In the kingdom of Laalchandrama, the moon was up and a little girl was looking at it. She had long black hair in a ponytail and wore a red Indian princess dress, "Little Lotus" shouted her mother, 'Maharaja Malka', "Your father is waiting for you."

"Coming, Mama" shouted the little girl as she ran into her mother's arms and they walked off.

In her bedroom, her father, 'Ahon' and her older sister. 'Biva' were waiting for her, "Josna" said Maharaji, "My youngest daughter, how are you doing?"

"I'm weady for my bedtime stowy" answered Princess Josna and she crawled into bed, "Tell me my favowite stowy."

"Come on, Papa" replied Biva, "She loves that story."

A long time ago, there was a moon called, the, 'Maharaja Moon'. It only happens once every one hundred years. The original dates back to the early days of India, where the goddess queen, 'Shachi' finds an abandoned Earth baby girl and adopts her as The Maharaja Moon Princess. Over the years, the princess grew into a beautiful woman where guards many of India's beauty.

Over the time, The Maharaja Moon Princess guarded of the life until she passed away in the White Elephant Temple, no one knew how she was killed, but they say it was a demon. There are four signs that that The Maharaja Moon Princess will return into a new form. First, she will find a white elephant with a birthmark of a star, second, she will find the rare Shachi Lotus and will let it thrive, third, the new princess will warm the heart of a demon, and finally, lions will bow down towards the new princess, as a symbol of being the one.

After hearing the ending of the tale, Princess Josna fell asleep, leaving Maharaja Malka worried, "Darling" said Maharaja Malka, "When is Sena going to learn the truth about herself?"

"When she is ready my dear" replied Mahajari Ahon, "Then we'll tell her."

As their parents walked off to their rooms, Princess Biva looked back and smiled.

Before she could head off, she spotted the son of, 'Captain Lokej', "Dansh" gasped Biva quietly, "What are you doing up this late?"

"Came to check on you" Dansh answered as he blushed, "My father is doing his nightly patrol and I always come to see you when he isn't looking."

"Oh, Dansh" smiled Biva, "You and your consideration, that's what I like in a boy."

Hearing these words, Dansh blushed, "If only my mom was alive to hear this."

Once they walked off to bed, a silver peacock looked at them, smiled and flew off, leaving behind a starry trail.