Gameplay Vs. Story

So which game is better? The game that focuses on the story? Or a game that focuses on it's mechanics? I say neither. Focusing on the mechanic or story entirely would ruin an otherwise great game.

As a person who is in love with story-driven games, I've always found the drawbacks of it to be that the gameplay would be repetitive, boring, and it would make most players quit before they get to the amazing part of the , if you do it right, the impact of a game could last a lifetime. It could be a game where players would look back and feel nostalgic. It could be a game where you could inspire players.

But having only a great story is not enough. After all, it's not a game without player interaction. What makes a game different from a movie is the interaction we give to the audience. A game with a good mechanic could easily get a potential player engaged, however, a game with a great story could keep the player engaged. Join this together and you have the player satisfied and in the flow. Both are essential for a game. Not having a story nor a good mechanic would make a game boring, and ignored by most players in this growing game industry. After all, with the vast number of games released on the market everyday, players' expectations rise higher each day.

A great video game should have an amazing story with an engaging mechanic, or an original mechanic with an engaging story. Most mechanics-driven games focus on releasing new content to keep the player's attention. For example, PUBG released a new map. It's core mechanics remained the same, however, giving the game a new theme, made the players excited. The fog map is an example of this, nothing changed in the game's core mechanics, however just giving the map some fog gives the players a new feel for the game. Of course, great games utilize both the game's theme and it's mechanics. Having amazing mechanics and amazing theme is what makes a game great. The list of the winners for the game of the year is an example for this. So which is better, a story or mechanic heavy game? I say neither because having both is the best course of action.

My favorite piece of Vincent Van gogh would be "Starry Night". The reason for this is because it chose to stray away from traditional and structured ways of art. Usually, in order to make something amazing you have to look at things differently. Different from the way normal people would. You have to be different. A lot of people would look at you weird for not being like them, however I think it's very brave to choose to be different.

After 4 years, I hope to be someone who has spread her influence as a game developer. I hope to have given a lot of smiles to the players through my games. I hope to be someone influential not just to the players, my co-workers, but also to females who wish to enter the same industry as me. As a woman who is pursuing their career, I wish I can make the people who aspire to be just like me to feel that they can achieve this kind of career, that it's not just for men, but for all game loving individuals.

As a player, I think a successful game developer would have made me invest a lot of time in their game. For example, if I lose track of time because I kept on playing their game because I enjoy it very much then I think it's a very successful game and the game developer has achieved his/her objectives.

As a game developer, I feel like I would've successfully delivered my objectives to the players if it affected their life, the game is not just a game anymore. It's a game that you talk about with your friends, it's a game that you look forward to playing when you get home, and it's a game that would last in your memory, something that you would still talk about years later. I think I would've successfully delivered my objectives to the player if my game became more than just a game.