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The Invitation

Chapter 1

The day that Glacier Jenson received an invitation to The Race would go down for him as the turning point in his life. At the time, Glacier was simply an outdoorsman, in every sense of the word. He liked sailing, dirt biking, paddle boarding, and many other activities. Glacier was at home, eating lunch when the doorbell to his apartment rung. A letter passed through the small mail slot on his door. The return address read:

Clyde Emerson Co.
503 Market St
Wilmington, NC 28401

Glacier opened the letter to reveal its contents.

Dear Mr. Jenson,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to compete in a race around the world. If you accept this offer, we would appreciate it if you wrote back to us as soon as possible. Please use the return address found on the envelope. The details of the contest are as follows.

1 The Race is being directed and funded by Mr. Clyde Emerson, owner of Emerson Co.

2 The Race will begin at noon on June 23rd, at Virginia Beach, Virginia.

3 The Race will consist of:

- Sailing from Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA to Lisbon, Portugal

- Biking from Lisbon to Athens, Greece

- Paddle Boarding from Athens to Crete, Greece

- Sailing from Crete to Perth, Australia

- Dirt Biking from Perth to Sydney, Australia

- Sailing from Sydney to Seattle, Washington, USA

- Biking from Seattle to Virginia Beach

4 You will be expected to be well trained for the contest, which will test your mental and physical strength.

5 The winner alone will get a reward, his choice of a million dollars, or Mr. Emerson's prize.

Thank you!

The Emerson Co. Team

Glacier sat and pondered the letter. Honestly, it had seemed like an interesting proposition, difficult thought it would be. But something held him back. Who was Clyde Emerson? What motives might he have?

Glacier opened his computer browser and typed Clyde Emerson.

Clyde Emerson is the owner of the Emerson Company, an environmental and alternative energy company. Emerson is known for his contributions to wind energy, along with being a prominent philanthropist. He lives in Wilmington, North Carolina with his family.

"Wow," said Glacier.