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"Oh, good morning Jay." Nurse Tang greeted Jay as he stumbled into the kitchen. It was the day that Zan was supposed to get the result of whether or not she needed a lung transplant. The appointment was early in the morning so Nurse Tang drove her to the hospital early.

"Oh, g-good morning. Did Zan get to the hospital okay?" Jay asked, sitting at the kitchen table waiting for their toast to pop with a mug of tea in hand.

"Yes. Chun probably left early for work. Perhaps we should take this opportunity to get to know each other." Nurse Tang suggested, taking off his leather jacket as he sat down at the table.

"Oh uh, alright, w-what'cha want to know about me?" Jay held their mug of tea closer to themself.

"Hmm, how did you and Zan meet exactly? I believe I remember seeing you as I was walking past the emergency room one day." Nurse tang asked, hoping a conversation would start.

"Oh, uh, yeah, well, I was kinda in an accident." Jay explained. It had been eight years since they met Zan and their initial meeting place wasn't quite ideal.

"Accident? What sort of accident?" Nurse Tang was shocked. He hoped there wasn't much long-term impact on them.

"I...I was assaulted and run over with a motorcycle on my first day in China. I guess...I guess you might not consider that an accident." They looked into their tea. It had been so many years yet the trauma from the incident still affected them in one way or another.

"Tiān nǎ" (Gosh, or as I tried translating it, holy shit) Nurse Tang exclaimed "That's a hell of a way to be welcomed into a country. Anyway, what's this got to do with Zan?"

"I was going to be a transfer student in her class so she decided to say hello. Unfortunately, I was partially mute for a while after the accident so I couldn't exactly speak to her...or anyone I had just met for that matter."

"That must've been difficult." Nurse Tang commented. A sudden pop noise in the distance startled Jay. Luckily, it was just their toast. Jay walked over and buttered their toast before sitting back down to continue their conversation with Nurse Tang.

"So, what about you? How do you know Zan?" Jay questioned, taking a large bite out of their toast.

"Oh, that's a funny story. You see, I went to high school with her parents. I didn't see them after that until my last year of college. Her mother asked me out on a date and I accepted it. It turned out to be her wanting a polyamorous relationship with herself and Zan's father. I had a huge crush on Zan's father so of course I accepted." Nurse Tang explained, blushing furiously while speaking.

"Wait, so there's a chance you're Zan's biological father?" Jay asked, wondering how exactly they knew that Zan's father was the guy in the mental hospital.

"Nah, we took tests and she's definitely his daughter. She's also a bit too light-skinned to be mine." Nurse Tang chuckled.

"Oh, I understand. So, were you there when Zan was born?" Jay responded, sipping their tea.

"Yes, I was. I noticed she was having breathing difficulties while I was holding her so I ran some tests and that's how we found out about her condition." Nurse Tang explained.

"I heard it's an inherited condition. Did one of her parents have it?" Jay asked, hoping to find out more about their in-laws.

"Fortunately no. The only relative I heard of was her grandfather but he passed away long before Zan was born. Anyway, I have to ask, how do you know so much about this?" Nurse Tang grabbed a packet of sugar that was lying on the table and started fiddling with it out of boredom.

"Oh, my mom's a nurse. She works in a hospital back in Conwy." Jay answered.

"Paediatric or...?"

"Emergency. Before that she worked in a café close to my school."


The conversation died for a bit after that. Jay finished their tea and toast and just sat there, unsure of what to say. They checked the clock - 11:00am - Zan wasn't due back until 2:00pm. It was obvious that they would be struggling for another 3 hours, if Zan got back home on time.

Nurse Tang was also having these problems. He wasn't sure about what to say to them. Zan had been on many dates but only brought one home and that ended it complete disaster. Either way, he felt like he had to be as much of a parent as he could.

"So, you and Zan ever considered having children?" Nurse Tang inquired, trying to break the silence between him and Jay.

"Uh...no...n-not biologically anyway. That's impossible." Jay replied, nervously wondering where on Earth that question came from. They awkwardly blushed and averted their eyes out of embarrassment.

"Oh, no pressure. I was just curious because, if you two were trying to conceive, you may need fertility treatments as Zan-"

Jay cut Nurse Tang off by saying "Sir, I was assigned female at birth."

Nurse Tang paused for a moment to re-evaluate his fucking life. "I assumed you were male." He clarified, hoping not to offend them.

"Oh, it's fine. I actually thought I was a trans guy when I first started having dysphoria. Then I tried male pronouns and looking at penises and realised that it was not what I wanted. Then again, the penis thing could just be my asexuality." Jay stopped themself after saying that because they felt like they were rambling too much.

"Oh, you're asexual?" Nurse Tang's eyes seemed to widen.


"Sex-repulsed or...?"

"Adverse. I used to be neutral but...something happened." Jay looked down at their empty cup that used to be filled with tea. Nurse Tang didn't want to ask about what happened, feeling as though he had already invaded their privacy enough.

"Y'know my husband's actually ace too." He attempted to take the spotlight off Jay to make them feel less pressured.

"Oh really? So that's why you were asking if I was sex-repulsed." Jay felt much better taking the attention off themself.

"Yep. I actually thought our first date was just going to be a one night stand but he told me he didn't want any of that. To be honest...I needed someone like that." Nurse Tang looked down at the sugar packet he was playing with. A rip had appeared so he put it back on the table to avoid getting sugar all over himself.

"What do you mean?" It was Jay's turn to ask intrusive questions.

"I...I started realising how...horrible my relationship with Zan's parents was. I feel like Lei and Jaci just wanted me for sex, not for love. My relationship with Chun feels different, more love and I prefer it." Nurse Tang explained. Just as he finished, his phone started ringing. He got up to answer it, leaving Jay all by themself. He came back after a few minutes and sat back down with a sorrowful look on his face.

"Something up? Is Zan okay?" Jay asked, worried about their girlfriend.

"I don't know but that call wasn't about Zan...I'll tell you and Zan together when she gets home. Besides, Zan should be home in...about 21 minutes from now." Nurse Tang pointed to the clock. Jay turned to look at the clock again - 1:39pm - They had been talking to Nurse Tang for so long that Zan was almost home.

"Wow, time flies when you're having fun, huh?" Jay smiled.

"Tell me about it. I'm going to order lunch. What do you want?" Nurse Tang asked.

"I'll take Szechuan chicken if you don't mind. Also, some friends are coming to get Zan's results. Do you mind ordering for them as well?" Jay ordered.

"Sure thing, what do they like?" Nurse Tang questioned, putting the order in on his phone.

"I think Aeron like kung pao...Haydn can't have anything spicy...and it's Monday so he's allowed to have meat...I think he likes orange chicken."

"Well, I'll order a chow mein if he doesn't like it. Zan told me she'll pick herself up some leek cakes from a street cart she knows on her way home." Nurse Tang put the order in.

A knock was heard from the door, thinking it was Zan, Jay excitedly ran to the door only to find out it was Aeron and Haydn.

"Hey, we brought some lunch." Aeron greeted.

"Oh great, I can cancel my order." Nurse Tang seemed almost relieved.

"Yeah, we didn't know what you wanted but I remember Zan telling us you like peking duck so we bought you some." Haydn explained, dropping a takeaway bag into Nurse Tang's arms.

"Ah, yes, it's my favourite but it's quite expensive so I don't eat it often. Thank you so much." Nurse Tang excitedly put the bag on the table but didn't open it so Zan could eat lunch with him and the others "Zan should be here any-"

The doorbell rang, cutting Nurse Tang off. Jay ran to the door to see Zan. Zan walked in and took off her mask, which she wore outside to protect herself from infections.

"I'm home." Zan cheered, putting her bag of leek cakes on the coffee table in the living room.

"Welcome home. How was your appointment?" Nurse Tang asked.

"I'll tell you but I have to do something first." Zan winked. She walked over to Jay and took their hands in hers.

"Jay, I have to ask you something." Zan got down on one of her knees and asked "Will you marry me?"

Jay stared at her in shock and confusion. They got so confused that they started crying. Confused, Zan stood up and asked what was wrong.

"You're dying, aren't you?" Jay began.

Zan awkwardly turned to Nurse Tang and said "I really should've thought about their anxiety before speaking."

She then turned back to Jay and said "No, I'm not. I'm sorry I worried you.". She hugged her partner.

"Good...and yes, yes I'll marry you." Jay replied, smiling through their tears.

"Sorry to break up this happy moment but I have bad news. Zan, you should return to the hospital tomorrow." Nurse Tang interrupted, same look on his face as he had after his phone call earlier.

"Why? What's wrong?" Zan asked, thinking something was wrong with her.

"It's Bai...he's dying. He's on dialysis until Wednesday."


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