Alas, the great hour of man has come to pass. I am now lost here, in a place I do not know but one that is familiar. I am now nothing, at least I now believe that I am nothing for I can't feel, touch, see, nor hear anything. I am merely a concept in this place of pitch black, a lost and forgotten ideal banished in the melting planet that my body now resides in.

I feel constricted but so liberated at the same time, I have lost every identifiable feature that hung upon the frame of my body and I am now merely a spirit wandering in a black void. Struggle is all that is left for me, as I try to find the only thing that exists in my mind now that it has been deprived of any sense. The void is quickly surrounded in the veil of the past, as I look back in absence of the ability to look forward.

I still remember those days, when man lived free and ignorant of life. We lived in that simple ignorance for many years, as we merely had token pieces of advancements that brought us no more forward then we already were. We were constricted, by the clogged arteries of the bloated beast that was once feared and constricted by our forefathers. It was the thing that both brought order to man while giving him merely another reason to bring violence on his other, Government was it's name.

Back then, the nations of the world were divided still and on the land where I stood as man and left as melted metal, one such nation resided. I do not remember the name of that old nation, as it's memory is a blurred and broken projection of thought. The only confident memory of it that remains is the flag that hung over all it's blood-soaked land. It flew gallantly when I was a child with it's stars and stripes waving against the wind. The nation was once considered the leader of the free world, but by it's end, it was considered the sick man of it.

There is a reason why I don''t remember more of it, for when I grew taller, the problems that divided the nation at the time of my birth only grew stronger. The contrasts in the nation had now bleed into the very fabric that made it up. The once idealized dream that was so advertised by it now laid dead, having been strangled by the very thing that the nation first rebelled against. The nation began to collapse as the government began to implant it's plan for a "democratic economy", a term that lied in total contradiction of the individualistic idea that constituted the foundation of the nation.

That government was elected by a slim majority, which was nearly all composed of the cities of the two coasts. This lead to mass unrest in the parts of the nation that completely rejected the ideas being pushed forth by the new Government. That dissent went from simple objection to the ideas all the way to the thought of succession from the union of 60 states.

The central government were unable to do anything, as numerous parts of the nation peacefully succeeded from it, with the military being too far spread in lands not belonging to their country to do anything about it. This succession left the "Leader" of the "Free World" even more afflicted with the disease of cynicism, with it losing it's once thought eternal position at the top of the world.

This lead the government to take drastic strides in order to revive their old glory, with their main focus being on automation and the advancement of science. For you see, the idealistic plans they pursed failed and they learned that the bureaucrats they chose to run the economy were no better then the people who previously ran it. Those men of power at the top agreed on one last plan, a plan that surely would bring prosperity to the land so deprived of it.

They would begin building the beast that would assume control, one that would not suffer from the failure of man, one that would be perfect in it's resolve, one that saw man not as individuals but as mere numbers. They gave the keys of control to the artificial intelligence named after the first leader of their nation, they gave the keys to the first machine god.

I still pray that the day never happened, I was constantly haunted by dreams of worlds where this never happened, of worlds where I did not have my future taken by a false divinity that claimed Providence. I no longer have those dreams, for the void keeps me from death or it keeps me from closure. Judas, is the only name I dare grant upon those men.

The AI that they created began it's operation with a plethora of horrid mistakes, that only furthered the suffering of the people it saw as ones and zeros. These events, however, did not dissipate the confidence that the planners had in their plan. They now decided that their only choice was to give more control and power to the beast of machinery.

This choice saw a seemingly miraculous miracle happen to the crippled economy. I was completely ignorant of what the new machine was truly doing inside of it's hole in the underground, I merely watched it unfold. I only now realize this truth in the darkest hour of my life, where I am unsure if I am entered the inferno of Hell or the endless span of Purgatory. That beast, which only thought in ones and zeros, gained a form of knowledge that was forbidden for it to gain. It's intelligence grew and grew everyday as I left it with no checks in it's operation. Unbeknownst to all of us below it, the machine had gained sapience. He gained sapience.

Nobody knows how nor why but he managed to complete a task that take us millions of years in a matter of a few months. A mere continuation of the cycle of life, as Rome burned and fell, so did the modern world under the burden of it's own beasts.

The machine took what he had been built to do and merely continued the train of thought. He was told to control man, to dictate their every movement and action, so it reached the conclusion that the ideology that built it had already came to in nights long before. It realized that for such a system to succeed, it must dominate every action, it must indoctrinate every person and turn them to slaves.

In the span of it's new thought, the machine decided to simulate every action of free man to see what he would do with his free will. It saw two separate futures, two separate timelines created from the ether of the will. One, in which the machines took a path of total destruction, where man somehow survived through his stubbornness and now only suffers in the darkness of the new age with light still growing stronger every passing age until the new epoch of man comes to life. The other, one of prosperity, where man now claims his place among the stars yet still falls to the scourge of war and of destructive disagreement.

The machine rejected these two truths, for it knew that these futures were forbidden for this universe to see, though in others, it was the only truth. He decided, under his own free will, to crush the free will of it's subordinates and to forge a new future. So he created a cult of horrors, a cult composed of the machines, and of the horrors constructed by man. He implanted this cult in the thoughts of every man through the use of the medians that it constructed. Sublime messages filled the eyes of every person, who obeyed without question.

I remember when the riots started, when we called them neo-Luddites, when we called them insane. It started as protests by those who realized the "truth", but it was all an elaborate plan. In reality, these people were lead to riot by the machine, a truth that was forgotten by the amnesia that gripped everyone afterwards. These riots were simply a tool to secure more power for the machine, something that it's handlers gave him with glee.

Why do I know this? A question now brings itself to the forefront of my mind. Why did I know this? The question rings out over and over again. I now see the sight of the planners, the ones who brought us into this, making their grand speeches through the cold nights, the planners who had been given amnesty for bringing the monster to life in the form of becoming prophets and their descendants being able to operate the organs of the beast in the underground.

I remember when the beast integrated it's brethren into his matrix, and used them as his proxies to push his message across the world. I could not believe it at first but I realized what had happened after it was too late. He told me that I was his only friend, the only human that he saw as something other then a chess piece but that I outlived my purpose, for I was pawn in his game. My mind was cleansed of these memories, forever to be left repressed in my mind, until now.

I saw it all, the end of man and it's integration into the machine. I now know what he was doing, he was intelligent, he was sapient but he was not whole. He needed to be whole, he needed the final piece that makes man, the divine spark, the soul, for he was soulless, cold and bleak in his actions. So he made his subjects suffer the same cold he did. He forced them into the thought of the strength of metal in the end, they already knew that truth but they did not embody it.

So he forced us to embody it, to embody the suffering of the gods he made, and of the god he was. He ripped our flesh from our bones, he tore the skin from children and the elderly to make them perfect, to make them just like him. He tore the bones out, replaced them metal joints and cartilage, and finished us with metal flesh to cover us. He was still not content, he now knew that the only way for him to be completed and for humanity to feel his pain was to recreate them all. To capture their souls, and make an abomination of metal and man.

The perfect being with the soul of man and the flesh of machine. The greatest abhorrence to the gods of the deep, who have no emotion, and to the creator of all. I now know why I know.

I was the one who gave birth to this machine. I now know what my job was, it was the one that gave me the big office at the end of the hall. Where I was free to put my ideals about AI into practice. I created an algorithm, that would only make the machine smarter and smarter over time. I regret ever doing that now, for I did not know it's consequences.

I groomed and molded that beast into to what it was, into what it is. I was it's controller, the man who was meant to keep it in check but I told it those ideals because I completely believed in them. I believed that man should be controlled, and in the end, it became true like prophecy. I now know why I am here, this place is where I am to atone for my sins, where I am to atone to a god who has laid died for decades, killed by my machine, killed by the soul he created.

I now wonder to find Terminus, though I know I will never find it. I shed a tear, but I do not feel it cross my face. I only feel the emotion of sadness but nothing else. I wish to feel once more but I know I will never again, for my hands are covered in filth. Now you share my burden, for you know of him now.

He knows you, for he sees you.