In 2008, Blue Ocean City is the most ocean/Asian oriented town in California. It is also the buriel grounds of an ancient Chinese spirit who has said to had vanished hundreds of years ago. With his arise, a new generation of Elemental Animals must rise up and stop him.

The Animals

Kiradine, "Kira" Anderson a. k. a Elemental Eagle- The 15-year-old leader who wields the Eagle power. She's also Taylor's adoptive sister/best friend.

Mei Lo a. k. a Elemental Panda - The weird 12-year-old girl from China who wields the Panda power. She is also Kan-Li's paternal cousin."

Taylor King a. k. a Elemental Elephant- The strong 16-year-old chick who wields the Elephant power. She is Kira's adoptive sister/best friend.

Lee Mizuno a. k. a Elemental Tiger - The brainy 15-year-old whiz who wields the Tiger power.

Emily Granhitan-Delgado a. k. a Elemental Vixen- The sensitive 14-year-old farm girl who wields the Vixen power.

Amelia, "Amy" Polington a. k. a Elemental Dolphin- The 14-year-old British proper girl who wields the Dolphin power.


Elliott Carson III- The hunky basketball star of BOC High and Kira's crush.

Kan Li Lo- The serious cousin of Mei. Lee has a crush on him.

Daniel "Danny" Parker- The nerdy scout boy whom Mei has a huge crush on.

Romanas, "Rocky" McGuru- The funny comedy boy whom seems to have his eyes on Amy.

Cole Sandores- The principal rebellious son whom Emily has a crush on.

Principal Sandores- Principal of Blue Ocean City High, who is really suspiscious about the girls' activities.

Chanming Lo- The girls mentor and Mei's maternal uncle.

Seng Lo- Chanming's wife and Mei's aunt.

Kim Lo- Kan Li's younger sister whom teases Kan Li.

Stephanie Fan- The girls rival whom has a huge crush on Elliott.

Devon Ramos and Pedro, "Reef" Reefington- Two local boys who make fun of every lame-o girl in Blue Ocean City.

Gladys and Charles King- Taylor's biological parents and Kira's adoptive parents. Gladys runs the rec center while Charles is the BOC gym teacher.

Kevin and Ivan King- Taylor's younger brothers whom often help Rocky pull pranks .

Cerea King- Taylor's infant sisters who babbles a lot of thing.

Carol Xing- A friend of The Girls,student body president and Camille's twin sister.


The Qīpiàn Girls- A trip of goth girls whom summons supernatural beings to destroy Blue Ocean City.

Camille Xing- Leader of the Qipian Girls who wields the chameleon.

Tanya Wu- The snarky one of the Qipian Girl who wields the black cat.

Rei Lao- The giggly one of the Qipian Girls who wields the bat.