master Will! Master Will, are you there? Are you okay?! I saw what happened to the bridge! Are you okay!? Master Will! MASTER WILL! MASTER WILL!" Yelled the voice of Elise from DragonMan's comm's, as his reptilian orange eyes started to open up.

Elise's yells only grew louder and louder as they motivated DragonMan more and more to fully awake.

"Master Will! Answer me! Please!" Screamed Elise in terror as DragonMan lifted his hand and reached for his helmet, as he pressed the side of his helmet.

"I'm-... I'm here Elise..." Said DragonMan weakly as he continued to fight his drowsiness and fully awake.

"Master Will! What happened!? Where are you!? How are you still alive!?" Yelled Elise in fear as DragonMan let out a groan of pain.

"The... Voss brought down the bridge down on my head... I'm buried underneath a mountain of steel and concrete, and I think... UGH!" DragonMan groaned in pain as he tried to push himself up, only for a surge of sharp pain dashed through his lower back. Enough to force him back to the ground.

"Master Will! What was that!?" Asked Elise in fear.

"I think a metal beam is stabbing me in the back... Unless I don't want to spill my insides, I can't get up. And if I lay here any longer this rubble is going to crush me. The only reason I'm not drowning is because of my ability to hold my breath underwater like a crocodile..."


The pressure of the mountain of concrete and metal started to push DragonMan's body and armor to it's upper limits, as it started to crush him. To add insult to injury, the metal pole logged itself deeper through DragonMan's torso and make the wound far worse.

"Master Will! You need to get out of there! Push yourself up and slip out the first chance you get!" Yelled Elise, already sensing that DragonMan didn't have much time left.

"Elise, I can't do it... It's too heavy... I-I can't-" But DragonMan was cut off as the creeking got louder and more frequent. Signaling that DragonMan had very little time left before it crushed him.


"UUUGGHH!" Growled DragonMan in pain as he tried to bare it to the best of his ability. But it started to overwhelm him, as blackness started to fill his vision. That was, until he heard the voice of Elise.

"Master Will! Listen to me! Voss has already announced that she's going to use the weather machine to tear NYC apart and kill thousands! Soiling your family's company and having it be remembered as nothing more then a corrupt and evil company! You MUST get up! Do you hear me Will!? Get up!"

The light started to slowly, but surely return to DragonMan's eyes as he listened to Elise's words.

"The entire city will be destroyed unless you get up and STOP HER! All those pushups and situps and you can't even get yourself out of this mess!? Get up Master Will! DRAGONMAN!" Yelled Elise as the light fully returned to DragonMan's eyes, as he developed a determined expression on his face. Remembering the faces of his parents, what they would say if they saw him now.

DragonMan placed his hands on the ground as he started to push with all his might. There must have been at least a hundred tons of concrete and metal piling on his back, but that didn't matter as he actually managed to slowly push himself off the gound with a growl of pain and pure will power.

"GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Ugh... Raaaahhhhhh!" DragonMan placed his hands on the weight over him as he pushed with all his might. But as he did, he felt the metal pole shred his insides as it poked through his abdemon and filled the water with a cloud of blood.

"Rgh!" Growled DragonMan as he fell on one knee from the sheer amount of pain as the weight almost crushed him. But he caught himself at the last second and slowly stood back up.

"RAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!" Screamed DragonMan as he held the several tons of destroyed bridge over his head, before seeing his opening and leaping forward and out of the way of the collapsing pile.


DragonMan looked back to see the pile of rubble sitting there, before looking down at the source of the pain he was feeling: A broken sharp metal pole stuck through his lower back and out his abdemon with more tissue damage surrounding the wound.

DragonMan reached down and grabbed the pole, before instantly ripping out as another surge of pain rocketed through his body.

"UGH!" He tossed the pole aside before slowly taking a few steps forward.

"Master Will! Are you alright?!" Asked Elise with a panicked tone as DragonMan placed his hand on his wound, which was already rapidly healing up.

"I'm-... I'm okay Elise, I just-... Need a moment..." Replied DragonMan in a weakened tone as DragonMan took several slow deep breaths, before spreading his wings and crouching down.

As he then suddenly launched upwards like a torpedo. Instantly breaking the waters surface and flying into the sky. As he made his way up to a considerable altitude, he looked on to see that a colossal storm cloud was hovering over all of NYC with extreme winds, rains, and flurries of lightning bolts and crashing waves from the nearby ocean.

New York City was in absolute chaos as DragonMan narrowed his eyes at the sight.

"Do you need me to inform you about more details of the situation?" Asked Elise.

"No, I think I already know where to go. Meanwhile, assist the police in any way you can. They're going to need the help." Replied DragonMan.

"Yes sir." Replied Elise before DragonMan flew off into the city.

Knight Tower- Manhattan, NYC

Kraka-Boom! Thoom!

The Category 5 storm raged in Manhattan as floods started to appear throughout the roads and streets. People running for their lives. The 160 miles per hours tearing apart and making street poles, benches, bus stops, mail boxes, and even cars fly through the air at high speeds.

The destructive storm raged on as observers from on top of the Knight Corp tower looked on at the streets below. The large weather machine, several armed thugs, a few scientists, and several other individuals were standing on top of Knight Tower. As their leader looked over the edge of the roof.

"How are the readings? Any problems?" Asked Thunderbird as she stood on the edge of the roof of the tower and looked down.

"None, everything is stable and is going according to plan." Stated one of the scientists confidently.

"And what about meteor-shield surrounding the building? The last thing I want is my own storm backfiring on me." Stated Thunderbird.

"Yes, the anti-meteor shield generated by the machine is keeping this building virtually untouched by the storm." Replied the scientist.

"Excellent." Stated Thunderbird as she turned her attention back to the edge again.

"So, are you supposed to be expecting company, boss?" Asked Snow-Strike, back in his villainous uniform as he walked up behind Thunderbird.

"I don't want ANYTHING to ruin my plans. It's honestly unlikely that anybody will come along to stop us. The entire NYC police are completely swamped with malfunctioning tech, my men, and the storm itself. Even if they decide to sent in the military, it will be virtually impossible to get into New York City with a storm of this caliber. But, there is always a chance, and if they do make trouble, I will blast them out of the sky myself." Said ThunderBird with a smirk as she held up her finger, which sparked with lightining.

"What about that Dragon-Freak? What if he comes along?" Asked Snow-Strike as ThunderBird let out a little chuckle.

"Hehehe, don't worry about him. He's gone. I got rid of him myself. He won't be a problem." Stated ThunderBird with a smirk.

"What!?" Yelled Snow-Strike in anger as ThunderBird whipped her head back around with an offended look to look at Snow-Strike.

"You killed him!? You know the humiliation that freak put me through!? Took down me and my men without a sweat and sent us off to the Cage! I wanted that overgrown lizard to myself! I wanted to freeze him completely and shatter him like glass!" Growled Snow-Strike as ThunderBird looked on with an annoyed face. Silently listening as the surrounding thugs and scientists looked on in fear, already knowing what's going to happen.

"And now I can't! So, if I can't kill him, I'll kill-" But Snow-Strike wasn't able to finish his sentence as ThunderBird raised one of her hands, extended her pointer finger, and shot a blast of lightning right at Snow-Strike.


Snow-Strike instantly fell to the ground. Unmoving, not even breathing. Everyone stared on and remained silent as ThunderBird lowered her finger and walked over to the unmoving body.

She bent down and placed her talon in the area where his heart and located, and gave it a quick zap which jolted the body. A second passed before Snow-Strike's eyes shot wide open with terror as he instantly sat up with panicked panting.

"You are going to listen and listen well, Sid. You serve under me, you do what I say, you obey me. I will get what I want, what I deserve... I already lived in hell growing up... Years of living under that fat moron, that old hag, and the rest of those idiots I was forced to grow up with, was already an absolute pain... and now I realize that if I want something, I'll have to take it. And I won't let anyone get in my way. So, if you don't give me what I want again, and disobey my orders, I will stop your heart again. But instead of restarting it, I'll throw your worthless body off the tower. Understand?" Asked ThunderBird in a threatening tone as Snow-Strike looked at her with fear.

"Uhh... Y-yes, Ma'am..." Said Snow-Strike before standing back up as Thunderbird turned back around to look off the side of the building.

"Nobody will ever hold me down again..."

Back in the streets below, it was still absolute chaos as powerful winds and rains continued to bombard the streets, flooding them and even causing cars to fly. Most of the city has already been evacuated, but there were still some unfortunate souls trapped in the city.

Nearby several police stood around a subway station as they did their best to calmly and orderly escort people underground where they would be safe. But with a colossal storm of such a destructive caliber, a 'straight orderly line' wasn't an option. The man leading it was the police captain Adrian as he gestured his arm over and over at the subway tunnel.

"Come on! Come on! This way! Everybody move we need to get out of here NOW! No pushing! No shoving! HURRY!" Yelled Adrian as the last few visible people made their way down into the subway tunnels. Adrian made a quick survey of the area before turning to a nearby officer.

"Is that everyone?" Yelled Adrian through the loud booming of the storm.

"We think so sir! We searched the area three times already and knocked on every door! We think that-" But before the officer could finish, he was interrupted by a shouting woman who ran down the street with a small child in her arms.

"HELP! Please help us! Please help my son!" Screamed the woman as powerful rain and winds threaten to blow her away. But the mother continued to march forward, doing her best to fight back against the powerful winds.

Adrian then snapped his head towards the four other cops nearby as he pointed his finger at them and started to bark orders. "You! Go down there and make sure everyone else is alright! And you three come with me! We're gonna need all the muscle we can get to save her! The storms getting worse by the second!"

And just as Adrian ordered, one of the cops ran down to the subway as Adrian and the remaining three ran over to the woman, doing their best to keep their balance and not be blown down by the violent winds.

"It's okay now miss! We'll help you!" Yelled one of the police as he got closer. But as the woman took a step forward and attempted to hand her baby over to the officer, a voice interrupted them.

"No, you won't." The second the voice spoke, the cop looked up only to see a robotic arm swing across with enough force to send the cop into a wall.

As the rest of the cops looked on, they saw several men with weapons and human-sized mechs standing next to them. Without even saying anything, Adrian dashed forward and grabbed the woman before pulling her forward.

"FIRE!" Yelled Adrian as without hesitation, the cops pulled out their guns and started firing at them.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

But the bullets simply bounced off of the mechs as the men quickly ducked behind the robots. The very second the cops stopped their fire, one of the mechs lunged forward and punched one of the cops through a nearby wall, as another mech swung down it's fist on another cop and smashed him into the ground, crumpling him up like a piece of paper.

As the other cop tried to fire, the thugs simply aimed their weapons at him and shot him to shreds with their automatics.

"Come on! Move!" Yelled Adrian as he tried to escort the woman into the subway as he looked at the threats and started shooting at them with his pistol, doing his best to hold them off, even if it's for a little while.

One of the thugs raised his gun and shot at Adrian, grazing his shoulder as the police chief groaned in pain, grabbed his wound and fell to the floor. The woman looked down in fear before one of the mechs grabbed the woman and held her as she tried to escape to no avail.

"No! Please! Stop!" Screamed the woman as Adrian slowly started to stand back up.

"The bosses orders are for everything to run smoothly, that means keep the scope of damage to a maximum... And getting rid of any bumps." Said one of the thugs to another, before he walked over to the injured Adrian before grabbing him by his collar and lifting him up off the ground. As he aimed his assault rifle at his face.

But as Adrian was about to try and fight back, he saw that the thug was slowly pressing down on the trigger of his gun. But before he could fire, something dashed by them at the speed of sound.


When everyone noticed, they saw that the thug who was about snuff out Adrian, was knocked to the side by an unseen force that made him fly through the air and through the window of a nearby building. Everyone stopped and looked through the lightning and crashing rain, that it was none other then DragonMan who glared at them with his reptilian eyes.

"Shoot him! Shoot hi-" But the thug wasn't able to finish his sentence before DragonMan dashed forward and punched the thug, sending him flying back many feet before flying though a nearby wall.


DragonMan quickly took care of the remaining thugs as they tried to at the very least slow him down with their machine gun fire. But it was no use as DragonMan slashed one across the chest with his claws, tossed another one into a street pole, and smacked the last one with his tail, making him fly high through the air, before landing hard on the road several dozen feet away.

But DragonMan wasn't through yet, as he saw from the corner of his eyes, that one of the man-sized mechs tried to punch him. Only for DragonMan to catch the incoming punch, and tear off the robots arm and tossing it aside.

As he charged forward and slashed at the robot several times as he tore through his torso with ease.

Slash! Slash! Slash!

That's when DragonMan suddenly felt something pulling on his tail, he looked back as he saw one of the mechs grabbing on to DragonMan's tail. Before swinging him back and sending him flying down the street. But before he could hit the building, DragonMan jammed his claws into the ground and halted his momentum.

He stared down the last two mech, as suddenly their arms transformed into machine guns and started firing at him.

Ratta! Ratta! Ratta! Ratta! Ratta! Ratta! Ratta! Ratta!

But it still wasn't enough to keep DragonMan down, as DragonMan charged forward and pulled out his sword. He quickly tossed a blast of fire at one of the mechs, blowing it to pieces.


For the other mech, he swung it's sword and cut off it's arm before swinging again and decapitating it within the blink of an eye.

The mech fell over as DragonMan quickly seethed his sword before running over to the woman who was huddled on the ground with her child.

"Are you okay ma'am? Is your child okay?" Asked DragonMan as he helped the sobbing hysterical woman up.

"Oh, thank you! Thank you so much!" Thanked the woman perfusely as she attempted to comfort her crying child.

"Just get to the subways where you will be safe." Said DragonMan pointing to the subway as the woman nodded and started walking down the stairs. DragonMan looked over as he saw Finch who held onto the rail nearby and tried to stand back up.

"Captain, are you alright? No serious injuries?" Asked DragonMan as he walked over and tried to help Finch up, all the while Finch silently stared at DragonMan intently. Trying to process how he should respond. But before he could speak, DragonMan spoke up again.

"Is that all the civilians?" Asked DragonMan as Finch continued to silently stare at him for several more seconds. He wanted nothing more then to yell at DragonMan and cuss him out, tell him how he's only going to make the situation worse and that he shouldn't be here. But this wasn't the time nor the place. Plus, in all honesty, he was going to need all the help he could get.

"... Yes, that's all of them. Remarkably the emergency trains are still running on a backup generator. These people will be transported out of the city where it's safe." Stated Finch as he held his wounded arm and pointed his free thumb over to the subway.

"Good, get at many people out of the city as you can. I'm going to finish this, stay safe." Said DragonMan, but before Adrian could respond, DragonMan spread his wings and took off into the air followed by a powerful gust of wind.

Finch looked up in silence as he saw DragonMan fly up into the stormy sky, until he only became a spec in the distance. Finch stared up for a while in silence, before shaking his head and walking into the subway tunnel.

As DragonMan flew through the air, he soared up and down between the buildings and through the bombarding wind and rain. But as he did, he caught a glimpse of several other objects flying through the sky, and they were not birds.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

DragonMan looked over to see that he was being chased by several drones armed with machine guns, as they continued to fire at him. Most of the bullets simply bounced off of DragonMan, before DragonMan suddenly spun around and created a powerful flap of his wings that sent him straight towards the swarm of drones.

Crash! Crash! Crash!

Easily tearing through most of them before slowing down and spinning around again to once again extending his wings. Before flapping them and causing a powerful air current to hit the drones and send most of them spinning out of control and flying into nearby buildings.

That only left three, as DragonMan flew straight into them once more as the drones started firing at him. DragonMan quickly grabbed one as he tore his hand through the drone and causing it to glitch and continually firing it's machine gun.

One of the drones turned to DragonMan and started firing at him. But that's when DragonMan pulled his hand out of the drone he had an turned it's out of control machine gun on the other drone. Shredding it and destroying it as it fell to the ground.

Finally the last drone started to fire at DragonMan, only for DragonMan to toss the drone he already had at the one that was firing at him as it caused both to blow up and fall to the ground. As DragonMan flew away.

Back at the top of Knight Tower, ThunderBird paced back and forth as she talked on the phone with someone.

"How much are the lives in this city worth to you, General? Give me the money or the city that never sleep will sleep forever!" Growled Thunderbird with a sinister smirk on her face as she heard the General growl from the other side of the phone.

"... Fine, we just made the transfer into the account... You should be getting it now." Said the voice of the general as Thunderbird looked at her phone to see that she just got a whopping 800,000,000 dollars added to her account.

"Good work General, you just made me very happy." Stated Thunderbird as she brought the phone back to her ear.

"I kept my end, now keep yours and shut off that machine." Replied the General.

"Hmmm, no. Not yet, I'll tell you what, if you add another 200,000,000 to my account, then I'll turn off the machine."

"What!? No! That wasn't part of the deal!" Growled back the General.

"That's right, and now I changed the deal. I have all the cards here General, this is no longer a negotiation, you either give me what I want or this city is done for. Have fun watching this city crumble." Stated Thunderbird with a smirk.

"You insane bi-"


The General wasn't able to complete his sentence before ThunderBird hung up the phone with a smirk on her face. But that's when DragonMan suddenly appeared with a blast of wind as everyone on the roof looked over to see DragonMan himself fly into the air and land on the building, as he stood up and faced down all the thugs who were eying him down with weapons locked on him.

"Oh, your alive, pitty..." Said ThunderBird with an unimpressed sneer as DragonMan glared at her.

"Yes, and now I'm going to take you down." Growled DragonMan as he marched forward.

"I am so scared... Take him down." Ordered ThunderBird as the thugs around held up their guns and started firing at DragonMan to little to no avail. DragonMan easily tanked the machine gun fire before blasting each thug with blasts of fire. Knocking them all down and taking them out of the fight.

"Fire! Fire!" Yelled a nearby thug as DragonMan looked at his sides to see that several thugs were encroaching on him with the wind and lightning guns. As suddenly, the thugs started opening fire as flashing lightning and shredding gusts of wind started bombarding DragonMan and forced him back as he groaned in pain.

Zap! Kazap! Kazap! Zap!


DragonMan took a few steps back as the lightning bolts and blasting wind took apart the ground. The wind continued to push DragonMan back, but as it appeared that they were about to push him off the building, he suddenly sprung forward.

At incredible speeds, DragonMan dashed around the roof of the building as he slashed apart their weapons with his claws and easily smacked aside the goons with no trouble. After finally taking down the last one, he held the thugs rifle and broke it in half.


As he dropped it, he started walking over to ThunderBird as the scientists around the Tempest-3 started running away.

"I have you now, freakshow!" Yelled a familiar voice as DragonMan stopped for a moment and looked over as suddenly a small object was tossed at his feet. Where a block of ice suddenly formed and immobilized his feet.


"Now your gonna pay for throwing me in prison!" Yelled Snow-Strike as DragonMan looked back up to see Snow-Strike as he started tossing even more small bladed and ninja star-like objects started careening towards him before each object developed a thick shell of ice around them.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

As each object his DragonMan it shattered as Snow-Strike got closer as he held up a war hammer made out of ice. As he got closer and held the ice hammer over his head, he brought the hammer down on DragonMan.


Only for DragonMan to swing his fist and shatter the hammer into pieces, before punching Snow-Strike and sending him into a nearby wall. Knocking the C-Lister out as DragonMan broke away from his ice entrapment, as ThunderBird growled in annoyance as she pinched the bridge of her nose.

"Note to self: Hire stronger henchmen." ThunderBird said to herself before looking back at DragonMan to see him marching forward.

"So, what is this all about? Using all of that power to help people instead of making your own life better and climbing up in the world? You could have whatever you want with those powers, and yet you waste them? Were you some kind of sideshow that just escaped from the circus? Some kind of unloved mutant lizard to get attention? Truly, worthless." Mocked ThunderBird. But despite her mocks, she slowly took several steps away as DragonMan drew closer.

"Who are you trying to convince? Me, or yourself?" Asked DragonMan.

"This time, after I've beaten you, I'll make sure your dead." Threatened ThunderBird before she suddenly sprung her hands forward and blasted a blast of lightning straight at DragonMan as DragonMan's faceplate instantly retracted as he held of the energy blast with his fire breath.




As the two beams of energy collided, they were in deadlock as the two beams pushed against each other and blew everything back. The deadlock soon ended as both poured more energy into their attacks, causing the colliding energies to react negatively with one another and explode.


As the light and smoke faded, DragonMan and ThunderBird stood back up and glared at each other. Before suddenly ThunderBird rushed forward at lightning fast speeds and tackled DragonMan off the building before spreading his wings and soared into the sky.

But DragonMan broke the struggle as he kicked ThunderBird off of him and both hovered in the sky. Before both started careening at one another and blasting fireballs and lightning bolts at one another. The two collided again as they started punching and slashing at one another. They soared through the sky at subsonic speeds past building.

The is until their battle crashed the top floor of a sky scraper.


ThunderBird held DragonMan down against the building with her right hand holding DragonMan's head down as his reptilian eyes glared back at her. With a smirk, ThunderBird started electrocuting DragonMan with millions of volts.

Zap! Kazap! Crackle!

As ThunderBird continued to amp up the voltage DragonMan suddenly started growing hot. Very hot as ThunderBird's smirk suddenly faded away as DragonMan's body unleashed a powerful firey pulse that blasted ThunderBird off of him and destroyed a large section of the building he was pushed up against.


As ThunderBird flew through the air, he ragained her balance and hovered there, before she saw DragonMan careening towards her and punched her. Sending her flying back as she crashed through an office building and out the back.


She flew out of the building before falling on top of a shorter building as she flew through several air conditioners.

Crash! Crash! Krash!

As ThunderBird got back up, she looked up to see DragonMan hovering over her, ready to attack. But before he could, ThunderBird let out a devilish smirk as she suddenly got into a fighting position and dashed through the air at DragonMan, with her long sharp talons extended, as she started viciously slashing at DragonMan.

"Ugh!" Growled DragonMan in pain as ThunderBird quickly dashed back through the air and slashed at DragonMan again. Cutting him deeply along with several painful shocks.

But before ThunderBird could swing back around, DragonMan instantly flew high into the stormy sky as ThunderBird followed along and tailgated him.

But as DragonMan flew higher and higher into the stormy clouds, ThunderBird jetted straight up as she extended her talons and slashed him from his abdomon to his chin. DragonMan groans in pain as the two enter the eye of the storm with lightning bolts going off all around them.

Crackle! Thoom! Crack!

ThunderBird then started viciously slashing DragonMan with her talons and managed to break and slash through DragonMan's armor, even making him bleed. Before suddenly stopping and instantly spreading her wings and flying higher into the air as DragonMan started to fall back down to the Earth.

ThunderBird smirked and chuckled to herself as she pulled out a handful of Thunder Grenades before tossing them straight towards DragonMan. As they exploded and assaulted DragonMan with stone shattering soundwaves that nearly rupturing DragonMan's ears.


"UGGGAAAAAAHHH!" Screamed DragonMan as he covered his ears and ThunderBird suddenly barreled forward through the clouds with an aura of blue lightning. As she extended her feet forward and kicked DragonMan in the chest.

The momentum sending the two forward as they smashed straight through the top of a sky scraper and into a building that was currently under construction.



DragonMan groaned in pain as he slowly pushed himself off the ground. Revealing that he was covered in gashes and bruises, as blood trickled down his chest and arms. But despite the pain, DragonMan fought through it and stood up straight, as he looked over at ThunderBird who stood before him. With only a few small dents in her suit.

"I don't know about you, but I think it's time we bring the curtain down on this little show of ours..." Said ThunderBird as she raised one of her hands to charge another electrical blast.

"We're far from finished, Ashley. This show is just getting started." Said DragonMan as he subtly grabbed the handle to his sword.

As ThunderBird blasted her charged bolt of electricity, DragonMan instantly dodged it as the bolt blasted through several steel beams as DragonMan pulled out his sword as lightning fast speeds and charged at ThunderBird.


But ThunderBird managed to block the sword blow with her talons before DragonMan forced his sword forward and pushed her back.


"Are you going to kill me with a sword? Wow, what a hero." Quipped ThunderBird.

"I know exactly the vital and non-vital spots of the human body. It won't kill you but it won't be pleasant either." Stated DragonMan, as the two collided once more. ThunderBird swung her electrical dagger-like talons as DragonMan swung his sword. The two managed to block each others blows very well as they continued to go at it.

Ching! Kling! Ching! Ching! Kling!

That was until DragonMan headbutted ThunderBird and sent her flying back into a steel beam.


As ThunderBird looked back up, she saw DragonMan was charging right at her with his raised sword. ThunderBird then looked down to see a steel beam sitting right by her feet as she kicked the beam several feet into the air, before kicking it forward, and sending it straight at DragonMan. But as the beam headed towards him, DragonMan simply cut it in half with his sword.


ThunderBird got a worried look on her face, as she looked to an upper level behind her to see a pile of metal rebars strapped together. She gestured her hand upwards and used her electrokinesis to take ahold of the rebars and send them careening straight at DragonMan. Expecting the rebar to impale him.

But that's when DragonMan's sword lit up and started burning as the rebars continued to bolt straight for him. A he then swung his burning sword and not only sliced the rebars to pieces, but also started melting them.

SHING! Sizzle! Sizzle!

ThunderBird looked on in awe, more then enough time for DragonMan to sheath his sword and charge forward with a barrage of punches he assaulted ThunderBird with. Before uppercutting her through three upper floors before landing in the third one.

Krash! Crash! Krash!

As ThunderBird fell on the floor, her suit started to show much more damage, move erratically, and parts of her suit starting to spark. ThunderBird groaned as she picked herself back up and got dozens of readings from her visor that her suit was severally damaged.

But as she read the readings, DragonMan flew through the newly made holes and landed behind her as she spun around to look at him. ThunderBird started to slowly back off as DragonMan marched forward.

"Ashley, it's over. Your defenseless. Surrender now and we can end this." Offered DragonMan, as ThunderBird practically hissed at him.

"Defenseless...?! I'll show you defenseless!" Growled ThunderBird as she extended her wings and thrashed them forward, sending several electrically charged sword-sized blades straight at DragonMan. But pulling out his sword just in time, DragonMan knocked the blades away with several sword swipes as he got closer.

ThunderBird growled in fury as she extended her electrically charged talons and charged forward at DragonMan. Only for DragonMan to swing his sword and cut off ThunderBird's talons.


ThunderBird backed off from DragonMan and looked down in shock as her destroyed talons.

"Not my idea of a manicure, but, that'll do." Stated DragonMan as ThunderBird glared back up at him. She contined to slowly back off, before turning around, spreading her wings and flying away, as DragonMan soon followed.

ThunderBird dashed and weaved through the buildings as DragonMan followed along seamlessly. ThunderBird continued her flight through the city and did her very best to try and lose DragonMan. But without even looking back, she knew he was on her tail.

"Where do you think your going!?" Growled DragonMan as out of nowhere he ended up right on top of her, as he grabbed her and started punching her in the face repeatedly as the two continued to soar through the city with a chaotic flight pattern.

The two continued to zip up and down through the city, narrowly avoiding buildings and dodging several billboards. Only to fly straight through the last one and shattered it.


The two began to fly upwards as DragonMan continued to punch ThunderBird, only for ThunderBird to unleash a surge of electricity that forced DragonMan off her for a moment, before quickly grabbing her ankle and holding on as she jetted high into the sky and flew at above subsonic speeds.

"Time to die!" Stated ThunderBird as the two flew higher and faster.

"It's time to head back to Earth!" Replied DragonMan as he slashed his claws across ThunderBird's back, seriously damaging the suit and causing the two to fly back down to the ground as ThunderBird screamed in fear and swung her arms and legs around.


DragonMan jumped off of ThunderBird and hovered in the air as ThunderBird flew directly at Knight Tower and crashed on the roof of the building.


ThunderBird groaned in pain as she pushed herself up, only to see her suit was sparking and in terrible condition with one of her mechanical wings falling limp. As suddenly she heard DragonMan landing behind her.

Looking back, she saw DragonMan slowly marching towards her, as ThunderBird fearfully started limping over to the weather machine that was still causing one of the most destructive storms New York City has ever seen.

"It's over Ashley! Give up!" Yelled DragonMan as ThunderBird nearly collapsed, only stopping her fall as she proped herself on the Tempest-3 and glared at DragonMan. Blood trickling down her lips.

"You think this is it!? You think I don't have some kind of backup plan!? I planned for all of this! I covered my tracks and the only people who are going to get blamed for this is Will Knight and the board of directors! 'Ashley' died during the attack and with the money I managed to steal from this company along with the money I got from the U.S. to stop this storm, I will be, a very wealthy woman. I will be free, with a new identity, and be a very wealthy woman... And you can't do ANYTHING about it..." Stated ThunderBird with a smirk, as DragonMan suddenly tossed his sword at ThunderBird's direction. But as ThunderBird closed her eyes and braced for impact, it never came. When she opened her eyes and looked over, she saw that DragonMan's sword just missed her head and pierced straight through the Tempest-3.

"No! No!" Screamed ThunderBird as she looked up, and saw the weather began to slow down and disappeared. ThunderBird stood back up as she glared at the sword that just ruined her plan.

But as she looked back at DragonMan, her eyes widened as out of nowhere, he charged straight at her. But as he did, ThunderBird instantly launched several of her sword-like feathers at DragonMan.

Shing! Ching! Shing!

DragonMan managed to knock away or dodge the bulk of them. Until one stray managed to hit DragonMan in the side. Sticking though the side of his abdomen and out of his back, as he slowed down to a stop and fell to his knees. DragonMan looked down at his injury as he tried to gently pull out the metal feather.


But he stopped the moment he heard the sound of blades being scratched against each other. He looked up to see ThunderBird standing over him with her bladed wings extended and pointing at him.

"Don't worry, I'll make this quick. You won't even feel a thing." Stated ThunderBird with a malevolent smile. But before she could skewer DragonMan with her blades, she was stopped by a voice.

"I don't think so, Ashley!" ThunderBird stopped herself before she succeeded in her execution, as she looked over to see none other than Valerie standing there holding her phone in the air. Ashley smiled at her.

"Oh, Valerie, you know my name. I'm truly touched. Not to mentioned impressed that you put all the pieces together. But, coming here alone? That is a VERY poor decision." Stated ThunderBird as she extended her wings once more.


Valerie took a step back out of fear. But then, gained a determined look as she took a step forward and exclaimed.

"Even if you kill me, it won't stop me from ruining you."

"What do you mean?" Asked ThunderBird in a confused tone.

"I did some research on the Knight Corp database. I made some connections, looked up faces, police records, off shore bank accounts, EVERYTHING... I built up a file containing EVERYTHING about you. Including all your past identities, crimes, and evidence connecting you to everything you just done here." Stated Valerie as ThunderBird shot her a suspicious look.

"... Your bluffing."

"Are you really going to risk it? I have EVERYTHING about you on here and all your crimes. With a single press of a button, I can send this information to the police, the FBI, and to the public. It'll be hard to spend all that money when your the most wanted woman in America." Threatened Valerie as her thumb hovered over the phone's screen.

ThunderBird remained silent as she stared at Valerie for a moment. Before gaining a malevolent smile, before suddenly dashing forward at superhuman speeds. Grabbing Valerie by the throat in one hand and snatching her phone away with the other. She quickly crushed Valerie's phone before instantly dashing to the edge of the roof.

DragonMan quickly stood back up as he spun around and tore the blade out of his abdemon. As he looked over, he saw ThunderBird holding Valerie by the throat and dangled her over the edge of the building.

"You wanna be a hero? Go for it!" Taunted ThunderBird before letting go of Valerie and letting her fall to her death.

Without hesitation, DragonMan ran forward. Pushing ThunderBird out of the way and diving off the building.

Valerie screamed in terror as she continued to freefall. But as she continued to fall, DragonMan dove towards her with his wings collapsed into his body. He quickly caught up to her as he picked her up and held her. But as it seemed like the two were about to hit the ground, DragonMan's wings sprang back open and instantly slowed the two's momentum and stopped them from hitting the ground.

DragonMan soared through the air, before finally landing on the ground and placing Valerie back onto solid ground.

"Oh... Oh my goodness..." Exclaimed Valerie as she started panting and placed her hand over her chest. Trying to regain herself.

"Are you okay?" Asked DragonMan as Valerie let out a little chuckle, before finally calming down.

"Yeah... I just know that I'm never going to do skydiving for as long as I live..." Quipped Valerie as she seemed to completely regain herself.

"What about you? You looked like you got injured pretty bad." Said Valerie as she pointed to DragonMan's side, which to her shock, already began to heal.

"It's fine, I heal fast." Replied DragonMan before glaring to the side. "It's too bad that she crushed your phone before you could've gotten that information out about her."

"Actually, I suspected something like that would happen. Which is why I already sent out all that information an hour ago." Stated Valerie with a smirk on her face, as one of DragonMan's brows raised.

"Not bad." Stated DragonMan.

"Well, your pretty good hero material for a seven foot tall overgrown lizard." Replied Valerie as her smirked widened, before suddenly looking away and brushing her hair out of her face. "And, umm... Thanks for saving my life..."

"Of course. Now, get to a safe place. Ashley's thugs are still roaming the streets." Stated DragonMan before turning around and extended his wings.

"W-Wait!... Am I... ever going to see you again?" Asked Valerie as DragonMan looked back at her. Even though his face was covered by his face plate, she still got the strong feeling that he was smiling back at her.

"I have a feeling we're already crossing paths more times then you know." Stated DragonMan, before suddenly flapping his wings and taking off into the sky.

City Streets- Manhattan, New York City

ThunderBird soared through the skies of NYC in an attempt to find a new place to hide. Her plans were ruined, but at least she plugged up that little LEAK... At the very least, the blame will still be placed on Will Knight and the Knight Corp board of directors. Meanwhile she'll be resting in the Bahamas with a drink in her hand.

But as ThunderBird was daydreaming, she was suddenly assaulted with a barrage of bullets that caught her off guard and slowed her down.

Ratta! Tatta! Ratta! Tatta! Bang! Bang! Bang! Ratta! Tatta! Ratta! Tatta! Bang! Bang! Bang! Ratta! Tatta! Ratta! Tatta! Bang! Bang! Bang!

ThunderBird then fell out of the air and crashed into the ground.


As ThunderBird started to push herself back up, she heard a voice that slowed her down.

"Don't move, Lady! Your under arrest!" ThunderBird looked up to see that she was absolutely surrounded by police pointing hundreds of guns at her. With Adrian Finch standing in front of her with his pistol pointing directly at her face.

"You even look at us the wrong way and we open fire! Put your hands in the air!"

ThunderBird looked left and right again, before growling in frustration, as she held her hands up as a cop holding hand cuffs walked up to her.

Later, the police truck holding ThunderBird took off along with the rest of the police as the area was nearly cleared out. All except for Adrian Finch who stood in the street and surveyed the damaged area.

"Did the anti-virus program work?" Asked a deep voice as Adrian turned around to see DragonMan standing on top of a truck and looked down at him.

"Yes, it cleared up the virus' messing with my boys gear. And I'm guessing it was also you who sent us that information about Voss." Replied Adrian as he crossed his arms.

"No, that was a friend of mine. Will all that be enough to keep her behind bars?"

"Well, I haven't skimmed through the whole thing. But from what I saw, she's not weaseling her way out of this any time soon. And you can be damn sure I'll do everything in my power to make sure she gets thrown in a cage where she belongs."

"That's good. So she can't hurt anyone else again. You did good getting all of those people in the subway and out of the city."

"And it doesn't hurt to have some extra muscle to take down the bigger threats..." Stated Adrian as he pulled out a cigarette and lit it up.

"I know this won't change anything, and it's your job to take in all criminals. Even vigilantes. But just think about the advantages of having someone who works outside the law for a second." Stated DragonMan as he suddenly opened his wings and took off into the sky before Adrian could've even replied.

"Hmm... Superheroes..." Muttered Adrian under his voice before exhaling a puff of smoke.

The Dragon Lair- Manhattan, New York City

"Well, I am glad all that is finally over." Stated Elise in a relieved matter as DragonMan sat at the computer and typed away.

"And with any luck, with all the evidence piled up against our old friend Voss, she won't be getting herself out of this mess any time soon." Replied DragonMan.

"Happy to hear, Master Will. Now, I'd say that you deserve a break. At the very least have something to eat and let me take a look at your wounds." Said Elise.

"No time for rest, Elise. Crime never rests..."

"*Sigh*... You really need to cut back on the comic books, Master Will." Quipped Elise as Will rolled his eyes. But before he could've replied, an alart went off on the Dragon computer.

"All units! All units! A major bank robbery is taking place at Metropolitan Commercial Bank suspects are armed and extremely dangerous!"

"Well than, I guess your right." Stated Elise as DragonMan placed his helmet back on.

"Don't wait up, Elise." Stated DragonMan before he spread out his wings and flew through one of the tunnels in the lair and off yet again to stop another crime.