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Note that for a few chapters after this one, I am going to subject these characters to absolute hell on Earth. There will be triggers so proceed with caution after reading this chapter.

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"Aeron's absent again? This is the seventh time this year and it's only the start of November." Jay complained as they sat down at a cafeteria table with a homemade sandwich which consisted of brown bread filled with Cajun chicken and some sort of spicy sauce. They also had a bottle of orange juice and an apple to go along with it. Haydn sat opposite to them with a cup of tea in a cup he got from the cafeteria.

"To be fair, he is starting testosterone today. He should be back before the next class." Haydn explained, taking a sip of his tea.

"Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that. By the way, you want my apple? My mom keeps forgetting I have braces on my back teeth." Jay sighed, taking the apple out of their lunchbox. Haydn nodded and took the apple from his friend.

"Where's your lunch? I thought somebody would've made you one." Jay said, winking as they said someone. Haydn scoffed in response. Aeron didn't get up until late that day, hence why the blonde was absent. Haydn didn't have much of an appetite that morning either. Therefore, he decided coming to school with no lunch would be a good idea.

Jay was obviously about to say something but they froze up as someone started rubbing their shoulders. Haydn looked up to see Regan - the person who had attempted flirting with Jay various times throughout the school year. Unfortunately, Haydn had witness a lot of this man's deeds. He, Jay and Regan were all in the same art and chemistry class as well as their base class. The rubbing of the shoulders was obviously another form of this behavior.

Haydn examined Jay's body language. They were sweating, tense and heavily breathing - all clear signs of an anxiety attack. They were also biting on their lip which, Haydn had noticed before, had a large scar from Jay biting on it whenever they felt anxious. Haydn then looked at Regan. The wide smile across his face made it seem like he enjoyed creating the social torture he was creating for Jay.

"Excuse me, Regan. Could you please take your hands off my friend? We were trying to have a conversation." Haydn began, trying his best to help his friend.

"Come on, man to man, we both know that when a woman is quiet, that's when she likes it." Regan chuckled, continuing to rub Jay's shoulders, the enby in front of him getting increasingly uncomfortable.

"First of all, Jay's not a woman. If you would actually speak to them, instead of assaulting them, you would know that. Second, Jay has selected mutism, which, again, you would know if you actually spoke to them. What you are doing is making them extremely uncomfortable with is the actual reason why they are not talking." Haydn pointed out, repeatedly gesturing towards Jay as he spoke.

"Jay is a woman. I can show you if you want. Besides, all this sweat is just because her getting spicy down there." Regan commented, lifting one of his hands off Jay's shoulder to trace it along their chin, near the mouth. That happened to be a mistake as Jay didn't hesitate to bite down on his finger in both panic and anger. Oddly enough, Jay's panic bite was hard enough to break Regan's skin.

Haydn sat there, watching Regan start to yell about Jay being a "monster" because they bit him for "no reason" and sipped his tea quietly. He was almost amused, seeing as Regan had it coming to him. Regan was taken to the nurse's office and Jay was instructed to go to the principal's office. Shortly after the two left, Haydn saw Aeron approaching the table with a sandwich and a bottle of water in hand.

"Hey, just saw Jay in the principal's office. What happened?" Aeron asked, sitting where Jay was sitting before as he took a bite of his sandwich.

"They bit Regan." Haydn answered, taking the last sip of this tea. Aeron jaw dropped. He spent the rest of the lunch break - which was about ten minutes - asking Haydn all sorts of questions regarding the incident.

When the bell rang, Haydn and Aeron headed back to class to see a miserable-looking Jay in their seat. Aeron immediately rushed over to ask his friend what happened - as if he didn't believe everything Haydn had already told him.

"I'm...getting expelled. They told me to just go to class until my mom picks me up." Jay said, their voice trembled as they did. Aeron and Haydn both widened their eyes in shock. Jay of all people? Getting suspended? How could Miss Shaw let this happen? Haydn knew, as a witness, that he had to do something about this situation. Without telling anyone where he was going, Haydn marched down to the principal's office and knocked on the door. Miss Shaw tried to greet him nicely but Haydn cut her off.

"You shouldn't expel Jay. They did it in self-defense." Haydn explained, placing his hand on the door so Miss Shaw couldn't close it to signify that he meant business.

"You witnessed the event?" Miss Shaw asked, shocked at Haydn's assertion of dominance.

"Yes, I was there when it happened. If Jay hadn't bit his finger in a panic, Regan would've raped them." Haydn clarified, trying his best to stay calm when he really wanted to march down to the nurse's office and punch the life out of Regan.

Miss Shaw, who was obviously frightened by the fact she let a student get away with sexual assault, handed Haydn an incident report and told him to fill it out. Haydn nodded, went back to class and started filling out the report.

At the end of the day, Haydn requested that Jay went with him to the principal's office to hand in his incident report. Jay agreed and followed their friend anxiously, still on edge after what happened that afternoon. Miss Shaw opened the door and smiled at the two.

"Thank goodness, you're both here. Please come in." She greeted, moving aside to let the two in. Haydn and Jay were greeted with the sight of a rather angry-looking Regan.

"Please, take a seat. According to Haydn's report, Mister Beowulf here sexually assaulted Jay, is that correct?" Miss Shaw continued, holding Haydn's report up to her face as she spoke.

"Miss Shaw, let me ask you, would I do such a thing?" Regan scoffed, thinking he was going to get away with it.

"I wasn't asking you, Regan. I was asking Jay." Miss Shaw grunted, turning to face Jay straight on.

Haydn looked over at Jay. They were exhibiting more symptoms of anxiety. Still, Jay took out their whiteboard - a tool they used for writing whenever their mutism acted up - and wrote the word "yes" on it. Regan looked over at Jay and furiously tried to take a swing at them. Fortunately, Haydn's reflexes were fast enough to grab Regan's wrist before impact.

"REGAN BEOWULF! Not only did you sexually assault another student, but you also attempted to hit said student. You will be suspended for two weeks. Jay, you'll be doing the same amount of time. You did it in self-defense, but you still bit him. Now, have a nice evening." Miss Shaw finished, standing up to assert her dominance over the students.

Jay, Regan and Haydn all stepped out of the principal's office to see a panicked Miss John - Jay's mother. Regan walked past and grumbled something to himself before leaving the building.

"Oh, Jay, my poor baby, are you hurt? What did you do? Who is this?" Jay's mother asked, frantically. She made direct eye contact with Haydn when she said the last sentence.

"I'm fine mom. They changed it to only a two week suspension. This is Haydn, by the way. He's the guy who helped me not get expelled." Jay explained, trying their best to smile to cover up the absolute mental exhaustion they were feeling.

"Oh my goodness. Thank you, thank you so much." Jay's mother cheered as she grabbed Haydn's hand and shook it to express her gratitude.

"I-it's no problem Misses John. My name is Haydn, for the record. I'm good friends with your child, we met in the Chinese class that sent us to China last year." Haydn clarified, trying to break free of Jay's mother's handshake before his arm got pulled off.

"Oh thank you. You should have dinner with us. Oh, and we should invite Aeron. Do you know him? He's such a sweet little boy." Jay's mother cheered.

"Actually we do know each other." A voice called from behind Jay's mother. It was Aeron, who was walking over to the group.

"Oh, yes, you went to China too, didn't you?" Jay's mother recalled, holding her hands to her chest in delight to see Aeron.

"Yeah, I was. Oh yeah, by the way, Min-ji, Haydn and I are actually dating, if you don't mind calling him my boyfriend. Oh yeah, and I started T today." Aeron chuckled.

"Oh, your mother and father would be so proud of you, Aeron. Now, let's go. I still have to cook." Jay's mother smiled, putting her arm around Jay and leading everyone outside.

Haydn and Aeron stayed for a while, talking to Jay and their mother and playing with Jay's younger sister, May. As the couple were leaving, however, Haydn was suddenly stopped by Jay, who wanted to talk to him in private. Jay led Haydn to their bedroom and handed him a piece of paper from their jean pocket.

"Here, I wanted to give this to you earlier, before someone interrupted." Jay explained. Haydn unraveled the paper to reveal the words "Doctor Ezra Birger" with a phone number underneath.

"It's my therapist's phone number. I was hoping you would use it when you're ready." Jay clarified, leaning on their computer desk.

"I'm not sure if I'm ready to speak to a therapist just yet, but I'm sure I will contact them when I'm ready. Thank you for this. I'll see you in two weeks." Haydn said, before leaving the room and then exiting the house, where Aeron was waiting outside for the bus that was to drive the two back to the school.

The bus was pretty much empty at this time. Haydn was tired from physically and emotionally exhausting himself. After about five minutes of being on the bus, he fell asleep on Aeron's shoulder. Noticing his tired boyfriend, Aeron took off his leather jacket and wrapped it around Haydn's shoulders to keep him warm as he carried his boyfriend to the dorm room.

Once he was inside, Aeron placed Haydn on his bed and tucked him in, kissing his boyfriend goodnight before returning to his own room.


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