It was either write this or kill someone. Can you guess what I chose?

Disclaimer: I was going to kill a fictional character, not an actual human being.

Other than that, I'm listening to Black Eyed Peas and having flashbacks.

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Zan was standing in the kitchen, looking through the fridge, trying to find something to have for breakfast, when Haydn suddenly came down the stairs, wearing his usual dress shirt, trousers and red tie. He seemed to be in a rush.

"Are you okay?" Zan asked, pulling a tub of butter out of the fridge to examine it before quickly putting it back.

"Yeah, I am. Sorry, there's an emergency at the gay bar-" Haydn tried to explain but Zan cut him off.

"You work at a gay bar?" She questioned, wondering why on Earth Haydn would be working at there of all places. When she first met him, Haydn was the heir to a large architecture company in London, England. Since then, a lot happened to Haydn's parents so it would've made more sense if Haydn was running their company.

"No, I don't. I reformed Ivor Industries when I took it over. Instead of a cruel architecture company that stole money from their clients, I turned it into a charity dedicated to helping LGBTQ+ people who have been kicked out of their old homes or have faced housing discrimination. We also own several hangouts for our clients. They also serve as job opportunities to help anyone who has faced job discrimination." Haydn explained, throwing on his black suit jacket and grabbing his car keys.

"Oh, do the jobs have any openings? I need a job." Zan queried (Or should I say queer-ied. Okay, I'll stop), grabbing a tub of butter from the fridge to examine it before putting it back.

"I'll check. There might be some management openings but if not, I'll try getting you a normal job at one of the hangouts. Anyways, I gotta go. I'll see you later." Haydn said before leaving the house to go to work.

Just after he left, a sleepy Aeron stumbled into the kitchen only to be woken up suddenly when the fridge started beeping, causing Zan jump and move as far away from the fridge as possible. Zan asked Aeron if there was a bomb in the fridge to which the blonde closed the fridge in response. Zan breathed a sigh of relief when she realized all she had to do was close the fridge to stop the beeping and that there wasn't something wrong or dangerous about the fridge.

"Have you never left the fridge open for too long?" Aeron asked, reopening the fridge to grab some eggs to make himself an omelette.

"Out of what I remember, I never owned a fridge. The only time I've used a fridge was when I was making sandwiches for the children in the hospital with Nurse Beth and Nurse Tang in the hospital's break room." Zan replied, peeking behind him to look in the fridge again.

"Oh yeah, you lived in a hospital. I totally forgot about that. By the way, there's oat milk from my family's farm in the fridge and Captain Crisp in the cabinet if you want that for breakfast. Pass the milk when you're finished, I'll need it for my eggs." Aeron responded, cracking his eggs into a bowl and mixing them.

Zan tried her best to avoid eye contact with Aeron as he cooked and she pulled the milk out of the fridge and grabbed the cereal and a bowl from the cupboards. She placed the bowl on the counter that was facing away from the counter Aeron was working on. She poured the cereal into the bowl, then the milk and then slid the milk over to Aeron, trying to avoid eye contact. Zan then sat down on the couch and ate her cereal and milk in silence.

Jay walked into the kitchen shortly after. They were obviously in a rush for something as shown when they hesitantly buttered a two pieces of bread and grabbed a cold brew coffee from the fridge before running out the door, only having time to say "good morning" and "goodbye". That got Zan thinking, if Haydn was in a rush because one of his businesses had an emergency, what kind of emergency did Jay's work have that caused them to rush out the door so fast? Also, what did Jay even do for a living?

"Aeron, do you know what Jay's job is?" Zan asked, looking over at her friend, who was just finishing off eating his omelette. Aeron took a few moments to think before telling Zan that not even he knew what Jay worked as.

"You should probably ask them yourself when they get home. Anyway, time for me to get to work. I'll be in the basement if you need me." Aeron explained, taking a can of soda out of the fridge and taking it downstairs to the basement, leaving his dishes on the counter where he was sitting.

Zan was bored from that moment on. She started reading a blog that she found interesting. It was a blog run by an unknown person that went by the username 'YellowRobin825'. The blogger never showed their face or revealed any sort of information about themselves. In fact, the most ever seen of the creator were pictures of birds on their hand. The blog was all about two things that reminded Zan of Jay - androgynous style and birds. While she was reading, Zan noticed a brand new article that had been posted only a few minutes before she found it. It was a fact post about the common cuckoo bird and it even had photos of the bird.

It was only a matter of time until Jay came home from work. That's when Zan couldn't wait anymore. She had to ask them about their work.

"Jay! Look at this cool blog I found. You might like it, it's about style for non-binary people and birds." Zan smiled, showing Jay the recent blog post. She didn't know why she decided to start with that. Perhaps she thought it was best to slowly let Jay into the conversation instead of just rushing into it.

Jay, however, seemed flustered or embarrassed. They were sweating, biting on their lip, fiddling with a Band-Aid on their thumb and avoiding eye contact. Zan couldn't understand why, she felt like she had done nothing wrong yet Jay was acting...strange to say the least.

"Uh, yeah...I-I'll check it out. I-I have something to d-do." Jay stuttered before quickly making a dash for the bedroom. Zan started to stare at her phone. That's when it hit her.

Jay wasn't acting strange for no reason - they were acting strange because the blog Zan found was their blog. However, Zan couldn't believe that YellowRobin825 was in fact Jay. Jay was a quiet and timid person while YellowRobin825 seemed confident and cheerful. That's when Zan noticed something. In the recent blog post, there was a bit about one of the birds scratching their hand. Zan remembered seeing a Band-Aid on Jay's thumb - exactly where the bird was sitting on YellowRobin825's hand.

Zan quietly approached her bedroom and opened the door to see Jay doing something on their laptop. She quietly peeped over their shoulder to see Jay going through the comments on YellowRobin825's recent post. Nonetheless, this didn't prove anything, especially since Jay was known to have a habit of reading comments while watching YouBube videos. Zan's cover was blown when Jay suddenly saw her from the corner of their eye and panicked, switching the tabs to show a video game on the screen instead of their blog.

"Jay, it's fine. I actually love your blog and find it very fascinating." Zan tried to calm her enbyfriend down.

"It's not that. I've just...I don't know what other people would think if they found out I write this dumb shit for a living." Jay explained, looking down and running their fingers through their hair.

"Why? Also, I hope you don't mind me asking, how DO you get paid?" Zan asked, curious as to how blogging actually works.

"I have social anxiety, okay? As for how I get paid, all my fashion posts are paid promotions. My binder tips are also often collabs with binder brands. If they offer me a free binder instead of actual money, I usually use it for my Paytron supporters, which is another source of income." Jay pointed out, showing Zan their Paytron page on the computer.

"So, people pay you to write blog posts about their brands." Zan questioned, looking at the screen in front of her.

"Yeah, I make sure their okay with me being honest about their products before actually taking up the offers though. Then I have my Paytron supporters. I get money every month from them and I actually give them rewards in return." Jay sighed, showing Zan some of the emails between them and companies.

"How many supporters do you have? Also what are the rewards?" Zan leaned in closer to Jay to read everything.

"Only a small proportion of my fans actually donate since most are closeted non-binary teenagers and bird fans. I think I have like thirty supporters out of my one thousand followers. My lowest tier of a pound a month gives my fans access to wallpapers. Five pounds gets you behind the scene photos and videos and entry into raffles for spare binders as well as the wallpapers. Then you can donate 10 pound which gives early access to blog posts and the other rewards. I'm thinking of adding a twenty pound one but what would I add on top of the other tiers? Oh yeah, and you can do a custom donation without." Jay explained, switching back to the Paytron page.

"How about updates on our life?" Zan suggested, getting bored from the lengthy explanation Jay had just given her. Jay stared at her in shock for a while, as if they had never thought about that before.

"That...That's actually not a bad idea. I've never posted about my daily life so it would make sense to keep it for my highest tier, especially since I'm not very open about it. Speaking of which, do you want to take a picture with me? If I'm doing this, I'm gonna make you and I the first picture." Jay responded after a few moments of staring at their girlfriend, taking out their phone and opening the camera. Zan got excited and quickly got down to Jay's height so that the picture was of her actual face and not her body. Jay took the picture and told Zan that they would update the tiers the next day.

Haydn walked into the room shortly after, saying he needed to speak with Zan. She followed him into the hallway where Haydn started talking.

"Well, I got you a job. It's not anything fancy but it's got a good income. You'll be working in the gay bar there was an emergency at this morning. Just a note, you will have to deal with drunks. If you aren't comfortable, there's also an opening at the youth center we opened up. However, that job is a longer drive away but it's near the border of England and Wales." Haydn clarified, showing Zan pictures of the places on his phone.

"What would I be doing in the youth center? I don't think I'd be comfortable at a bar." Zan replied, carefully examining the pictures.

"Not much. Running clubs, helping out with group therapy, monitoring." Haydn described, trying to think about what they actually do in the youth center. Zan excitedly told Haydn that she would take the job and Haydn nodded and walked away.

Zan then went back to her room to tell Jay the good news. Jay smiled and hugged their girlfriend in response. It looked like everything was going to turn out okay.


Remember how I wrote part of the last chapter at 10pm? I'm did it again but with the end of this chapter. Sorry for any mistakes but I'm tired. Good fricking night my people.

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