Hello, my new lovely readers! I am truly excited to be posting one of my favorite stories, I've been writing this for quite a while and would love to hear your feedback. When I originally started writing this story, it was a twilight fanfiction until it started taking a life of its own. So, as a disclaimer this does not have any of the original Twilight characters, all the characters are my own. I hope you do give the story a chance, I truly believe you will love it. Please let me know what you think of my mysterious and courageous Celine. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

New beginnings

Starting at a new school your junior year can be quite a hassle, especially if it's high school and if you're not quite normal.

"I guess this is the place," I mumbled to myself. I pulled up to the gates to enter the private parking lot. They were huge black wrought iron gates attached to two tall pale sandstone pillars. The pillars were beautifully crafted with a roaring lion's head carved into the center. The pillars were attached to the lovely twisted iron fences that surrounded the school. There was a small electronic security scanning box stationed outside the gates. I pulled my car up to it and scanned my school issued badge that was mailed to us. The red light flashed green and I waited for the gates to slowly open and rolled in. There were plenty of spots left since I came early but I decided to park close to the back, under the shade of the trees that were lined against the fences for privacy. I wove my way around the cars and stood in front of the door. Hopkins Lion High School said the sign above the front entrance.

"Here we go again." I mumbled.

I entered the school following a group of girls. The entrance hallway was stunning. It had an open airy feel and we were surrounded by greenery. There was a huge fountain in the center of the room. The centerpiece of the fountain was the lion, it was standing on its hind legs and roaring. The waterspout was in the lion's mouth. I looked up and gasped at the beautiful decor. The ceiling was four stories high with a beautiful stained-glass skylight. The design was in the shape of a delicate flower with blue, yellow and red petals. The floor was a nice white smooth marble that reflected the beautiful flower design. The administration office was to the right and had lovely red oak double doors with misted window panels. Down the hall, there was an arched hallway entrance that seemed to lead to the lockers and classrooms. To the left there were two more double doors and above the doors it said, Cafeteria.

Everyone was milling around the doorway chatting about their adventures during summer vacation. It looked like most of the student body was inside the cafe, so I slid around the group of students and made my way inside. I spotted an empty round table a little to my left, so I quickly walked over, trying not to meet anyone's eye. Resting my book bag on top of the table, I pulled out a small hand mirror checking myself. My eyes are a very pale lavender but could pass for blue. They were so light that they almost looked white and it contrasted with my curly black hair and dark coffee skin. I tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear and sighed. I had a simple black tank top on and loose fitted jeans with black sneakers and a black backpack. I didn't want to stand out too much just yet, it would be best to...lay low... sigh.

"Everything looks fine, I guess", I thought, putting the mirror away. Looking around, I saw that most of the kids sat at the tables closest to the front entrance. The cafeteria was amazing, it was set up like a buffet restaurant. The walls were painted a soft light pink with mounted pewter gold wallchieres. They were twisted in a spiral with a teardrop crystal hanging at the end. The ceiling was painted off white with 4 lovely chandeliers hanging from each section of the cafe. The floors had sparkling black tiles, layered like bricks that seemed to shimmer with each step. All around us were comfy booths and round tables spaced out to make a very relaxing atmosphere. There was also a café station with a variety of drinks and pastries. This was definitely a place to blow off steam and just take a break if needed. Glancing to my right, I spotted another small, round table in the back of the room closer to the back exit. It seemed to just be standing alone, separate from the rest. Next to the table was a boy leaning on the wall alone with one leg propped up. He was wearing all black as well. His shirt was sleeveless, and it clung to his dark bronze body, defining every inch of him perfectly.

He took my breath away. His rusty brown hair was messy, but it was a nice messy, like it was wet, and he didn't take the time to comb it out. He turned his head and looked at me like he knew what I was thinking.

I gasped!

A faint smile touched his slightly plump lips and his eyes looked amused. His eyes are what blew me away. They were just like mine…the same pale lavender but how… I was just about to tap into his mind when someone appeared beside me.

"Hi, my name is Merida." The girl said.

I turned and looked at her.

"Oh…um hi…" I said, not really paying attention. I glanced back to see if the boy was still there, but he was gone. I looked around covertly trying to spot him, but he was nowhere to be found. I sighed and reluctantly turned back to face the girl.

"My name is Celine Apophis." I introduced myself.

"Cool, umm I saw you come in and guessed that you must be new here." She said excitedly. "Do you want to hang out with us? We were just about to claim our usual booth."

I hesitated before answering. She wanted something; I knew that. Well I guess we'll find out. She didn't notice my hesitation.

"Sure," I said but I knew this was a dangerous decision.

"Great," she said, taking my bag and beckoning me to follow. When we reached her booth, she put my bag down and introduced me to everyone.

"Celine this is Eleana, Imani, Krisha, and Mai."

The whole table looked like the typical popular girl table. Eleana was fair skinned with waist length strawberry-blonde hair. It was pulled back into a high ponytail with a fluffy black scrunchy. She was the fashionable jock of the group. She had on the school's soccer jersey with tight black leggings and blue and white sneakers. I detected a slight Hispanic accent when she spoke. Imani was the complete opposite of Eleana. She was the intellect of the group. She had on thin, square gold Gucci glasses that framed her oval face excellently. Her glossy black tight curls bounced around her shoulders and blended in perfectly with her chocolate skin. She had lovely hazel eyes that were framed with thick lashes and full lips. She had on a cute white button up shirt with a red, blue and yellow flower pattern. It was tucked into a tight grey pencil skirt and she finished the look with blue sandals.

Merida looked like the ultimate prep girl. She was dressed in a white button shirt with a red knit V neck vest and a grey, white and black plaid skirt that was way too short to be appropriate. She had white knee-high socks and red and black tennis shoes. Her accessories were complementary to the look. A black watch, diamond studs and silver coach glasses held her burning red, mid length hair back away from her face. Her olive complexion and light brown freckles were adorable with her baby pink blush and red lipstick. The only thing that ruined her look was her cold calculating stormy blue eyes. Krisha was the poet of the group. Her long wavy black hair trailed back in a French braid. She had on a black turtleneck crop top and black leggings with a red plaid shirt wrapped around her thin waist and black shiny flip flops. She had traditional Indian gold and red bangles and a tiny diamond stud nose ring.

Finally, Mai looked like the cute bookworm in animes. She had lovely, large almond shaped eyes. Her brown eyes were so dark it almost looked black and her chestnut brown hair was cropped in a striking asymmetrical bob. She had a grey sweatshirt that said ∞ Love and light blue distressed jeans with white and tan wedge sandals. She had white airpods in one ear and was holding a My Hero Academia manga in her hand.

"Hi!" They all said in unison.

"Hello," I replied.

Merida sat down, and I sat next to her.

"So, I noticed you looking at Nathaniel Night." Merida said, and everyone started giggling.

"Umm ... who?" I asked, confused.

"Oh, come on, like the only guy worth paying attention too, the boy in black…." she said, chuckling and adjusting her glasses on her head.

Everyone sighed happily and laughed.

"Um yes, is that his name?" I asked indifferently.

"OMG like yes, it is!" Merida shrieked.

"He is like the most popular guy here besides his sister." Eleana added. That caught my attention.

"He has a sister?"

"Yes, they are twins and they do everything together, totally twinning." Krishna said.

"They're on every sports team possible and win everything!"

"Sadly, they are antisocial; they barely talk to anyone or acknowledge your existence." Krishna said with a sigh.

Well at least with some people. Merida thought.

I sighed; I knew they wanted something. That's all they ever do, use people to get what they want. Well let's see what they want. I opened my mind to let in everyone's thoughts.

"Maybe this girl will get us on the Nights good side."

"Hmm after she makes friends with Nathaniel, I'll just come in and snatch him away."

"She'll probably be good at making friends with him since she is gorgeous like the twins. She also has the same eyes…what is with those things? I mean it looks great on Natey but on her… Freaky…"

The only thought I didn't hear anything bad was from Mai's. I looked up and they were all staring at me with fake smiles plastered on their faces. Mai looked so out of place; she is just forcing herself to be with them because they're the IN group. God I am out of here.

"Hey, I'm going to the bathroom so-" I said, picking up my book bag.

"Oh, I'll go with you!" Merida said jumping up.

"Yeah so will-" Eleana started but Merida glared at her and she shut up.

"I don't think that is necessary…" I said casually, trying to back away.

"No, no I'm fine with it. You do need someone to show you where it is right?" She asked, picking up her purse.

"I guess…" I said giving up.

"Great, let's go." She grabbed my arm and pulled me away.

We walked out the doors I originally came in from and walked into the arched hallway. I started looking over the lockers. Each of them had a built-in digital lock. The lockers were all painted a forest green color, the walls were sky blue and white tiles covered the floor and ceiling.

"Do you have your locker number with you?" Merida asked.

"Yes, it's in my bag." I said taking it out of the front pocket. "Here,"

She took it and looked, she gasped, and her face lit up when she saw it.

"Ok your locker is on the third floor. Just go up those stairs to your right. The bathroom is to your left." She said shoving the paper back into my hand and pointing to where the stairs were. Then she took off right back into the cafeteria.

"Ok, thanks." I mumbled to myself. I looked at the number, #304, Passcode: 42687.

"So exciting," I said sarcastically crumpling up the paper and throwing it away.

Since no one was in the hall, I decided to use my speed and went up the stairs in a blur of movement. I didn't feel like playing it safe right now. Once I got to the third floor, I looked at the locker right next to me and it said odd locker numbers were on the right side and the evens were on the left. Looking around to check if anyone was here, I noticed someone, near the end of the hall. It was a boy, but the locker was open, so I couldn't make out who. The locker number said 306 so I rushed over there, making just enough noise so I didn't startle him. I typed in the combination and opened the locker. All the books that I needed were already in the locker.

"Wow" I murmured just above a whisper.

"I know, this school is really something, isn't it?" The boy asked.

"Oh," I gasped, shocked that he'd even heard me. I turned, and my eyes widened in shock. I quickly looked down trying to lower my heart rate. It was Nathaniel Night; he was leaning on his locker with that same amused expression.

"Yeah this school is really something." I said looking up through my eyelashes putting on my best bored face.

His smile widened. "Hi, my name is Nathaniel Night, but my friends call me Nate." He introduced himself holding his hand out.

I debated with myself before taking his hand, I didn't want to scare him off so soon, but maybe it will be for his own good. I tried telling myself. It didn't look like he noticed my hesitation, or he was ignoring it.

"Hello, my name is Celine Apophis." I said, taking his hand and then…nothing happened. Ever since I was a child, whenever I touched someone willingly, I would get a brief glimpse of their memories or feelings at that moment. Nothing has ever happened before. I thought to myself. Cautiously I dropped my hand and placed it on my cocked hip.

We both frowned but continued to stare at each other. His eyes were so intense, it drew me in and it felt like I've known him forever. His eyes had turned from light pale into a deep ocean blue, and it felt like I was drowning in them. I finally broke my gaze away from his. I must be imagining things, get it together, I thought, shaking my head…. Normal people's eyes don't change, just freaks like me, I thought while pulling my mirror out of my bag and placing it in the back of my locker.

But w…why didn't anything happen…Strange... Is he? No ... maybe I've finally gotten some control ... yeah…

"Or maybe it's something else." A deep baritone voice said in my head and it sounded like…. Nathaniel's. I froze, stunned at what just happened. Trying not to show my reaction, I blanked my expression and turned to look at him casually; my eyes trailed along every inch of his body. Like before, I noticed every flawless feature on him. Everything was too perfect, like he was carved from stone. His face looked puzzled when I met his eye.

The perfect man... I thought to myself.

We just stood there staring into each other's eyes trying to figure out what to do next. The bell rang a moment later bringing us back to reality.

"Well see you around." He said winking and walked away, disappearing around the corner.

I got my books and walked to class in a daze. Hope and fear started to bloom in my chest ... have I finally come across someone like me?

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