The topic at hand is ren. I will introduce this of course. It is a feeling first of all, and will be explaining that I will talk about the nature of ren. An account of what ren is will b given. Maybe I will talk about in a sentence or two what made me choose this. I will describe it As a sort of benevolence, respect, and a way of being kind. But this kindness has several different properties than regular respect. This is because there is partly a communal aspect to it. This means that you see respect and caring for those around you in the world or people near by that you have a sense of neighborliness, that sense of love for them not just for those you know necessarily. Sometimes it's just that slight second but sometimes it can be more of a lifestyle some feeling you make how you live your life. But this emotion is not just reserved for the regular peole in society. Ren can also be used by leaders to rule their country. Confucius had a political aspect to this feeling and something that rulers, presidents, or whatever sort of politician you are. It's like seeing your country as a bunch of fellows and lending them respect and benevolence.

As to the question of how this is different to the feeling of respect or kidndness. I think it might be maybe of the same roots but comparatively different feelings and respect does not seem to be as far reaching as does ren. It does not have the communal asect and the extension to people around you not just of friends or family that you may know.