Cerasi rubbed her eyes as she woke up in the co-pilot chair. Her fingers moved from her eyes to rub over the long scar on her face, trying to soothe the stinging. She yawned and sat up to grab the file from the control panel, but stopped herself. She really did just want to wait for him. They both worked hard and went through a lot for that stupid pile of paper. Argument or not, she hoped they could at least finish this together.

She leaned back against the chair again, planting her feet on the floor and pushing backward until her back cracked. She sighed in relief then turned and looked down the hall to her room. She was tired, still, even after her nap. She wanted to go to bed. But she was worried about him. Not worried about his safety. He could more than handle himself. She regretted what she said, even if she knew she meant no harm. She wanted to have the opportunity to make it up to him, but something told her he wasn't going to come back. She at least wanted to tell him she was sorry. She got up and made her way to the gathering space and found herself pacing back and forth in front of the counter. If he came back, she wanted to be awake and waiting for him. She stopped and poured a glass of water and looked over at the little table and two chairs close to the door.

That was a fond memory. Day drinking and getting to know that man she'd invited on her ship. That man who had probably saved her life the night before. That man who absolutely saved her life just a while later. That man who stayed by her side for weeks to keep her alive. He was good, inherently so, and she could undoubtedly say she had never met anyone like him. She did not like the thought of him not being around anymore, but the truth was that she wouldn't stop him. She wasn't enough. He was tall and broad and strong like his Nordic brothers and wise and strong in his centuries of living. She had barely even lived compared to him.

Cerasi sighed as she sat the glass back down in the sink and resigned herself to going it alone. She wouldn't be angry or selfish about it. She understood that she just simply didn't understand. Lost in her thoughts, she was startled by a loud sound below her feet and nearly fell forward from the shock. It was a loud and heavy thud and it unmistakably came from the carrier below where she stored the motorcycle and other things. She quickly moved back to the hallway and headed toward the loading dock door, but stopped to stand on her tiptoes and look out the window before going out. She gasped when she saw a tall silhouette walking toward the ship. You came back!

She quickly ran over and slammed her hand onto the control to let the loading dock down and open the door and tried very hard to hide the excitement she felt. The light from inside poured down the ramp and over Wulfram as he approached, caught off guard that she had waited up for him. She stood at the top and looked down at him while he stood at the bottom and stared back at her, motionless. She looked down at her bare feet and he took a few steps up the ramp and stopped, still a few feet away and at this moment, at perfect eye level with her.

She looked up and directly at him. There was an air between them right now that she had not felt before this. His eyes were darkened and staring right back into hers intently. She wasn't sure what to say or do and nervously bit her lip. This action, however minute, caused something to stir in Wulfram and he charged toward her, with only one purpose: to possess her fully. He crouched in his approach, wrapping his arms around her and picking her up, pressing his lips aggressively onto hers and moving forward to board the ship with her in tow. She reached over to the right, never breaking away, and whacked the control on the wall to shut the doors again. While kissing him back, her hands snaked down to the hem of his t shirt and she began to work it up between their entangled bodies until he lifted one arm while holding her up with the other then switched. She pulled away long enough to yank it up over his head and let it fall to the floor in the hall. He quickly strode over to his room, slamming her back against the door as he flailed around for the switch to open it. They nearly tumbled in together as it opened, but he managed to get her to the end of the bed and throw her down onto it.

Wulfram reached with both hands for the waistband of her shorts and paused briefly to look her in the eyes, to read her face. When she didn't protest, he pulled them down to her ankles and yanked them into the floor. She was left in her shirt and her underwear. She couldn't feel exposed with the way he was looking at her. She wanted him, and he wasn't moving fast enough. She leaned up and began feverishly unbuckling his belt and pulled the button loose. He reached down to the hem of her shirt and she lifted her arms for him to pull it up and off. He looked down at her body sprawled on his bed. Her soft skin covered with small scars, the angle of her hip bones, the definition in her collar bone, the soft curve of her lips. She was imperfectly stunning. He pushed his pants down and stepped out of them, his knees coming up to straddle her one at a time. When he kissed her and took her bottom lip in his teeth, she let out a soft whimper. His mind took him back to that night, him standing outside of her room, those same soft whimpers coming from the other side of the door. Now here she was, under him, on his bed. The thought drove him wild. He grabbed her hands and raised them up and over her head to rest on his pillow. "Don't move." he growled in her ear. She complied as he covered her neck in kisses and bites, moving down to her shoulder, then to her chest before taking a hard nipple into his mouth. She gasped and sighed as he sucked and bit down before moving over to the other.

Cerasi felt her body begin to move on its own and her hips rose up to meet his body, her sighs becoming soft mews. He could feel her heart pounding in her chest and hear her breathing turn to pants. He reached down and overpowered her, pushing her hips back down into the bed with one hand, then reached up and took her wrists in the other to keep her planted. A voice she did not recognize left her lips. "Please." she begged, in the neediest, most lustful tone. He moved his hand from her hips and pulled her panties down to her knees, trying not to lose control at the sound of her voice. He reached back up and traced his fingers around between her thighs. He watched her as he pushed one inside. Her skin was now turning a pretty pale pink and growing hot. Her mews became moans. Going this slow was nearly causing him physical pain, but he wanted to savor her like this for as long as possible. Her impatience grew and she lifted off the bed once more. He looked down at her with a twisted smile and she pleaded with him again.

"Please." she mewed, breathlessly.

"Please, what?" he gently scoffed.

"I want more." she whined through the lust induced fog her mind was creating.

He released her wrists and reached down to slowly drag her panties the rest of the way down to her ankles. He moved to pull his underwear off and let them hit the floor. "Want more of what?" he agonized. He slipped a finger back inside and pushed it deeper as he kissed her neck. "More of this?" he growled in her ear. He pulled it back and added another as he latched down onto her neck. Cerasi felt her eyes roll back into her head as she surrendered to the ultimate form that desire had to offer. They had barely gotten started and she was already coming undone from his touch. She screamed out before her body went limp. She was a panting mess beneath him, but he wasn't satisfied with her reaction.

He waited a few moments for her to catch her breath, all while kissing her shoulder and caressing her all over with his big hands. When she found her rhythm again, he sat up, reached under her knees and dragged her over the bed positioning his body between her thighs. He pushed inside of her a little at first to watch her face. Her hands made their way to his side and pulled at him, but he was stronger and he stopped all together to watch the frustration in her eyes. He smiled. The control he had over her in this moment was palpable. He could do this for hours. That is, until-

"Wulfram…" she moaned his name, needful. He lost all control and pushed his way through. She gasped at the sudden motion and her arms reached around to hold on tight while her fingernails began to drag painfully across his skin with every forceful thrust. He leaned down to hover over her, feeling the building ecstasy when she reached up and wrapped her arms around him tightly, burying her face into his neck to muffle her screams of pleasure. His movements became more aggressive as he reached under her lower back, picked her up off the bed and began his merciless attack. She held him with her nails in his back and felt herself begin to come undone again. Her pleasure sent him over the edge directly into bliss.

He fell forward, her still in his arms, collapsing on top of her. They both struggled to catch their breath in the midst of what had just happened. She took his face in her hands and kissed him a few times before he rolled off of her. They both sat in the comfortable silence for several minutes then he felt her move to roll out of bed. In the darkness of his room, he could tell that she was hesitating, and with that, he rolled over, threw his arm around her lower stomach and drug her backwards toward him and into his body. When he felt her body instantly relax and melt into him, he couldn't help but to smirk to himself, before nestling his chin atop her head. He stayed still as she fell asleep and listened in awe at her soft, sweet breaths before he drifted off as well.