The Elf Prince

Volume 1

Whispers of the Lost Clan


A clan of Elves rumored to have long been wiped out many years ago; whose whispers can be heard deep within the ruins of their ancestral home. A young human girl with keen insights of the future hunted by those who seek to set their future in stone. An Elven Prince who longed to break free of the chains of his duties to prove he is more than a peacock for his clan.

This was nothing more than a happenstance meeting of two young individuals. Two individuals who, by all accounts and measures, should never have been able to meet. And yet they have. The Prince of the Galen Elves, and a human girl with powerful, clairvoyant powers. WHo would have imagined the world shattering trouble they would wind up in just by spending some time together.

Who is this Soothsayer from a realm of humans? How is it possible that she found her way into a realm long hidden from the rest of the world? More importantly, what are these voices that continue to haunt her whilst she is a guest amongst elves?


Chapter 1

All Down Hill

It was late that spring night. The sun which had hounded a forest ruthlessly with its overwhelming rays quickly had its heat extinguished by the cooling breeze brought upon by the full moon. The glorious luminescent orb, with the stars twinkling around it and shooting across the ebony sky, cast a glow to the lightly rustling canopies. The glow reflected off the evergreen leaves in a sea of white and blue.

While the towns in the distance had extinguished their torches, returning to their nightly slumbers and the dreams which awaited them, the forest came alive with the creature who dwelled within. Crickets chirping in a cacophonous, yet harmonic in its own fashion, symphony to bring about a change of the guard. So to speak. Bats leaving their caves, casting their sonic nets for the unfortunate creature that would serve as their meal. Foxes with a white pattern to their red coats could be seen walking in pairs to rest alongside the edges of the lake. Fireflies taking flight within the forest's barrier. Darting about in single file lines, grazing the thin surfaces of ponds and rivers to taunt the jumping fish from their sanctuary. An owl just waiting for a foolish mouse to come from its burrow instead seized the opportunity to snare a juicy trout. Wasn't it something else when a wolf leapt from its hiding place within the bushes to snag the owl and fish. A feast to begin a night of hunting.

Rampaging footsteps and panicked breaths disrupted the sweet tranquility of the forest's night. The wolf's ears perked at the noise. It lifted its nose high, taking in an unfamiliar scent coming towards it fast. It bared its fangs and positioned itself defensively over its meal. It's beady eyes were trained hard on the patch of forest it smelled the enemy coming from. Primed on its haunches to pounce, the wolf waited.

Bursting out from the cover of the forest, a young human woman with skin as pale as the moon itself landed in the pond. Moss covered rocks slipped her cut and bruised bare feet right out from under her. She cried out falling into the pond with a loud splash. The backpack she had bounced to dry land. She attempted to break her fall, only serving to further injury her already battered arms and legs. All the way to the hem of her balck shorts, the woman had fresh cuts and abrasions. At her ankles were the scabbed remnants from where chains were used to keep her in place.

Her arms were no different. The tips of her fingers bloodied with torn skin from her clawing her way to freedom. Her wrists that were bound so tightly the skin radiated purplish balck with tinges of red. Lash marks from a whip were all up and down her arms. No doubt protecting her swollen face from taking any more punishment than it had. Hand prints riddled her cheeks. The water drenching her white shirt revealed the worst of the damage running up and down her abdomen. Around her neck was the imprint of a collar. Her disheveled and wiry hair no more than a laxed nest for rats was caked with mud and flakes of metal. The emaciated girl drank from that pond like the animal she was kept as.

The woman was oblivious to the wolf. She choked up pond water and tiny tadpoles, dry heaving to regain a second wind from her sprint. Her green eyes speckled with yellow were beaming with terror when the blood pounding in her ear subsided to reveal a group of encroaching footsteps heading straight for her.

The wolf was ready to tear the flesh from her bones. Then it heard something that made it grab its food and run. "YOU CAN RUN! BUT I WILL FIND YOU!" Flash lights broke through the stark forest. "AND WHEN I DO, I WILL MAKE SURE YOU WILL NOT SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY EVER AGAIN, DEVUSHKA!" Devushka - the Russian word for Maiden. Though, judging by the predatory snarl of the man's voice, he didn't think of her as a maiden at all. At least not one he intended to leave pure and untouched. Obviously.

The wolf took off in the opposite direction. "DAMMIT!" The woman squeaked terrified, grabbing the pack and breaking into a dead sprint. She hadn't the foggiest where she was going. All she needed was for her pursuers to STOP CHASING HER!

A man with reddish brown hair stomped to the shore of the little pond. "Where oh where…" His one blind red eyes glistened with demented glee as he spotted his quarry continued her futile sprint deeper into the forest. "THERE YOU ARE!" He howled with lecherous laughter, pulling a gun from inside his black sweatshirt. He dug in the toes of his combat boots and chased her down. She won't get far from him. "I LOVE THIS GAME OF CAT AND MOUSE! I WILL DIG MY CLAWS IN YOU AND NEVER LET GO!" He would tear her apart with those claws for all she's put him through as well.

The woman screamed at the top of her lungs. Tears running like rivers down her marred cheeks. She clamped her hands to her ears, desperately wanting that man's foul voice to leave her ears. For him to just go away. PLEASE! SOMEONE! ANYONE! GET ME AWAY FROM HIM! MAKE HIM GO AWAY- "AHHH!" The ground was suddenly gone from beneath her. The woman flailed wildly flying through the air, her mind awash with thoughts that this would be what frees her from this chase. A fall to her death.

She came crashing hard to an extremely steep hill. Her body rolled out of control, skipping off every bump, rocks, ledge in its path. She ricocheted off a couple of smaller trees that were painfully slowing her roll. Her ride came to a rather nice end when she landed into a berry bush. It was a softer landing than that pond, that's for sure.

The world spun rampantly out of control, swallowed up in a thick haze. The woman felt her stomach doing numerous flips. It would soon unload to the forest floor. Hopefully mother nature would forgive her. She groaned pathetically rolling out of the bush onto her hands and knees. Every body part and places she didn't know she had was in splintering pain. And the more she tried to get herself to stand the worse it got. But she couldn't stop there. She had to keep going. That man wasn't far behind her. It won't be long before he wanders down that hill and finds her.

Twigs snapped just behind him. "SHIT!" He'd found her already. She choked in a fit pushing up onto her feet. Her legs wouldn't stop shaking, her body begging her to stay down, but she had to keep going.

The warm flickering glow of a torch coated her battered body. The woman turned to defiantly look her pursuer in the eye. To warn him that she would not be taken back without a damn good fight. One she hoped would leave her dead instead of back in his hands. She was taken aback by the beautiful blond man that emerged from the shadows. The shine of the woven crown like band on his forehead was so radiant. His traditional robes are as green as the forest around him. He almost resembled a prince.

"Hello? Human?" He beckoned her baffled. His green eyes showed he didn't understand why she was there.

The young woman had no intentions of entertaining this man longer than needed. She won't be taken. "SCREW OFF, BASTARD!"

The man was caught off guard by her vulgar language towards him. But more so what he flabbergasted by her. " see me?" The woman turned on her heels in another sprint. "HEY! Where are you rushing to?! Stop!" He caught up to her in less than five strides. The torch was dropped, extinguishing with a hiss. His speed was nothing she'd ever seen. He grasped her by the arm, taking hold of her wrists and trapping her in place.

"NO! LET GO OF ME! I WON'T GO BACK!" She kicked as hard as she could at his shins, trying to reach for his groin. "I'LL DIE BEFORE YOUR MASTER TAKES ME AGAIN!"

"CEASE YOUR STRUGGLING! I HAVE NO MASTER!" He roared. He stomped on her foot to stop her fruitless kicking. He then guided her around, pinning her with her wrists above her head against a tree. "That will be enough out of you!" He put one hand over her mouth so she would stop abusing him with her vulgar language. His pointed ears had a moment to pick up the distinct sounds of another on the approach. "What in the nine realms is going on here? More importantly, where are you rushing to, Human?"

When the human gave up her struggling against his iron grasp, she glared him down with murderous daggers in her eyes. Daggers that slowly dulled the longer she took in his form. Particularly his ears. What in the world? Pointed ears?

The man studied the young woman with intrigue. Disbelief as well. "You're not supposed to see me. INteresting." He muttered to himself. The woman arched a confused brow. Either this man was putting on an act that she thinks about it. How he's dressed. his clothing isn't like anything she's seen before. Outside of conventions. She slightly relaxed in hopes of coaxing the man to lower his guard if not by an inch. She mumbled against his hand regaining his attention. "Forgive me. What was that?"

"You said earlier you had no master. Meaning you and I aren't enemies!" As irrational as it sounds, she's stumbled upon a fancily dressed man in the middle of nowhere unrelated to her hunters. Fantastic. "Therefore I'm going to beg that you let me go! I'm being followed!" She pleaded.

"Yes. I know you are being followed." He whispered, peering about in paranoia. He does?! She gasped internally. How would he know that? HAS HE been following her? "Ever since I heard you enter into this part of the forest. Not to mention your less than graceful tumble down that hill." He derided.

"Heard me?! So you ARE chasing me! YOU'RE WITH THEM!" He was waiting for her! He's going to take her back. "GET THE HELL OFF! Let go!" She flew into hysteria, thrashing about in a blind rage. She managed to get a hand free. With it she connected a surprisingly powerful punch to his cheek.

The pointy eared man yelped in pain. He was amazed that the girl had such strength. The fumbled on her escape, but was digging at the ground nonetheless to escape him. "WAIT! STOP! YOU CAN'T JUST RUN OFF!" He was still too fast for her. It didn't stop her from trying to hit him with a large stick. He caught it with one hand, snapping it like a twig. The girl was overwhelmed by his strength. If he could break that stick, imagine what he could do with her. She screamed at the top of her lungs, praying anyone else would hear her. "NO, NO! SHH!" He wrapped himself around her, putting a hand over her mouth. She keeps screaming like that and she will be captured. Not to mention he can't risk learning if more humans can see him. "I know it sounds odd, but there is very little that I cannot hear within the forest. Its whispers touch my ear just as my voice reaches yours." The tickle of his hot breath on her neck made the hairs stand on end. "They warn me of the dangers approaching, or when someone is in need of help." her. The longer he held her in his arms, the more he had come to be disturbed by the damage he felt across her body. Just from the first blush, from the bruising around her neck, this woman's virulent manner was no longer shocking. "Make no mistake. The forest guided me to you. It bid I save you. For reasons I cannot fathom." he mumbled the last part to himself. "I swear that I mean you no harm, Human. You have my word. Now will you please cease your screams so I may do so."

What he said sounded as insane as her whole situation. The forest speaks to him? It warned him of those men? Of her? That isn't possible. No one can hear the voices of trees and plants! No one can see or hear that not visible? It isn't possible. It can't be. And yet...deep down...from the sincerity beaming in his beautiful jade eyes...the gentle hum of his voice...she knew he told the truth. She was certain of it. He can hear things no one else can't. Is he like me? Not to mention, if he was with the Russian chasing her, he would have rendered her unconscious and signaled for her capture.

" win…" She mumbled against his hand. The girl fully relaxed in his hold, deciding to trust he meant her no harm.

"Good." He sighed. The strange man released her to extend the good faith. "Thank you." The olive branch was further extended when he opened a gourd filled with freshwater. He took the first swig to show her it wasn't poisoned. He offered it with a tender smile. "You will need what strength you have for this trek." She accepted it with a rosy smile, and it was emptied within seconds. The mixture of lemons, limes, cucumbers, and other berries made her body and wounds tingle pleasantly. The numbing weakness in her legs was practically vanquished. She might be able to run a marathon like this. "There. You look better already...for a human." Why does he say human like I'm beneath his preconceptions? She knit her brow. The moment was disrupted by numerous lights appearing on the hillside. "Now, let us get you out of here first and I'll explain later. Follow me."

The strange man guided the young woman over to a wall of sheer rocks completely covered in vines, weeds, and glowing algae. The woman, now that she had been able to calm herself, took note that the algae was visible all around them. Even up the hill she stumbled down. The man parted the vines to reveal a short tunnel into another part of the forest. He ushered her through urgently, lingering as to ensure none saw them escape.

For a considerable distance the two walked in silence. The man was certain those other humans wouldn't discover their trail so soon, neither he nor her could risk idly chitchatting and answering questions. They cannot waste breath or strength on every inquiry plaguing their thoughts. Least of all her. The man was not blind. Keeping a pace he knew she'd be able to match he was able to study her battered figure closely. This human was treated no better than a wild animal poked at with sticks while in a cage. The markings at her wrists, ankles, and neck, not to mention her heartbreaking emaciated form. It is a true wonder of wonders she survived falling down that hill as she did in her frail state. Dirt and leaves weren't able to obscure the fresh cuts she'd received before and during their meeting. Dear human, what has this world done to you?

The woman wasn't oblivious to the eyes burning holes in her back. Her savior - as he stands - was eyeballing her. No doubt trying to ascertain what gave her those abrasions, and whether or not she herself was an enemy or a damsel in distress. As disgusting as that sounded. She's never been a damsel to anyone. However, given the appearance of her savior, she isn't far off in assuming a Knight in Shining Armor has come to her aide. The thick armor plating to the brown boots over the baggy leggings of his forest green undersuit made her question if he could cut a tree down with a swift kick. That same plating was on the ornate gauntlet braces on his forearms. Ruby buttons kept running down the side of the top layer of his regal garb were able to shine brilliantly in the dim lighting. There was no sword at the brown belt at his hip. Just the water gord and a sheathed dagger. The fact the dagger was never taken out to maintain her cooperation only cemented that he wasn't there to harm her. Not at the moment. The long skirt of his attire didn't restrict his brisk pace in the slightest. The way he walked he carried himself with pride and dignity. Is this guy a prince? The band crossing his forehead did resemble a crown. And his ears...they were pointed.

Once they'd crossed a river, the man and woman were assured they were far enough they could finally breathe. The assailants could no longer be heard, and their musky odor wasn't curling their noses. With her third breath regained, the woman was the first to break the silence.

"Um...pardon me, Sir?" She chimed. He hummed at her call, turning his head to her. "I...that is...your ears. You aren't, I mean you couldn't be, an elf? Are you?" She cursed herself for her idiotic stammering. Her head was so far from on straight she might as well be walking backwards.

The man sighed impatiently. It was a ridiculous question to be sure. "Yes, yes, I AM an Elf." The woman knit her brow affronted. Well excuuuse ME, Asshole. "And you are a human who shouldn't be able to see me! Which is terribly interesting." He muttered the last part under his breath...again. He seems to make a habit of thinking out loud in the middle of conversations. "You can address me as PRINCE Adresin from now on. Can't have rudeness in my presence. Now, if you're done, we need to leave. This way!" He aggressively nudged her into a turn.

PRINCE?! RUDE?! The woman's head was spinning at this whirlwind revelation. This man is a Prince of Elves...and he's calling her RUDE when all she's done is ask a question? Excuse her from being thrust from being hunted by madmen to being rescued by a guy who could have been a crazy in the forest for all she knew. She needed answers to bring some sort of rationality to ground her before she passed out. Well, one thing was certain. This peacock isn't shy about his stature, and the automatic respect it garnered. She rolled her eyes and shrugged off his hand.

"You don't have to shove, You Royal Pain in the Ass! I can walk just fine!" She snarled.

"What did I just say about rudeness?!" He growled, cheeks flushed by her language.

She's been chased, beaten, fell into dirt and ponds, and is running on no sleep. She's in no mood for Mister Elite and Privileged! She isn't really buying he's an elf to begin with. He's clearly a loon with delusions and needs some serious psychological help. "You're calling me rude when you made me feel stupid for asking a harmless question! Check your own manners before you check mine!"

Adresin stopped and stamped his feet angrily, prompting the human to stop as well. "I am a Prince! I do not need to CHECK anything! Except, maybe, putting you in check for being so disrespectful to your savior!" He wagged a finger in her face.

"Because I asked to be saved by someone wearing an overly priced costume!"

"OVERPRICED COSTUME?! Madam, you go too far!" He flexed his collar, drawing her attention to the golden lining. "This is the authentic, ancestral garb of the Crowned Prince of the Elves in this territory! Passed down and refurbished for generations by the finest craftsman!" To so shamelessly call it a costume in his presence! He has half a mind to bend this human over his knee and beat some sense into her. Had she not already been damaged. "This-is-not material for masquerade! Even if it was, you wouldn't be so blatant as to insult it as you do!"

The woman was obviously not going to weasel an apology out of this guy. Nor was he going to insinuate that he was in the wrong. So she sighed heavily and threw her hands up in surrender. He's a deluded Prince with his own standards. "So where exactly is it that we're going, precisely?"

The so called Prince nodded firmly, appreciating that she'd conceded. He pressed forward with their march. "Somewhere that whoever is chasing you will not be able to follow." He sounded confident in that statement. They rounded a turn on a hill. A mild gust of air startled the woman. Carrying with it a hint of fresh spring air. As if a meadow of fully blossomed flowers awaited at the base of the hill. "Here we go. This cave here." The woman poked her head into the cave the man gestured to. Even in the night she could see it was dark. Likely only one way in or out. The perfect place to trap her and make sure she never sees the light of day again. Like the man from before swore.

"Do I look like a fool to you?! Why would I blindly enter a cave with a stranger?!" She challenged me.

Adresin was, surprisingly, impressed by her caution. In spite of knowing she stood no chance of besting him in battle, she wasn't one to be taken in so easily. Perhaps she is brighter than I gave her credit for. "Trust me. We need to pass through this cave to get you to safety. Now quickly! Get inside!" He entered the cave first, minding the lively plant life occupying the space.

"Trust you?! I hardly even know you!" She snarled after him. "You haven't even said exactly where it is you're taking me! Or why you're even helping me!"

Adresin was lost on patience with her. Humans are so picky these days. Ungrateful animals, they are. "Well, be my guest if you would rather stay and let whoever is chasing you capture you." He shrugged his hands indifferently. "It doesn't matter to me whichever way you choose." He gave her a dismissive wave before heading further in. The woman gaped at those crummy options. Be captured or trust the loony in the elf costume. She screeched frustrated and stomped her foot. She rushed after him. If not in protest. "Wise decision. Now...let's-keep-moving!" Every second they take to stop because she has trust issues is another second closer to them being discovered. There was another reason as well. "I hate being in damp places for too long."

"With how much product goes into that hair I'm shocked you don't live with moisturizer." The woman snapped under her breath. The sheen and luster to those golden locks, anyone would mistake them for strands of gold.

"Pardon!" He snarled.

"Oh nothing, your royal pain in the ass-ness!" She gave him a mocking courtesy. He growled giving up. He won't be lured in by her taunts. She snickered under her breath. He's actually kind of cute when he's flustered.

"Come on. Through here." He guided her through a reservoir of springs. The same glowing algae from before kept this dank, murky cave alight. Adresin couldn't help smirking at how amazed she behaved towards the glow. Almost as if she were seeing stars up close. Hmm...stars up close. I suppose if ever we reached the stars they'd appear this way. He never considered that before.


Daylight was peeking out just over a ridge in the cave. The woman felt her head pound with confusion. It was the middle of the night just minutes ago. Surely they couldn't have been walking all night? It wasn't even midnight when she last checked. Adresin scaled a tall ledge, then gave her a hand up. He minded her wounds. She hissed at rocks grazing the peeled skin at her knees. Other than that she was able to get up. Only to be blinded by morning's light bombarding the cave. Adresin guided her by the hands slowly. Gradually she felt the cold stone leave her bare feet and was replaced by soft, crisp grass.

The sounds of happily chirping birds she couldn't identify met her ears. The mist of flowing water drenched her skin. The reinvigorating breath of air filling her burning lungs made her choke a little. The woman removed her hands, batting her eyes to take in the bright light. Her face flushed with pure awe making her eyes water. The paradise she opened her eyes to...was unlike anything she had ever seen.

"Oh my god…" She breathed in the splendor.

"I know. Breathtaking, isn't it." Adresin stated knowingly.

"More than one breath, I'd say." She cupped her hands to her chest to stop her heart from leaping out. She could hardly believe what she saw. From the hightop hill the cave exited onto, past a flowing river into a large lake safeguarding a massive maze, just beyond the light whispers of fog clearing away for the day to come...there was a palace. A palace of ivory that basked in a glory all its own. Erect above all within the vast valley like a beacon to any who would glance in its direction. And those who do will not be able to help the trance they will fall under. "This is beautiful. You live here?!"

"Indeed. This is what I call home - my castle." He softly exclaimed. The woman was flabbergasted. Looking from Adresin to the palace and back to him again...her doubts were cleaved clean from her in no more than one swoop. He really is a Prince! She screamed internally, clutching a hand to her mouth. An ELF Prince…! She can still hardly believe. AN elf prince who can hear voices no one else me. "Well, frankly, it's my father's castle, perhaps."

Sweat was beading down the woman's brow in a fury. Adresin continuing their descent was making her tired body cry out in agony, but she couldn't afford to waver now. She has to ensure she's safe before...before… "Um...forgive me...Pr-Prince E...sin…" Her throat was scratched by dehydration. How could that be when she just had water? The exhaustion was setting in fast. "Sorry...I do not mean to...keep doubting you. But are you sure those men won't be able to follow me?" Her head was spinning again.

"No. I can assure you they cannot follow you here." He promised her with a hand on his heart. "The entrance to the cave is sealed with magic. Those that were chasing you will not be able to preserve the entrance at all."

Magic…? Really? Magic has...has saved me? It struck her as odd when they entered the cave. Even beforehand. The algae around and inside the cave, and around the forest. By nature, algae doesn't grow where there isn't an abundance of water. Not only that, it does not glow with an azure essence that rivals the stars. The further into the cave she was led, the woman couldn't help noticing a weight lifting from her body. Her urgency to run for her life was steadily leaving her. Until she is...walking towards a castle with an Elf the middle of the an absolute daze.

The woman isn't too sure why else she was certain she wasn't in Kansas anymore. Why she was so compelled to believe none of this was a trick wrought by her frazzled brain from being chased for so long. But this...everything around her...the butterflies that tickled her ear passing her was all real. She was far from her attackers! She was...she was… "I'm safe…" She whimpered, her voice trembling. A tsunami of relief destroyed the strong barrier she'd maintained to not let herself fall victim to her despair. She cried hard and loud, "My god...I'M SAFE!" She wrapped her arms to her body, falling to her knees and sobbing heavily. She bowed her head until it touched the grassy floor. She was finally safe.

Adresin was taken aback by her tears. A little worried too. it was so out of the blue he feared he may have pushed her too hard. Perhaps even offended her. "Dear human! Why are you crying?!" He knelt to her side, running a hand up and down her frail back. His skin crawled in sorrow being able to feel the bones underneath skin and cloth. What have those monsters done to you?

"I'm...SO...sorry...Your Highness! I am totally and utterly sorry for my pathetic state!" She buried her face in her hands, wiping away tears and snot. Her body was quaking under the strain of her cries, and yet she smiled. "It's just…" She was struggling for breath. Her eyes were glossing from fatigue. Adresin plucked a berry from a nearby bush. He wiped it off on his uniform then popped the berry into her mouth. The tart moisture was soaked in by her mouth, running down her throat to aid her body in focusing on the strong taste. Adresin learned that when a body and mind are under extreme attack by overwhelming emotions, they need only a stimulant to focus on to steady them. The woman nodded thankfully, continuing her story. "Those men have been chasing me for days! They had me captured in some smelly warehouse for who knows how long! I finally escape and they chase me for hours and hours AND HOURS!" Her anxiety was returning faster than expected. She was given another berry. "I just can't hardly believe I can catch my breath again. That I won't be dragged back there."

"I see." Adresin can sense there is more to this than meets the eye. Not just from her capture, by why someone so young would have to endure such treatment. "Here...lean to me...that's it...stand slowly." He would be her crutch whilst they continued for his home. The answers he craved would come while they walked. His hand to her back, there was something else he felt besides her spine. A trickle of static. Little pops of energy coming from her sweat soaked pores begging to be unleashed. "And why would they follow someone such as you?"

"These are no ordinary men. They are but a small cog in a larger crime ring that I was key to them overrunning." A key they didn't mind keeping locked up until they needed it. "The one who led in my capture, forced me into helping with a theft that would put him on the map, is a criminal leader named Valdmir Kovak." Just saying his name made her want to vomit.

"What did this Vladimir Kovak want with you? How were you vital to this theft?" The name was so foriegn to his tongue it was nearly tied. He didn't mean to make the human sound less than what she is. Or how she felt given her circumstances. But in all honesty he wasn't seeing much of what would make her pertinent to thievery. Unless it was to distract guards and a crowd whilst the theft was committed. He certainly found her pleasing enough to the eye to be distracted. For a human.

The woman paused. A grim expression flooded her cheeks. Her abrupt stop nearly tripped the Prince. He became rigged at her solemn stare to the ground. He feared he'd said something out of turn. Are humans this emotionally sensitive? Before he could voice his inquiry, the woman parted from him to approach a patch of grass. Rotted apples were piled. Perfect for a demonstration of her superficial worth to anyone. She clasped at her right wrist, taking in several deep breaths in prayer this would not come to bite her in her rear. Just as it has so many times in her life. She extended the hand. Her brow furrowed, and the yellow flecks of her eyes gleamed radiantly like diamonds in the moonlight. The Prince was transfixed by the allure of those eyes. Jewels they were. His skin was attacked by goose bumps at an immense field of energy pouring from her. A similar glow coated to her outstretched hand like a glove. The pile of rotted apples began to quiver and shared the glow. The woman flourished her wrist, moving her hand up. The apples left the ground, hovering several feet in the air as if they'd sprouted invisible wings. The higher they rose the wider Adresin's eyes widened. His mouth falling agape. The woman swayed her hand side to side, commanding the apples apples dance about in a figure 8, spinning them like tops, creating novelty shapes. For her finale she stared at the nearest tree. She shot her hands forth with intensity. The apples were launched like projectiles, splattering to rotted applesauce that would no doubt stain that spot. She quieted her unique talents with an exhale. The dizziness afflicting her grew stronger. The pressure mounted on her skull.

"You possess magic as well?! Are there more humans like you?!" Adresin asked animatedly, growing more excited that this human might be worth the save after all.

The woman sniggered delighted. "Were it only something so glamorous." She muttered dismally. Adresin gestured a hand forward, insisting they keep walking while she explains. "What you saw is actually telekinesis. Just a meager parlor trick that lets me move objects without having to physically touch them." As perfect a technique for not leaving behind fingerprints for a heist if there ever was one. "My curse doesn't stop there. Somewhere in Fate's twisted little mind, I alos bear the burden of Clairvoyance." Her eyes regained their glow for but a second to display her ability. "Just a quick peek into the near future - a second or a day, it all depends on my powers," She guided Adresin three feet to the left by the shoulders, "And people found it was impossible to surprise me." She held out a hand. A ripe apple dropped into her hand. Adresin gave her a slow, if not intrigued, clap. That was quite the trick. "A crime lord learns someone in their area can move stuff with their mind and see the future, I'd be naive if I ever thought they wouldn't be blowing down my door to abscond with me."

Adresin stroked his chin thoughtfully, nodding in agreement with her. "Yes. Clairvoyance and telekinesis; two very promising talents that would be very useful to a criminal." Adresin sincerely doubts he wouldn't, perchance, make a steal for her in the night as well. Someone with her talents could be a valuable asset in troubling times. Were she trained, and her abilities cultivated properly. "I can quite see why someone would want to use your abilities." Although, her current attitude towards her talents leaves him skeptical he'd make progress. "But you called them a curse."

Adresin's statement was a question in disguise. He couldn't understand why someone so gifted would harbor such a mentality. "You'd label them a curse too if all anyone ever saw you as was a get rich quick tool." There has been a day in her life since she was exposed for what she was that someone didn't try to take advantage of her. Always wanting to use her powers for their own personal gains, never considering her feelings or opinions on the matter. They've been nothing but a blight on her.

"I see…" Adresin trailed off in contrition. How callus of him to not consider such a route in her young life. More So were his thoughts on keeping her for the benefit of his Kingdom. "Well, for our kind those abilities are well cherished. Usually those gifted are of royal blood." Adresin had a small smirk perk his cheeks when he earned a small smile for the human. Being compared to royalty lifted her spirits some.

"Speaking of magic...ugh...of magic…" Her head was pounding. Her knees growing weak, and her arms becoming heavy like lead. She swallowed back bile percolating in her throat. "Earlier y-you were mumbling about...about...ugh how you were amazed I was able to see you. Why is that?" Seeing as they were finally breaking the ice wall between them, the young woman pressed with her questions before he closed her off again. "Is it something rare?" She held her head. Her vision was blurring. She felt hot and cold.

"Not so rare as it is impossible. An ironic statement given I am a creature of impossibility." It wasn't meant as a joke, yet it got the two laughing. It really lightened the tension around them. "I find it very interesting that you were able to see me where most humans can't. I'm sorry to say that some humans are very closed minded."

"You needn't...need not...uh-apologize. As...human myself…" She was wobbling. her words slurred like a drunk man leaving a bar, "I can vouch that, in spite of seeing the insurmountable evidence before me, I find you being an Elf and this being an Elven kingdom hard to swallow." Her throat was closing. The air in her lungs was stopping. "Very...very...ard..tooo…" Her next step her legs crumbled under her.

"OOP! Steady there! Steady!" Adresin was not quick enough to prevent the woman from falling to the ground with a loud THUD! He groaned at the impact, and the new set of trouble he had to deal with. "Ugh...oh dear…" What an understatement. The human was down for the count. All of her residual strength completely gone from her. She must have reached her limit some time ago. "I did say you shouldn't be able to see me…" He uttered, kneeling beside her. He pressed the back and front of his fingers to her flushed cheeks. She was burning up, "I guess I was a little too much for you to take in." All of this, plus her demonstration, was too much for her to take in.

It was still a walk before they reached the castle. Adresin couldn't wait for her to wake up, nor did he have the heart to try and wake her to make the trek. She seemed so at peace lying prone on the ground. So vulnerable and...delicate. Like a child in her mother's bed. "Oh…well..." He moaned at how cute she was. "Sleep then, Little One. I'll take you somewhere to rest properly." He put a hand to her back and under her legs, bringing her up into his arms as if cradling a princess. "There we go…" She wasn't as light as she appeared, but not too heavy either. It shouldn't be too much of a burden carrying her to his home.

"Funny how fate has kept me from leaving this place once again." He stated softly with a note of irritation. Just when he thinks he can escape the palace, something draws him right back. At least this time he has a noble reason to return to his home. That reminds him, "I never did get your name either." He never asked. Perhaps he was being the rude party here. "Well, that will have to wait until you have rested." He shifted her so he could carry her on his back. He minded his hands as he made his way down towards the outer wall of the hedge maze.


About fifteen minutes later, utilizing the road less traveling, Adresin avoided the eyes of the royal guardsmen and any staff who might have been working the grounds. He ventured round to the furthest side of the castle, coming to where a stone slab seemingly out of place rested. Using his shoulder he moved the slab out of the way. A secret passage with aged stone stairway alight dimly by torches greeted the Prince. Musty oxygen looking to escape the tunnel was spat in his face.

"If you were awake I'm sure you'd question why I'd take you through such a seedy looking tunnel." He mocked the slumbering woman. "Well the simple answer is that I can't bring a human woman through the front door. Going to take you through the hidden passage to keep you safe." He closed it behind them, relieved that the final stretch was upon him. He may very well escape a lecture.

Adresin raced up the stairs. He recounted the map of his home and the distance left before he reached his room. If he takes into account the time of day, and if the guards have not changed their shifts, the corridors should be fairly empty leading to his room. He would be able to stow his guest away for the time being. Then once she awakens he will learn her name, and more of what brought her to him. Fate may have returned him home but it also dropped a clairvoyant and telekinetic human in his lap. Literally.

When he reached the top of the stairs, entering into the dungeons, Adresin felt a lump in his throat drop into his stomach. "Wait! Is that…?" They were not alone in those dungeons. An ebony haired, tan skinned man in a green guardsman uniform spun to be met by the Prince seething with dread. "Ugh...Victor." He grimaced. He was in trouble.

"My Prince Adresin!" He quickly bowed in shock. He hadn't expected to see the Prince on his rounds here. "Why did you...who is this?!" He heatedly questioned. He rushed to his Prince, getting a closer look at the creature draped to his back like a matted cape. "Is that...a human female?!" Humans are not at all present in their realm. WHich only told Victor, much to his great distress, that the Prince had once again ventured outside of their realm. "Prince, if the King and Queen find out-"

"AND they WON'T as long as you keep your mouth shut!" A veiled threat with a heavy consequence if Victor didn't comply. This woman has been through enough. He won't let the prejudices of his parents or Victor endanger her further. Not before he's had a chance to...spend some time with her. There is much he wishes to learn. "Now I need to let her rest. Take lead as I carry her to my quarters."

Victor did not like this. Not a single bit. The Prince off on his little jaunts outside the realm is one thing. Bringing a human female, a peasant no less, into the palace was ground for charges of treason. The Prince was not taking into account the danger he was putting their people in by bringing her here. Were it Victor's choice he would instruct the Prince to take her back to where he found her and let the elements devour what was left. However little an offering it was.

"As you wish, My Prince. Follow me." Regardless of his disdain of the situation, Victor was honor bound to obey the royal family. No matter how imbecilic he found their impulsive actions to be. Moreover, Adresin was a kind hearted soul at the core. He wouldn't leave someone to die on their own without taking every measure to save them. That's just the sort of person he is.

They'd come to the door leading to the palace's main corridor. "Hold on, let me check first." Victor poked his head into the palace, scanning for any servants or passing guards. It was empty. "Okay, all clear."

"Go ahead, Victor, and ready my personal tower room for her to stay in for the time being. I'll bring her up." He needs to collect a few things for her before hiding her away. A fresh change of clothing for starters. Medicine and disinfectants so she stood a better chance of fighting off her death. Some food in the event she awoke.

"Very well, sir." Victor didn't argue or offer his two cents any further. He took off in a dash for the tower room. The sooner the human was tended to the sooner she would be taken away. Or so he hoped.


The fireplace had been brought fully ablaze, warming the tower room against the chilly winds coming through the windows. The flickering flames danced to the light cream colored walls accentuating the darker wood framework of the clutter of reference novels, piles of parchments yet to be signed, and other royal matters were cleared off to the side in neat piles around and on a cramped oaken desk. Trolleys with trays of food, medicine, water, and teas awaited next to the canopy bedside. The human woman, dressed in a simple white gown, was tucked tightly within the thick maroon quilts, her head propped comfortably to pillows larger than her torso. Though many wounds blemish her gentle features, there wasn't an ounce of worry emanating from her. And for that Adresin found it so difficult to not admire her.

"She really is very interesting, do you not agree, Victor." Adresin hummed in bliss. He couldn't help running the backs of his fingers to her cheeks, tracing his fingers to move her silken hair from her face.

"I'm sure, sir! Just the fact that she can see us...well…"

"Indeed." Adresin finished his thoughts.

Victor doesn't quite know how to put it. Everything Adresin shared with him about his meeting within this human made him question much. A human with special abilities of her own, on top of that possessing the sight to see Elf kind was nothing short of astonishing. He'd think the Prince was mad if he hadn't brought her here.

"Your Royal Highness, I still don't think-"

"Then-don't!" Adresin did not need to hear what he's already heard a dozen times before. The verses may differ, but given his situation it would all amount to the same thing. He shouldn't have brought her here and he's placed them in danger. Yes, yes, doom and gloom. He doesn't care. "This human is special. She has abilities similar to royalty."

"You don't mean...impossible!" Victor has heard enough madness this day to fill a biography. But to insinuate a human bore similarities to Elven royalty was just enough to make his head explode. "She can't be of royal descent!" Elves have never left their realm before, so it isn't possible in the least that a human child with Elf traits could have been born. It just can't be.

"It IS possible, and I must find out!" Nothing will stop Adresin from confirming his suspicions. If he's proven right, this will be a game changer for their world. "I also believe that if my parents did find out that I brought a human within the castle walls they will notice that I haven't gone running away again." One of the servants actually is keeping a chart of the Prince's successful escape attempts in his chambers. Successful meaning the King and Queen didn't send a search party. Those instances were not in the lead. "I'm sure I can persuade them I will stay as harm will come to her." There was a strong desire to protect this human from further turmoil. The wrath of his parents would be no exception. "Without a doubt they would accept this human to keep their heir from abandoning his royal obligations." It was a win-win if he played his cards right.

"Very well...My Prince. I'll leave you two then." Staying wouldn't yield better results anyway. Once the Prince sets his mind to something its damn near impossible to discourage him. "Is there anything else I can do?"

"No. You may leave, Victor. Continue with your duties as normal." One of them has to be the responsible one, after all.

"Thank you, Your Royal Highness." Victor bowed. Anything to be allowed vacating that room and the crime sleeping in the Prince's bed. His sneer at the human didn't go unnoticed but wasn't reprimanded. Adresin understood his discontent. Were their roles reversed he would certainly feel the same.

Once Victor had left the room, Adresin returned his full, adulated attention to the sleeping woman in his bed. "Well, you are an interesting one." She hadn't stirred an inch during their discussion. It honestly worried him. "Why has fate placed you into my arms, I wonder." Her shallow breathing aside, this girl was in for a rough recovery. It would be up to her if she awoke soon...or at all. "But, nevermind that for now. Rest easy, Human. WHen you wake, you shall have shelter here as my guest." He leaned in close to her, putting his lips near her ear, "And I will find out who you really are."

To Be Continued

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