In the little town of Fruity City, Lemony the Lemon Fairy is a happy go lucky fairy who works at The Fruity Fantasy Cafe as a cafe. Whenever she sees another fairy of another magical creature in need, she must help them.

Lemony- A bright and sunny fairy who lives in Fruity City

Briana- Lemony's sassy best friend. She is a blueberry fairy who works at The Cobbler Beat music store.

Ichigo- She is a strawberry fairy who works at the Sweet Shampoo Hair Salon

Gina- She is a grape fairy who works at the Fruity City Public Library.

Marzana- She's an apple fairy who works at the Nutrition Bowl gym.

Pinelope- She's a pineapple fairy who is jealous of Lemony's popularity and would do anything to beat her.

Pera- She's a pear fairy who runs the Fruity Fantasy Cafe and was once a swimsuit model.

Limone- Lemony's niece who lives with her. Limone's archaeologist father is Lemony's older brother.

Guavalentin- Pera's grandson whom Lemony has a crush on. He works at The Fruity Fantasy as assistant manager.

Applevaro- Manzana's younger brother who works at the gym as a dance instructor.