Sebastian carefully slid his way down the slope towards the formation. As he did so, he began to notice that the light that once cast an empyrean glow was dissipating all around him. Vibrant grass was now beginning to sink into the murky and dim corners of itself. The light that once shimmered from the onyx slabs was now fading into the background amongst the landscape—which began to mirror the endless night sky. The moon was starting to set behind the skyline; beginning its rotation towards the dark side of Belfour. Sebastian's composure began to break at the sight of the valleys disappearing from him. Soon everything around would be swept in a blanket of darkness. How am I going to find the ship? He thought, the elements are not on my side. He started moving as fast as he could along Belfour's surface. Hoping to at least make it to the structure before the true nightfall descended.

He was more than halfway to the monoliths as he began to hear a droning whir creeping from the shadows around him. It sounded like the wind, but the grass remained still. The sound was unsettling and its fluctuating pitch filled Sebastian with a vague recollection of feelings from after the crash—jolts of panic and anger followed by an unspeakable sense of trepidation. He could remember parts and pieces, almost like a dream. The ruins, cursing out to the barren but lit sky, and the horrid melody that echoed from under every umbral rock and obscured corner. The otherworldly sonance stretched out from Belfour's darkness and something inside Sebastian told him it was coming for him again.

He clawed the ground like a wounded animal, attempting to escape its predator. Gritting tooth and nail, pushing through the pain from his broken bone. Clutching and tearing at the grass as he crawled towards the only shelter—the monoliths still some ways ahead. The moon's light was fleeting faster than his pace could keep up with. He began hyperventilating. His hands and knee were numb to the rubble that was now starting to sprawl beneath him. Broken masonry and walls poured out from the monoliths. Hieroglyphics carved into most of the surfaces. Alien symbols and shapes uttering incalculable meanings. Sebastian could no longer feel his body, his arms, or even his leg. His heart was quiet. His thoughts grew saturated by the quivering sound that penetrated his every cell. It reverberated from every dilapidated shamble and column. Resounding from the engraved scripture of the walls, like if it was carved into it.

Sebastian's surroundings started to vanish into nothingness. Crawling still. The ground around him was wet and had a fetid stench, similar to that of a rotting body or blood. He thought—he swore he could even feel the handle of his saber that he dreamt he threw away.

The towering monument beyond his grasp shimmered in the last of the moonlight as he laid under a wall still far from it. He wasn't going to make it. Maybe he never was, but he had sure as hell tried he thought. His weeping grew into a frenzied rage as the sound began pulling at him like the vacuum of space. The pitch of his cries becoming that of the sounds until there was nothing left but dust and darkness.