Ten Years Later

Author's Note: Since 2011, I have decided to do a new Continuity. This story was originally published on dA in 2016 but recently I decided to rewrite it. As such, there is a mention of a character who only made his debut in 2018, but has existed since 2007, when I first created Lucas Hill and Harold Rivers. Also, Amber McCormack is a twin. So you can say this story is a reboot.

Sitting in a well-lit bedroom, a preteen boy with reddish-brown hair stared at the letter on the desk. Picking it up, he cleared his throat before reading it aloud.

To the future Lucas Hill

I am writing to you from ten years ago, when you were twelve years old. It was a year after Arthur Rivers mysteriously disappeared and when you and Arthur's little brother started to attend Springfield Drive Secondary School. I am thinking about being a milliner or bartender by then, have you achieved this? Maybe Tania is at University? What is society like on 24th February 2054. Has our fellow citizens going into Space? Amber and Robin McCormack must be twenty-two years old now? Has it been nineteen years since you met the Twins and the rest of your friends? I wonder if Achilles Molyneux is studying arcology? Probably. Do you still keep in contact with them? From your past self, Lucas Hill. Dated 24th February 2044." Looking at an envelope on his desk, the boy began to write "Lucas T. Hill. 24 Sharman Road. Islington. To be opened 24/02/2054".

At that moment a raven-haired boy with dark blue eyes and carrying two cups of tea entered the room. "Hi Lucas, what are you doing there?" he said in a cheery voice as Lucas rummaged through the drawers to look for a stamp. "Oh, hi Harold. You're just in time. I am writing a letter to my future self and I need to find a stamp. Could you find it for me?" Lucas explained as his cousin placed the mug on the desk. Looking at the cup, Lucas smiled at his cousin as he grabbed the mug. "I was thinking about a hot drink anyway. Thanks for the tea" Lucas commented as he started to sip the tea as Harold started to drink his tea before putting the cup on the table. "It's the best I can do for you. After all, you told me not to overextert myself." Harold retorted as Lucas placed his cup down before getting up from the chair. "Oh, how can I not tell my little cousin that he has to take it easy" Lucas dryly said, putting a hand on his cousin's chest before giving him a gentle shove, ignoring Harold's protests. "Lucas, you do realise that I hate it when anyone touches the scar, and that includes you" Harold's voice was sharper as Lucas looked at his cousin before asking "Why did you enter the room?" Harold walked over to his cup and finished the tea off before replying "I wanted to see what you were up to, and when you said you were writing a letter to the future you, it made me think of what will happen in the future. We don't know what life will be like ten years from now. It could be like what it is today, or it could by dystopian. I think you should keep the letter, and open it in ten years." Harold replied before leaving the room with the now-empty cups. Lucas nodded before noticing a stamp nearby. Picking up the stamp, he dipped the adhesive side in a bowl of water before placing it onto the envelope before placing the letter in a book. One day, the questions will be answered.