On a rainless day;
I spied with my own two eyes
Quite a strange rainbow;
It did not begin with red
Nor did it end with purple.

I was not outdoors;
I spotted the strange rainbow
Through my small window;
I listened to the colours
And they teach me what they mean.

The first band is black;
A colour earned over time
On hard-working hands;
Those blackened hands lift with pride
Six children high in the sky.

Blue comes placed second;
Like the sky and the ocean
It's a hue that hides;
Explore further and you'll find
No secrets but much knowledge.

Purple curves above;
A band as thin as a line
Hard on the eyes too;
Rather easy to ignore
Nevertheless my eyes stay.

Green leans on purple;
Leans on the soil of forests
And mountains as well;
Beneath the delicate leaves
Powerful roots bound the earth.

Red, red, red, red, red;
Gushing out of cuts and scrapes
From trips and topples;
If you can stand up again
Red will become your honour.

Yellow's almost last;
A colour that sounds of a
Noisy cockerel;
A scream that grabs and rallies
Preparing you for the day.

At the end is white;
Stretching farther than the rest
Closest to the sky;
The shade of a new-born's hands
Stretching out for a long hug.

My dear strange rainbow;
The land of the rising sun
Is where they come from;
Seven lads only found in
My rectangle telescope.