Changing Waves

t was barely sunrise as Kira rose to the surface. She made sure the coast was clear before lifting herself on to the rocks.

It took less than five minutes for her yellowtail to disappear and to be replaced with her legs. she then carefully checked to make sure no humans saw her as she stepped on to the beach.

Kira released a breath as she began walking towards town. Technically, she was not supposed to be here. However, after that argument with Luna, her oldest sister; she needed to escape to the surface world for a while.

Reaching town, she noted that not many people were out yet, with the exception of the shop keepers. She smiled. Kira loved this time of day when she could walk through the town square and observe the beauty of the surface world. It brought her peace.

Kira walked up to the bookshop, her favorite place, and looked to see if they had gotten anything new in. However, the moment she reached the glass window, she was violently pulled into an alleyway.

Kira, being a mermaid, normally would have used her magic to ward off her attacker. However, this attack happened so fast, she didn't have time to react. Kira froze in shock as she felt sharp teeth break her skin.
That should not have been possible for a human as mermaids have tough skin.

The being that was biting her suddenly withdrew with a shock, spitting out Kira's blood from its mouth. Kira tried to take a good look of the being, but was interrupted by a violent burning. Oh God, she was on fire! She dropped to the alley floor as the burning consumed her.

Kira could only hope her sisters would realize she was gone, and come rescue her from this torture.