How is Math applied?

One great example of how math is applied today can be seen everywhere. What else would it be than technology? The social media, the internet, our gadgets and computers are all functioning because of Math. The software that enables everyone to communicate,express, and reach out to others like social media involves math. When sending a message or chat, the computer does not understand layman's terms. It's not like the computer understands what you're chatting. Instead, what it does is it stores them into variables, adds them to the server and is sent to your friend.

Computers can do the basic 4 mathematical operations. And it's because of this,programmers were born. They utilized this to send information using the language of math. If it weren't for mathematics, technology won't be here today. Animation wouldn't be easier, there would be no digital drawings, I would be typing this write-up right now in a typewriter instead with great inconvenience. All our media won't be available to us. We will have to write letters just to message someone very far away. However, with the use of programming languages, or should I say the translation of english to mathematics, computers can now easily animate objects just by changing the x and y position of the thing you drew. You don't have to mail someone and wait for two weeks just for them to read it, because now the computer sends your messages in less than a second.

A lot of people hate math, what they don't realize is that it's everywhere. Technology is made of mathematics and logic. Despite a lot of people hating math, it makes our lives easier everyday. Programming is behind all these applications and programming is basically our commands being translated into mathematical language in order for the computer to understand. And because of this, we are able to command all our computers and gadgets to do what we should be thankful for mathematics, for what we have today wouldn't be born without it.