In a vast street, an angel with purple hair and lavender lolita clothes was going around the place looking for the monster, "Lily, Grace, Chloe!" she shouted, "Where are you?"

But before she could get some answers, demons came up and surrounded her.

*I can't believe that this is the end of me* she thought to herself, *All it took was a little show audition*

6 hours earlier

On a bright sunny morning in Baltimore Maryland, Avery was waking up and dressing into preppy apparel for her audition for the Baltimore Aquarium Solar Andromeda Show, along with her younger sister, "Lily" was joining too. During their breakfast of waffles and home fries, they saw their father, "Joseph" . Their mother, "Chelsea". "Dad" Avery said, "Do you really have to come to our water show audition

"Girls" Mr. Whiteside, "You know me, i'm a cooperate attorney. I make sure that the rights to Solar Andromeda's songs stay safe."

"Solar Andromeda?" asked Lily, "Aren't they that band that came out twenty years ago. I love that band."

"We know" Mrs. Whiteside answered, "Remember when your father hired that cosplay band of Solar Andromeda, plus I had to go up there and show off my gymnastics hoop skills."

"I didn't marry Chelsea Milsap of The Milsap Sisters for nothing" admitted Joseph, "Seven gymnstics sisters from the Bowerman Gymnastics School and you were the master of the dolphin hoops of 1981.

Avery could remember the first time she was in a show at the aquarium, she was nine years old and she was doing a Solar Andromeda song called, "We're Hair" which has a Hair/Beatles tune.

On the other side of Baltimore, a blonde girl with green nerdy clothes was watering the grass and measuring it to make sure it's not wild, "There, there" she said to herself, "The grass is all cut up and ready for perfection."

But before she could go off, she spotted some strange lights in the sky and wondered, *What do those lights mean*