A long, dark hallway appears in front of you. You feel yourself walking, all you could hear is a chilly, horrifying sound. Text appears on your screen, it says "W to run" in a blurred and distorted way. The hallway is distorting as well. As you walk forward, you hear big footsteps behind you. You can't look behind, you can only run forward. The sound grows louder and louder until you hear a scream. A girl's scream.



[EXTREME CLOSE UP] to Ela's face, she just woke up, sweating from a nightmare.

[PAN TO] the elevator's exit. The word START will appear on the screen, camera dissolves and the player becomes ela.


Clicking start will open the elevator to the office. Player will gain controls, walking around as Ela. Workers in the "Save the Kids" office will greet her as she walks out of the elevator.

A/N: Office layout can change due to save the children office references.

Worker 1

Good Morning! Are you the new employee? Um..


to meet you.

Ela reaches out her hand to the worker and the worker shakes her hand in return. Workers are busy in their stations, the office feels a little dull, but the employees are busy, some walks back and forth, arranging things. They smile warmly when they see you.

Worker 1

Come, let me show you around.

The worker walks and you follow, she shows you around, pointing to where the pantry is.

Worker 1

That right there is the pantry. We mostly eat there.

Sometimes, people go out, but there's plenty of room for everyone there.

The pantry is lit up and is lined with a few long tables and chairs. A worker walks out with a cup of coffee and returns to her desk.

Worker 1

That over there is the meeting room, that is where

We usually plan our operations, hope you could join one soon!

The worker smiles at Ela, and points to the meeting room, the room is currently not lit, it's dim and you could barely see anything besides the chair silhouettes the glass window lets you.

Worker 1

And this, right here, is your desk. We haven't

Arranged your things yet, we decided it's up to you. All of it

Is in those two boxes. Feel free to approach me if you have

Any more questions.

The player can now walk around, talk to NPCs, NPCs will greet Ela warmly if she talks to them. You will be able to interact with the pantry items as well like the microwave, opening and checking it out. Spiels below;

[NPC Dialogues]

N1: Hi, you're the new girl, right? Nice to meet you.

N2: Oh, is that today? You're the girl we were expecting, welcome.

N3: Hi Ela, I knew your name from the supervisor, looking forward to working with you.

N4: Hm? Hi.

N5: Welcome to the organization.

[Item Interactions]

[ELA'S Inner voice]

Microwave:[When you open it]: Wow, they actually keep it clean.

Fridge:[When you observe it]: Don't want to snoop on other people's food on my first day.

Meeting room[Door, try to open] It's locked. They must only open this during meeting hours.

Your desk is highlighted, and you walk over there to see it completely empty except for the two open boxes full of your things. You pull them out one by one, first is the pencil holder, next is the stapler, your favorite bobblehead, Your laptop and finally, a picture frame.

[ZOOM IN] to the picture of Ela's house. EXT.



[Younger Ela's POV]

You see yourself smaller, holding the picture, back at the past, there are bruises on your arms and a loud thud can be heard from upstairs. You look up and hear footsteps. You put the picture of your family back.



Players can now save, play, exit the game or change its settings. Once you click play-



[CAMERA PAN] to the room, starting at the top, view to Ela's back and finally to her and the therapist. The room is simple with just a desk, a floor lamp and a bonsai tree by the window. You can see the daylight out through the window.

[While Camera Pans]


I heard you got into a new job, Ela. How are you coping?




Is this helping you heal? How are you feeling now?

Ela stares at the window [Camera Slow Zoom In] and [Running and crying sfx slowly getting louder] [Silhouettes of running Ela appear on the glass]


EXT. Ela's House -Past

[Gameplay Begins] with Ela running away from her father, he is roaming around the house, trying to find her to discipline her. She has enough and wants to get out of this house now.

Father Dialogues below;

F: Ela, come back here!

F: Are you trying to hide? You know that I will find you anyway.

F: Fucking bitch, YOU and YOUR MOTHER, I swear I will kill you both.

F: Come on, do you really want me to make it worse for you?

You will need to find the key to your room, which is located on one of the hangers in the kitchen.

[Spiels while searching]

Ela: I need to find the key to my room.

Ela:He's coming, I should hurry.

Ela: I want to leave.

Once you find the key in the kitchen, your father will notice the sound-


Is that you in the kitchen? Come on, Ela. You know

You're not supposed to be in there, I'll have to discipline you more.

You will have to run upstairs or hide away, because you will be detected in his line of sight, or else it's game over.

Some Key Items to the story will be placed in the level with ela voice lines.

Observe Beer: It's because of this, that I'm suffering. I hate alcohol.

Observe empty fridge: I wish mom would come back and cook for me.

Once you enter your room, your father will immediately notice the sound-


Ahh, you're in your room? That wasn't so hard,

I can discipline you in your room.

You will have to immediately hide or he will find you and it's game over. Once you hide, your father will automatically follow and try to find you in your room. [The only correct hiding spot is your closet] You will be able to see him through the gaps.


Are you under your bed? [Looks under your bed] No? How about,

here? [Flips the curtain] Or maybe, [goes near the closet but looks under the table instead] here? Not here either? Tsk. Where the fuck are you, Ela? You know you can't escape me. So let's hurry up and get this over with!

After that, your father will leave and return to roaming the house, you can now safely leave your closet, you must find the diary first, and the key to the front door before you can escape.


I can't leave without mother's diary. I have to find it, I need to find

The key to the front door as well.

The diary is underneath her pillow, and the key is inside her bedroom drawer. Once you get the diary-


Mom. I wish you were here. I miss you.

I don't want to be here anymore.

After getting the diary and the key, you will be able to open the front door, once you open the front door, a cutscene will happen. Ela opens the front door but as soon as she thought she could finally escape, her father grabbed her wrists. A black monster hovers over her father and his voice sounds like that of a monster.


Found you.


INT. Ela's Apartment-Present-Day

You are woken up by a vibrating noise. It was your phone, your therapist has texted you.


T: You should rest for today, Ela. Your new work might be straining you too much.

Ela sighs and gets up her bed. A checklist will appear beside the screen, you will have to find them for your will have to get your laptop,papers,medicine, books and a bag.


I have to get ready. I was tasked to present

A seminar in my old school today.

Interactable objects are available in this level that will reveal foreshadowing of the next level. Spiels below;

The yearbook looks like it hasn't seen any worn. It's completely new and untouched. When observed-


No. I don't want to remember.

Medals hang on the wall. The look worn, they do not have any protective casing. When observed-


Was this even worth it all?

It doesn't look like it's even made of real gold.

She would've been proud,though.

A picture is inside the drawer, it's of her friend. They are both smiling in their school uniforms.[No dialogue]

After getting all the items needed, you go out the door and lock your apartment.


EXT. Ela's Old school-Present

You see multiple lockers in the hallways, buzzing with students. Your phone vibrates once again. This time, it's your colleague.


C: Hey Ela! We went ahead of you. We'll be waiting in the auditorium,okay?

When you look up, the students are gone. The hallway is empty, the lights flicker. You continue forward. One of the lockers suddenly fling open. In it, a paper that says, "WEIRDO" and a younger ela's picture with her face crossed out is shown. As you walk further in, you notice one of the classrooms are open, you see a younger ela, standing and staring at nothingness.[Camera Pan to present Ela's face and camera focus on her papers falling down to the ground in slow motion]


INT. Ela's school-Past

You wake up as young ela again, you're in the middle of a classroom, and your classmates are scattered around, some look at you, snickering. You can see a dark aura around them.

[Gameplay will commence]

You have to find paths, to avoid the bullies on your way. They will increase your anxiety meter, which is at 1/4. The meter will blink red at the start so players can notice and keep track of it. Ambient school music can be heard. If you are caught by a bully, or pass by a bully, which are indicated by black auras, the meter will increase.

At 1/2 , the music will go quiet. When it goes to 3/4 , you will start to hear voices, whispering dark things. And the aura of your bullies resemble that of a monster. Going to certain places or doing certain actions will lower your anxiety meter.

Negative Bullies' Dialogues:

Where do you think you're going?

Teacher's PET!

You good for nothing.


You think you're so smart, don't you?

What a pity, you don't even have a family!

Positive places:

-Freedom wall, that says "You matter."

-Newspaper that has Ela's written article featured in it.

-A poster of the guidance counselor that says "You always have a friend, I'm here."

-School cafeteria where the staff (you have to talk to her) gives her free candies.

-Her locker that has the picture of her best friend.(Same as the picture in the present)

-Her notebook that has an excellent grade, with a note from the professor that says "Good job!"

If the anxiety meter fills up to the max, the game is over. If the anxiety meter fills down to zero, everyone will disappear and your best friend will appear.

Best Friend

Ela, don't worry, we can do this together.

I'm with you. Let's report them to the guidance counselor.

She offers her hand to you, and you accept it, and both of you go the guidance counselor. As you open the door-


EXT. Outside Ela's house- Past

You are dropped off by your school bus and you see and hear it roaring further and further away from you. You look at your house, it looks terrifying, like a tall, gloomy castle. Heartbeat can be heard, it's young Ela's heartbeat. She is nervous. She doesn't want to go in, she wants to stay outside, but she looks in her watch and it's 3:14. If she doesn't get in by 3:15, she will get a beating again.

Ela's thoughts

I have to go in now, or else, father will get angry again.

When you open the door, the house is empty, there is no sign of your father anywhere. But you see something glisten in the distance. When you approach it, it's a cutter.

[Camera Pan to Old Ela] [Old Ela's POV]You see young ella reaching for the cutter in the kitchen to hurt herself and end her pain. You must reach the cutter before she does, a heartbeat grows louder and louder when young ela is about to reach the self-harming item. Once you grab it, young ela will disappear, you will have to find her around the house, to stop her, before she hurts herself. Once you grab the cutter-

Old Ela

Stop . You don't deserve this, you have to

Live. People love you and will love you.

Young Ela will just stare at you for a moment and disappear.

In the living room, you see her reaching out to a lighter to burn herself. You grab it before it's too late-

Old Ela

Don't do this, you are worth it. You're beautiful.

You are not useless.

In the bathroom, you see Ela with a needle, trying to prick herself. You reach it before it's too late-

Old Ela

Please, you are still young. Hope is the answer.

Young Ela disappears and appears in her bedroom, crying. You confront her.

Young Ela

I'm useless.

Old Ela

No, you're not. You're talented and beautiful.

Young Ela

Nobody loves me.

Old Ela

Your mother loves you very much, Stephanie loves you, and believe

Me, your father once loved you too.

Young Ela

The pain won't stop, I want to end it all.

Old Ela

The pain will stop. And you have the courage to rise up again.

You are brave, Ela, and strong.

Young Ela

Nobody can help me.

Old Ela

There are a lot of people who can help you. Just be courageous,

And stand for yourself. You deserve help.

Young Ela


Old Ela


You hug the younger Ela. [Pan camera to both of them hugging each other, crying. Everything else slowly fade until Old Ela is left.


INT. Ela's Old house-Present

Ela wakes up in her empty old house. Her vision is blurry and she has been crying, she rubs her eyes and her vision goes clear again. She looks at the family picture. With her mom and dad, happily cradling her. Tears drops on the picture and she rushes out of her house. [Camera Pan-Cutscene] She goes into her car.


EXT. Hospital-Present

[Camera zoom into Ela entering the hospital]Ela approaches the front desk and asks-


Where is he?


A beeping sound can be heard.


[Zoom into the heart monitor and slowly pan to ela's father on the bed, old. And Ela sitting beside him.]


Ela, Is that you?

Ela nods. Her father could barely see her. He is old but he smiles.


I thought you'd never come. It's okay,

I understand if you didn't. I deserve dying what I did to you.


Father. I-


Your mother and I love you very much, I'm, I'm

So sorry for everything I have done. I was blinded by grief, and I took it

Out on you. I'm sorry, my child.

Ela can be seen crying, and in between her tears, she says.


I forgive you,father.


EXT. Outreach area-Present

Ela is seen wearing a red shirt that says, "Save the Kids" and she is handing out relief goods to children who are poor and school supplies to kids who cannot afford it. [Camera Pan to Ela's POV] In a distance, she notices something. A child version of herself, and her father, holding hand in hand, on her other hand is a lollipop, they walk away and fade. Ela smiles, and returns in helping the children.