The aftermath of hurricane Sandy has witnessed an inspiring journey of Andrew Lesnak from heartbreak to happiness. They say healing is a process and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. It goes perfectly true with him. The hurricane Sandy disaster left him into a depressive state of mind, however, it could not break his spirit. He came much stronger, with more positivity and with a kind heart to help others in despair.

Sometimes, God has his own ways to teach you something. Same happened with Andrew when he lost his everything to the wrath of hurricane. However, after coming to terms to his life, Andrew decided to come forward and contribute his time, money and business expertise towards the other victims in similar circumstances to his. He could feel the hidden pain of those who had gone through the same trauma of hurricane.

The prevailing mental health disorders included higher levels of depression, anxiety, and stress. He not only worked for the victims of hurricane, but he also made his efforts in shaping the future of low-income families in New Jersey. His approach was very personalized, so it focused on the recovering from general distress, anxiety and other psychiatric disorders. He also had to address the growing dynamic of suicide and substance abuse.

While volunteering as a counselor, Andrew Lesnak worked to address the mental health issues of the victims affected by Sandy. The mental health therapy focused on the effects of the disaster. Undeniably, his volunteerism helped him to make peace with his losses. He found it highly therapeutic and relieving as he could now help someone to get rid of the mental issues through his counseling.

About Andrew Lesnak

With his vision to break the chains of addiction, Andrew Lesnak works for an organization Hope Sheds Light. Through this organization, he gives the gift of his time to help those who are struggling with addiction and depression in an attempt to make necessary steps towards his own recovery.