A very important lesson about myself I have learned is control. When I was born, I was kept in a jar, carefully away from anyone else. In my gilded cage, I could not hurt anyone, and because there were no consequences, I learned no restraint. I burned bright and loud at all times, running in circles with joy.

One day, someone snuck into my room, they took my jar in their hands, and unscrewed the lid. Free for the first time, I leaped out, but without warning or thought, I began to spread.

I was so happy to finally be free, there was so much I could now explore. And in my excitement, I could not stop the destruction I was causing. Everything just made me burn brighter, and brighter, until my entire house was ash.

I had nowhere to go now, so I just wandered.

Husks of trees crashed to the ground wherever I walked. Grass burned up at my feet. People screamed when they saw me, and tried to chase me from their villages, but I could not stop. I was following the wind, and wherever it brought me is where I must go, and I could never stop the blaze.

Until finally, I arrived in a cave. There were only a few twigs there to give me life, and no way for me to spread. I stayed there, only trying to remain alive, and there I learned the lesson I will never forget.

It began with breath, the breath that made me grow and shrink. In and out, I learned to control the amount of air I allowed in my lungs. The wind no longer made me flare, for I controlled my lungs.

And on those twigs I burned, and burned, and burned.

Someone took my twig and brought me back out into the world. Still I burned, but this time, I did not spread. I breathed, and my flames shied away from the trees. I breathed, and let myself die to just a flicker. I breathed, and roared to life in the hearth.

In that cave, I learned control, and I never after did I lose it.