Author's Note: This story was originally published in 2018. Also, a little bit about the two characters who are introduced in this story, as well as Councillor Adlington and the "Fazzers" group. Councillor Adlington has ambitions to be the Mayor of Islington, while the "Fazzers" are a group that supports Adlington. Robin McCormack is Amber's twin brother, and he is athletic and artistic; he was created back in 2007 (but at the time, I couldn't find a suitable role for him) while the other promiment character in this story was also created in 2007, but was ultimely "scrapped". He was originally going to be in "2007 Short Story #6" but as that story was never written, he was basically "forgotten" until I revealed the existence of "scrapped characters" in 2017. So basically this story involves characters first created in 2007.

One of Islington's most famous tourist attractions is The Pyramids Theatre. A series of pyramid-shaped buildings, and popular with both locals and visitors alike, the Pyramids isn't Islington's only tourist attraction. The Marina is another popular tourist attraction, and is very busy in the summer as yachts and boats sail down the river. Now, on a winter's day, a teenage boy sat on a bench. The boy had platinum-blond hair, silver eyes and pale skin. He was wearing a thick, heavy coat over a shirt and black trousers, and a pair of thick gloves. The teen was watching the few joggers that was on the opposite side of the Marina jog by. However, his peace was soon disturbed by a phone ringing. Reaching into his coat pocket, he fished out the phone and answered the phone. "Hello?" A voice on the other side spoke from the mobile, and the boy recognised the speaker. "Robin" he replied as he listened to what Robin had to say. "Come to the Town Square as soon as possible" Robin announced. The boy placed his phone into his coat pocket with a sense of dread. This isn't like him to phone without an explaination, he thought as he dashed straight to the Town Square.

Robin McCormack looked at the clock. It had been a hour since the police entered the Town Hall, and he was worried. "Where could he be?" he muttered to Amber, his twin. Amber looked at Robin. "Do you mean Achilles?" she asked. Robin nodded, and Amber replied "Don't worry, he'll be fine. He's tougher than he looks" No sooner than she spoke a familiar, platinum-blond haired boy ran towards them. "Great to see you" Robin motioned to his friend. "What is going on?" Achilles asked. Robin started to explain "Well, Councillor Adlington has been caught bribing businesses in town if they vote for him in the Mayorial Election. So there is a corruption scandal going on". Achilles gasped in shock. "You're kidding, right? The leader of the Council, in a corruption scandal?" Amber shook her head. "I'm afraid not, Robin and I saw the police enter the Town Hall a hour ago, and the Fazzers are fuming mad about it. They are planning to organise a protest tomorrow against Police Corruption, and are planning to attack The Islington Herald newspaper if they continue their coverage against Councillor Adlington." Achilles stood in shock. The Fazzers are a group who protests against virtually everything that isn't conservative. "Well, we'd better go home then and leave the police to finish their investigation" Robin suggested as the three made their way home.