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I've been thinking of doing a partial-canon story called Mutism: School Days. It takes place in during the somewhat empty years between this story and Out in the Open. It's only partially canon as it involves Zan and Bai living in Wales for college, which doesn't occur in the actual timeline. However, many canon things will take place, such as *spoiler for Out in the Open* becoming an alcoholic, Haydn getting extra traumatised, Aeron getting *spoiler and censored* surgery and new fur babies.

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"I'm excited to see your parents again. I feel like I didn't introduce myself properly over the Christmas break." Haydn explained, petting Jun in the back of the car while Aeron drove to Jay's house. School had finally finished and the couple were moving out of their dorm to temporarily live with Jay, their family and Aeron's family until after the graduation event.

"Yeah, but I don't blame you. You were after losing your dad. That had to be hard. Anyway, we're here now. I'll carry the boxes in, you go sit down." Aeron turned the car off and got out. Haydn nodded and left the car with Jun still in his arms.

"Hey there, kid. How are ya? Who's this little fella?" Aeron's mother greeted, gasping when she noticed Jun in Haydn's arms.

"Hello Misses Bryn. Nice to see you again. This is Jun. He's our dog." Haydn smiled, showing Jun to Aeron's mother.

"Kinda weird name but I guess it suits. Come on in. AERON! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE! I'LL GET THOSE BOXES!" Aeron's mother left Haydn to go help Aeron. Haydn walked into Jay's house and put Jun down on the ground.

Jun immediately started running over to Jay, who was sitting in the living room on their phone. He jumped up on their lap, frightening Jay and causing them to launch both of them onto the floor. While Haydn quickly dashed over to help Jay up and scold Jun, a young child approached the scene giggling at what just happened.

"Jay, you alright?" Haydn asked, before noticing the child. He was at Aeron's parents how for a whole month but didn't remember anyone under the age of ten being there. So who's child was this?

"Yeah, fine. Sorry for bothering you. Hey, May, look at the puppy." Jay picked Jun up and started showing him to the child. The child giggled and started playing with Jun.

"Who's dog is this?" Jay asked, looking for Jun's collar amongst all his hair.

"It's mine and Aeron's. His name is Jun. He's a Maltese." Haydn explained, getting down on his knees to play with Jun and the child. "So, who's kid is this?"

"Oh, this is my little sister, May. She was at a sleepover the night you were here." Jay let Jun go and watched as he started zooming around the living room, "May, say hi to Haydn, he's my friend."

"Hi mister Haydn." May said, running over to give him a hug. Haydn nearly did a flip at the sight of her running over to him but ended up doing an awkward summersault instead.

"Hey, any of you kids want to help Trev and I in the kitchen?" Jay's mother called out into the living room. Haydn agreed to help only to avoid the affection of May.

"Oh hey, Haydn. Glad you're helping out. Rose kinda just vanished on us. She said she needed to talk to Aeron about something or another. You know kids these days." Aeron's father was cutting up some peppers when Haydn got there.

"Pleasure to see you too. What can I help with?" Haydn replied.

"Well, you can start by cutting up some chicken with me...but first let me do your hair. It's bad hygiene to cook with long hair down." Jay's mother reached for Haydn's hair with a hair tie in hand but Haydn rejected her offer to do his hair for him, as he didn't want anyone to touch his hair. Instead, he took the hair tie from her and tied his own hair into a small bun, revealing his scars and squinting eye. Jay's mother and Aeron's father stared at him in shock for a while but Haydn ignored it and just started chopping.

Haydn spent all day in the kitchen with them. Despite it being his first time cooking a whole meal from scratch, he enjoyed cooking and couldn't stop smiling while doing it. After he was finished with the chicken, he helped Jay's mother make pizza bases then Aeron's father with peeling potatoes. He just kept going until dinner was all being cooked. When that time finally arrived, Haydn was told to go sit down in the living room.

"Hey, I was wondering where you ran off to. We're just trying to prepare Rose for coming out to our parents. Any tips?" Aeron said, sitting between his two sisters on the couch.

"You really think it's a good idea to ask me that question?" Haydn sighed, sitting down on one of the armchairs. Jay was sitting in the other one across from him and May was on the floor, playing with her dolls and Jun.

"Good point. Anyway, I'd say just do it already." Aeron said to Rose.

"What? No, I can't just tell them like that. I literally just found this out two months ago." Rose retaliated, all flustered from the anxiety she was feeling.

"Rose, trust me, you should just do it. I came out to your parents before even my own mother." Jay argued, hoping it would help. Unfortunately, it didn't and Rose sigh and left, unhappy about the lack of help she got.

"Y'know, maybe you guys should've just helped instead of pushing her-" Haydn tried to explain his point but Aeron cut him off with "Eh, she never takes advice from anyone but Fern. Anyway, Jay, you want a beer or something?". Jay rejected Aeron's offer and watched as the blonde got off the couch and walked to the kitchen. Haydn got up after him and started walking in the same direction Rose went, outside.

"Where are you going?" Jay asked. Haydn didn't respond and left the house without saying anything. He walked outside and started looking for Rose, who he later found sitting on the bench outside of Jay's house.

"You alright?" He asked, hoping to reach out to her.

"Fine. Leave me alone!" Rose turned to face away from him. She was sitting in the foetal position, an obvious sign that she was not okay.

Haydn was lost in this situation. What could he do? Try reaching out? That didn't work before, so why would it work now? Share his story? Definitely not something he was prepared to do. Try to cheer her up? As if Haydn could cheer his own boyfriend up, never mind his boyfriend's sister that he barely knew. There had to be something he could do.

"OY! KIDS! GET YOUR ASSES IN HERE! DINNER'S READY!" Aeron's mother called. Haydn looked at his watched and realised he had been overthinking for a whole half of an hour. He stood up, realising Rose wasn't even sitting next to him at that point. He sighed and walked into the house, where everyone else was sitting, enjoying their dinner.

"Didn't know I was dating a hell of a chef. This is amazing Haydn!" Aeron smiled as Haydn sat down at the table.

"Thanks but Miss John and your father did most of the work." Haydn replied, taking a piece of pepperoni pizza from the table. He took one bite of it and immediately ran to the kitchen to grab some milk for the spice.

"Jeez, your spice tolerance that bad?" Jay asked, eating a slice of pepperoni pizza that was covered in hot sauce. Haydn chugged his glass of milk then stared at them in angry.

"Hey, I need to tell all of you guys something." Fern said, looking down at her lap as she spoke.

"Oh course sweetheart, go ahead." Jay's mother spoke.

"Well...I found out I'm Jay." Fern was still looking at her lap as she spoke. Rose put her hand on her twin's shoulder and nodded. Haydn saw this and decided to do something for the occasion as well.

"I haven't told anyone my actual orientation. So, I suppose I'll tell you all. I'm polysexual. It means I like multiple but not all genders." He said, standing up at the table. It was almost as if he had an instinct to run away at any form of negativity he received. A form of self-defence if you would call it that.

"And...I'm a lesbian." Rose stood up and announced, finally feeling confident enough to say it.

"I accept you all but what is it? Coming out day or something?" Aeron's mother joked.

"That's in October, Misses Bryn." Haydn answered, thinking it was an actual question.

"I was joking. Sit your ass down and just call me mother for fuck's sake. You're en-I mean dating my son." Aeron's mother chuckled, pulling Haydn's wrist to make him sit down.

After dinner, the doorbell rang. Haydn opened it to see Nana standing there, looking up at him.

"Nana, what a pleasure to see you. Why are you here?" Haydn asked.

"Your dickhead of a father sent me here, telling me you were overthinking something. Now here, take this ugly fruit basket he made me buy." Nana handed Haydn a basket of fruit and walked into the house, trampling over his feet. Haydn grumbled something under his breath and walked into the house after her.

"Oh, you're Haydn's grandma. Nice to meet ya, I'm his boyfriend's mother." Aeron's mother extended a hand to greet Nana.

"Nah, everyone calls me Nana. As for having grandchildren, never did, nor did I ever get married." Nana responded, sitting down on one of the armchairs.

"Wait, you were never married? Damn, I thought you had a dead husband or something." Aeron said, taking a sip of his beer.

"Nah, never fell in love with anyone." Nana replied. leaning back in the armchair.

Aeron spat his beer out and screeched "YOU'RE AROMANTIC?".

"What?" Nana asked, curious about what he just called her.

"Aromantic. It means you don't feel romantic attraction." Haydn explained.

"Jeez, you kids are like walking dictionaries for this kind of thing, aren't ya? Then again, that does sound about right. Suppose I am aromantic, what does that mean for me?" Nana started leaning against the arm of the chair for support.

"Means you're kind of like me. Except, I don't feel sexual attraction. I have romantic feelings for people like my girlfriend but I don't feel much if anything towards her sexually. It's called being asexual." Jay explained.

"Also means you're officially LGBTQ+!" Aeron added cheerfully.

"Hmm, that sexual attraction thing also sounds like me but eh, at least I'm something." Nana responded to both statements.

"Oh, so you're aroace." Fern added.

"Okay, one more word I don't understand and someone's getting my cane up their aroass." Nana complained.

"Alright chill, anyway, Haydn and I better get going, we can't fit on my bed so we'll have to buy a new one tomorrow. We'll stay at a hotel for the night." Aeron said, getting up off the couch, ready to leave.

"You sure? I got a double bed you guys can use." Jay questioned.

"No, it'll be too much of a hassle. Just take care of Jun for us, please." Haydn explained, taking Aeron's hand in his.

"Before you go, your father wants me to say Aeron looks good in his blazer. It suits him." Nana pointed out.

Unaware he was wearing the blazer, Aeron looked down and said "Oh, I thought this was my leather jacket. Thanks anyway."

With that said, Aeron and Haydn left, but before they did Aeron's mother pulled him aside, away from Haydn.

"You got it?" Aeron asked.

"Yep, just like you asked." His mother answered, handing him a small box.

Aeron looked inside of it and said "Strange how this is the last thing he gave you before leaving. I'm the thing that made him leave and yet, I'm here holding it, about to give it to my future husband."

"Yeah, just take care of it, alright kid? Don't loose it!" His mother watched as he closed the box and put it in the blazer's pocket.

"Promise. Thanks, see ya, Mom." Aeron started walking away as he waved goodbye from his mother. His mother waved back as he got into the car.

"What was that about?" Haydn questioned Aeron once he got in the car.

Aeron hid the box in the cup holder of his door so his couldn't find it and just told him it was nothing before driving off to the hotel.


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