Hi there. This is one of the Mutism sequels. You do not have to read Mutism to understand everything in this story. This takes place a few months after the original story but doesn't focus on the same things so ya'll are fine.

I've said this in Mutism and the other sequel so I will say it again: Mutism and it's related stories are partially set in China. Any racist reviews are not allowed and ones made by guests will be removed while ones made by users will be reported and told to rethink their life choices. These comments include ones about the current Covid-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement. This story contains a black main character as well as a Chinese side character. Homophobic, transphobic or any other discriminatory comments will also not be allowed. This story contains LGBTQ+ characters as well as characters suffering from mental illnesses. Please be respectful when reviewing.

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"So, you gave up with the three and a half hour car ride everyday this year?" Jay John joked as they watched their friend, Aeron Bryn, unpack some of the things he had brought from home.

"I know it would've been better for me to just go to a school in Newport but I'd rather not. I need to focus this year so staying in Conwy is the best option." Aeron explained, shoving a few of pairs of trousers into his chest of drawers.

"You could've just stayed with my family. You know we would've loved to have you over." Jay sighed, leaning on one of Aeron's moving boxes. "Any news on your roommate?" they continued, opening the box they were leaning on out of boredom. After realizing they were leaning on Aeron's gaming equipment, Jay quickly closed the box and started leaning on the counter instead.

"Nope, whoever he is he should've been here by now. Well, if he doesn't show up, I'm declaring you my roommate." Aeron chuckled, taking the box Jay was leaning on and transferring it to his room where he unpacked his laptop and various other gaming-related items onto his desk. Aeron was just about to hook up the rest of his equipment to the television when he heard a knock at the door. He opened it, thinking it was strange that his roommate would knock instead of using his keys, to see the principal at the door.

"Oh! Miss Shaw. To what do I owe the pleasure?" Aeron greeted, trying to be as polite as possible.

"Sorry if I was interrupting something Mister Bryn but we have a very important person as your roommate. Now, I've already told gave him a background check on you at his father's request but I need you to behave yourself. Is that alright?" Miss Shaw explained. She seemed anxious but the blonde nodded and reassured her that everything would be alright. Miss Shaw smiled and told whoever was waiting outside to come in. In came a familiar dark-skinned young man with his father behind him.

The young man who had entered the room was none other than Haydn Ivor. Haydn had travelled to China the previous school year with Jay and Aeron and the three had become rather...close to say the least. In other words, Aeron and Haydn had become a couple. The only question was what was Haydn doing here? Haydn lived in London, England with his parents so certainly there was some sort of mistake.

"Mister Ivor, I would like to introduce Aeron Bryn. He will be your son's roommate for his school year." Miss Shaw explained to Haydn's Father. Haydn's father extended his hand for Aeron to shake and said it was nice to meet him. Aeron awkwardly shook Haydn's father's hand and nodded, not sure of what to say. Haydn's father then asked about Jay and Aeron explained that the two had been friends since they were children. Haydn's father nodded and told Haydn to have a nice time before leaving with Miss Shaw. This left Aeron and Jay alone with Haydn.

"So, how you are two?" Haydn asked, trying to start a conversation as he pulled three boxes from the hallway. Jay offered to lend him a hand but Haydn denied it, saying this was all he had.

"We're good but why are you here? Did your parent's business go broke or something?" Aeron asked, continuing to hook up his gaming consoles to the television. Haydn stopped, placed his boxes on the ground and sighed.

"It didn't. If anything, business is booming. My dad and I...well...we're trying to escape my mother. I'm in a dorm because my mom owns the house we're currently living in. My dad wants to protect me so he sent me here so she can't find me." Haydn replied before picking up one of his boxes and unpacking it. It seemed as though he didn't want to talk about it so Aeron kept quiet because he knew what Haydn was going through.

While they were in China, Haydn had opened up to Aeron about what his mother was like. She was a strictly religious person who didn't believe in vaccines but instead believed that Haydn would be safe from all illnesses because of God. However, Haydn came down with a disease that could've been preventable by a vaccine and instead of regretting not vaccinating him, Haydn's mother started abusing him, saying he was a sinner and that he would've been protected if he hadn't sinned. The disease did permanent damage to Haydn's lungs which only worsened the abuse he received from his mother.

"How was your summer vacation?" Haydn asked, trying to keep up the conversation while also trying to change the subject.

"I had a long one. My estrogen spiked when not long after we got back and it ended up causing a lot of problems. Headaches, troubles sleeping, mood swings, you name it. I missed the last month of school but I was able to spend more time with Jay since her mom's a nurse. Speaking of Jay, they must've got bored and left." Aeron pointed out, gesturing to where Jay used to be standing. Haydn nodded and started unpacking his second box in hi bedroom. Aeron followed him in there, rubbing his neck.

"Y'know Haydn. I missed you after we got back. I actually made something for your birthday but...I was afraid to send it in case your mom found out." Aeron explained, taking a small parcel from one of his moving boxes.

"You...remembered my birthday?" Haydn asked, taking the parcel from Aeron and opening it to see a red jumper and a note. The note read "Happy Birthday Haydn! Love, your favourite dumbass.". The jumper was obviously homemade and made from wool.

"Of course, I did. August 28th. I made the jumper myself with the help of my sisters." Aeron said. He heard sobbing noises as he slowly looked up to see Haydn crying. Damn, I thought I was mood swingy lately. Aeron thought as he pulled Haydn into a hug and asked what was wrong.

"'s nothing it's just...nobody else remembered my birthday. Thank you." Haydn sobbed into Aeron's shoulder. Aeron tried his best to soothe him by running his hand through Haydn's long, black hair. He pulled his boyfriend away to look him in the eyes, only to remember Haydn covers one of his eyes with his hair. Aeron felt he had already done enough to remind Haydn of his past so, no matter how tempting it was, he didn't ask Haydn to pull his hair away.

The rest of the afternoon was spent unpacking. By the time dinner time had rolled around, both Aeron and Haydn had finished unpacking their items and were sitting on the couch catching up when there was a knock at the door. It was Jay asking if the two wanted to eat at a nearby restaurant. Aeron agreed, complaining that all the unpacking made him hungry.

Jay led the two to a restaurant that was mainly a takeaway but had a seating area. The three placed their orders before seating themselves near a window. Aeron wasn't familiar with the place and didn't feel experimental on that particular day so he just ordered chicken nuggets, a dish that is very difficult to get wrong. Haydn, on the other hand, refused to eat such a simple dish. Instead, he ordered pasta carbonara with bruschetta on the side to satisfy his fancy taste. Jay put almost zero thought into what they ordered and just got a half and half chicken tikka masala. Haydn asked them what a "half and half" was, having never heard the term before. Jay explained that a half and half was half chips and half rice.

"Why hello there, Jay. Long time since I saw you, my love." a strange voice came from beside the table. A random young man was standing at their table, looking at Jay. Haydn looked to both Aeron and Jay for clarity on who this was only to see annoyed looks on both their faces.

"Dickhead." Jay greeted the man. Haydn just couldn't put his finger on it but something was off about this guy.

"My name is Regan. Seriously, sweetheart, I'm just trying to help you pick a side. The right side." The man said, tracing Jay's jawline with his finger. Jay swiftly took his finger and twisted it, telling Regan to 'take a hint'. The 'pick a side' comment made Haydn realize this guy was obviously biphobic. Being a polysexual, Haydn changed his facial expression to match that of Jay and Aeron. Aeron seemed to be getting very angry at this point.

"Listen here Regan. If there is a right side, it certainly isn't yours. Go to hell." Aeron snapped, folding his arms against his chest.

"Aeron, nobody asked for your opinion so shut up." Regan retaliated teasingly.

"I didn't say my opinion. I SAID BISEXUAL RIGHTS BITCH!" Aeron retorted, standing up and hitting the table with his finger as he spoke.

"While you're at it, polysexual as well as pansexual and omnisexual rights as well, correct?" Haydn asked, keeping a straight face.

"YES, OF COURSE YOU BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF SHIT!" Aeron yelled, getting angrier by the minute. Haydn was unsure of whether to feel flattered or offended by the comment.

"Fine, I'll leave you kids alone but you better watch your back." Regan grumbled. He went to try tracing Jay's jawline once again but got yet another one of his fingers twisted before he left.

"Who is that guy anyway?" Haydn asked, watching Aeron sit back down in his seat.

"Regan Beowolf. He goes to our school and has been bullying Jay for being bi ever since they came out. Anyway, I need a beer. What drinks do you guys want?" Aeron explained, standing back up to go to the counter. Jay asked for a cookies and cream milkshake while Haydn asked for an iced tea. Haydn also asked if Aeron was even allowed to drink to which Aeron reminded him that he's eighteen now.

Dinner was quiet from that point on with the next conversation that happened being between Aeron and Haydn once the two had gotten back to their dorm. Aeron was having a severe headache after coming home and had to lie on the couch while Haydn got him some medicine from the cupboards.

"Are you really hungover twenty minutes after drinking alcohol?" Haydn joked, walking into the living room with an ice pack in a towel as well as a glass of water and some painkillers. Aeron took the painkillers with the water before putting the ice pack over his head and trying to relax.

"No, it's more of my hormones. By the way, I should tell you something." Aeron explained, keeping his hand on the ice pack to prevent it from slipping. Haydn sat on the arm of the sofa with a cup of tea and asked what was wrong.

" that I'm eighteen and my hormone levels haven't settled down, my doctor says I should start HRT." Aeron said. He honestly felt like he was talking to a therapist the way he was sitting on the sofa.

"HRT? Are your estrogen levels that bad?" Haydn said. He was trying to hide it but this was actually quite a shock to him. It was a big shock that nearly made him spit his tea.

"My hormone levels are the same as a girl's on a good day. It should help me a lot because of the mood swings and headaches. My hormone levels also made me infertile and...some other things so...I think it's best I go on this treatment. I kinda wanted your opinion though since you're my boyfriend." Aeron sat himself up to at Haydn. He held the ice pack to his head with one hand and took Haydn's hand in his other. Aeron's hand was cold from the ice pack but Haydn didn't mind due to the fact that he was used to the cold.

"It's up to you. I know you're fine with being intersex but...if you want to be more masculine, I say go ahead." Haydn commented, placing his other hand on Aeron's knee. Aeron asked if Haydn wanted to know all the effects it would have on his life but Haydn denied, saying he was tired and wanted to go to bed.

Just as he stood up, Haydn felt Aeron tugging at his sleeve. He turned around to see his boyfriend looking up at him with puppy eyes as if he was begging for something. Haydn sat back down and asked what was wrong.

"Can I sleep with you? This is my first night sleeping without my parents and sisters in the house." Aeron asked nervously. Haydn sighed and agreed causing his boyfriend to cheer loudly. In doing so, Aeron ended up hurting his own head and making Haydn laugh.

Aeron brushed Haydn's hair aside to look him in both of the eyes and say "I love you Haydn. Don't you ever forget that.".

"Don't worry. I won't." Haydn smiled, putting his hand on Aeron's as his boyfriend touched his face.


Hi, welcome to the part of the show where I mess up explaining things. Here are today's topics:

1. Just so we're clear, Jay is non-binary, ace and bi (uses they/them pronouns), Haydn is polysexual (uses he/him pronouns) and Aeron is gay and intersex (Uses he/him pronouns but is pretty chill.). Hope this clears things up.

2. I have no fucking name for Aeron's condition because I'm not sure if there is a case of an intersex person with a disorder similar to this but here's the explanation. Instead of producing testosterone as other males, Aeron produces the same hormones as a female would. For the record, I do know both male and female produce estrogen and testosterone but in Aeron's case he has the same level of each hormone as a female instead of a male. Aeron has male genitals and identifies as male.

That's all for now and me and these characters say LGBTQ+ rights. Okay bye.