Something many people in the music department look forward to each year is the time the All-State and All-Northwest results arrive. A few months into the school year, the music directors hand out the state-given audition music and help students to submit recordings. Then, around two months later, the audition results are sent back.

There are several groups that a student can be selected for. This year, ten students were picked for the All-State and All-Northwest concert bands, the All-State and All-Northwest orchestras, and the All-State choir. The music directors want as many students as possible to be able to participate in one of the groups; they feel that even the experience of simply submitting an application is incredibly valuable.

Junior Hannah Mowry was one of the people selected for the All-State concert band this year. "I was really excited… I got to stand on stage at a concert [when they were announcing the chosen students]." She had been in the All-State concert band last year, as well, and was happy to be able to do it again. This year, Hannah was selected for the [French] horn section.

Senior Brian Carter was selected this year for the trumpet section of the All-Northwest concert band. "I was really excited; it was fun to hear it when Swish announced it in front of everyone." He has been playing the trumpet for six years, and this was Brian's first time being part of the regional band.

This year, the selected students will travel to Savannah, Georgia. The trip lasts from Feb. 28 to March 2. "Being part of one of the bands is similar to being at the big game in sports; they have people from colleges there," said band director, Kevin Swisher. "It's exciting! I know that the students will have a quality experience that they will remember forever."