Battles had ravaged the kingdom of ancient Egypt. Many had fallen and their bodies laid in the desert sand, waiting to move on into the afterlife. The scent of blood filled the air as the wind blew it around along with grainy bits of sand. Groaning sounds of the dying soldiers echoed across the landscape.

Watching over this carnage were the Gods. Particularly the Sun God, Ra. His head taking the form of a falcon and a solar disc upon his head. He gazed out into his world, the world he truly ruled over, a look of despair and disgust in his eyes.

With one last look, Ra turned his back to the fallen kingdom and headed towards the Temple Of The Gods to speak with the others about their next move. He knew that they would need to take action, but what that action would be was something he didn't have a clue about.

As he followed the path of the sun, Ra's falcon headed form began to morph into a man's in his late twenties. His deep black colored hair cut cleanly on the top of his head. His eyes were the same pale golden color as before.

He walked in silence, his thoughts jumping from one scenario to another. Then the silent atmosphere was broken by the bickering of his fellow gods.

"When will they stop this," Ra muttered inside his head as he approached the doors of the temple. The guards noticed their king approaching and immediately stood at attention and moved out of his path. Ra gave them a curt nod before the doors swung open on their own and he walked inside

The temple was golden and shimmered in the eternal sunlight that bathed the rooms through large windows and skylights high above them. The scent of the place was one of a summer morning and a gentle breeze blew through the temple, gently cooling off those who reside.

Yet, while the appearance would suggest an air of silence, the sounds of yelling and arguments filled the temple instead. Ra made his way through the temple's anti chamber, his destination being the throne room. Which, unfortunately, was were all of the arguing and yelling between the gods was coming from.

As the golden doors that were etched with the symbol of life, an Ankh, swung open to reveal a young woman with long black hair and green eyes ready to attack a man with similar black hair and eyes that looked to match his hair. The woman held a staff in her hand and was ready for a fight, while the man held a dagger.

"Isis! Set! Enough!" Ra's voice boomed across the room as all the heads of all of the room's occupants shot to look at their king who had been standing there all along. His aura one of great power and seemed to imitate the sun's golden rays themselves.

The two siblings looked at Ra with a hatred in their eyes, yet they did as he had commanded, lest they anger him even further than they have already. Relaxing ever so slightly, the woman, Isis, moved to stand protectively next to her husband and other brother, Osiris. She obviously didn't trust her brother Set at all and was deeply worried for her beloved Osiris's safety due to the history the two brothers have had.

A man that appeared to have dark brown hair that was almost black and pale green-blue eyes walked over to Ra. He held a scroll in his hand and looked at his king with an expression of sadness on his face.

"Thoth," Ra began as he noticed the god of wisdom's presence. The sun god looked over his advisor and took in his features. He was looking distraught as he realized that they would have to leave behind Egypt, less they too would fade away to the past.

"King Ra, we must leave Egypt," Thoth said carefully, his voice light and airy as he spoke, yet he held a note of certainty and authority in his voice. He truly was the god of wisdom. Ra glanced back towards the kingdom of his that had fallen and then back to his godly kingdom that was also beginning to fall.

"I believe you are right, Thoth," he muttered before turning to his council and giving them a look of determination. He stood up straight and radiated the light of the sun. The warm feeling of his sunlight swept across the room, calming the tensions of the Gods slightly.

"We will start a new kingdom and it will thrive for many years to come!" He announced to the gods and goddesses that were assembled. Then he turned back to Thoth, his light dimming a little bit before becoming a dull glow around his form. "Do you know where we may rebuild Thoth?" Ra asked a note of hopelessness etching it's way into his voice.

"I have found a world beyond this one, it has magic that protects it, I believe we can settle there," Thoth responded, his voice remaining calm and collected as he spoke. He looked down at his scroll before lifting he head back up. "It is called Althira."

"Do they already have gods?" Ra asked as he contemplated the prospect of moving to this new world. He looked at Thoth with a straight face and kept his voice straight as well. Thoth took another glance at his scroll before shaking his head.

"No your highness, they never did," he replied with a small smile gracing his features. Ra gave a pleased look to Thoth before he turned to Isis. The goddess tensed as she knew that Ra was distrustful of her do the circumstances of her birth and of her existence.

"Isis," Ra said in a voice that held a subtle hint of venom in them. His eyes watching her every move as she stood before him. "Can you open a portal to this new world?" He asked the young goddess. Isis thought for a moment before looking at her hands and then back towards Osiris.

"I might be able to," Isis replied we a bit of hesitation in her tone of voice. She then added a "Your highness" to the end of her reply, not wanting to be seen as disrespectful to the godly king. Isis then have a quick bow to Ra, before hurrying off to find a scroll with a spell to open the portal.

"Very good," Ra muttered. He gave a nod to Thoth and then gestured for him to go help Isis. Next, he turned to the rest of the council once more and gave them a small smile before putting on a straight face again. "Go and gather the other gods and share the news. We leave as soon as we can!" He announced before turning to gather his things, mostly offerings made by the Egyptians when they came to him for help for something.

As Ra and the other gods did their duties, Isis was looking through her magic scroll, hoping to find the spell she would need to open the portal. A soft sigh escaped her pale lips as she finished looking through a case filled with scrolls.

The room she was in was like a giant library with shelves and cases filled with scrolls. The ceiling was in the shape of a pyramid and there were multiple floors of the room. There was barely an inch of the room that was clear of scrolls and cases.

There was a scent of paper and ink filling the air of the room and it was pleasantly warm as well. The floors were made of stone, yet a large plain rug sat in the middle of the floor with a lounge chair and wooden table on top of it.

"Well, it's not there either," Isis grumbled before she turned to another case of scrolls. Behind her, faint footsteps could be heard walking across the floor. Without even looking back at who was behind her, Isis let out another sigh. "Hey Thoth," she greeted as she lifted another scroll up to look through it's contents.

"Isis, I'll never stop being amazed at your abilities," Thoth said to her, a slight tone of amusement in his voice. Then, Thoth's expression turned into one of seriousness and professionalism. "Have you had any luck finding the scroll?" He asked Isis as she moved to look through another stack of scrolls off to her left. After hearing Thoth's question, Isis let out a slight growl.

"Does it looks like I have any?!" She snapped at the god. Her temper showing through as she slammed a lid back on the wooden case she was looking through. Thoth gave a sigh of his own before placing his hand on Isis's right shoulder.

"Sorry, Ra is just getting impatient," Thoth told her with a small amount of annoyance in his voice. "You know how his is," he added. Isis turned to face Thoth with a glare on her face before she swiveled back around and rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, I know," Isis muttered before running her hand through her long, sleek, black hair. Another sigh escaped her lips as she stood up to go check another shelf of scrolls. "Can you tell him I'm trying to find it as fast as I can?" She asked Thoth with a slight frown on her face. Thoth nodded before going to head back down the hallways.

"I can do that for you," Thoth said while opening the door. Before he walked out of the room, he stopped and turned back to Isis. "Thank you for doing this, Isis," he said to her with a soft smile on his face and gratitude in his tone of voice. Isis turned her head around and watched the god leave before she shook her head and turned back to her work.

Just when Isis was about to give up in her search for the scroll, a line case caught her attention. She moved towards it and pried the lid open. There inside of it was a lone scroll with the title 'Gates Of World' written across it. A smile broke out on the goddess's face and she picked up the scroll before studios the spell that was written on it.

She spent nearly two whole hours studying the spell and channeling her magic. Finally, just as she was rolling up the scroll, Thoth came back inside and watched her with a straight face. Isis waved to him in a quick manner before going back to roll up the papyrus scroll.

"Did you find it yet?" Thoth asked her as he eyed the goddess. Isis turned with the scroll in her hands and gave him a wide grin and then nodded. Thoth liked the look on her, it made it seem as if she did find what she was looking for.

"Yes!" Isis cries out as she launched herself forward to give Thoth a quick hug before turning to race out of the room. He black hair flowing behind her as she ran. "Tell the others to gather!" She called out to Thoth as she turned the corner and went out of sight of the god of wisdom. Thoth put his hands on his hips and then shook his head at Isis's reactions.

"Well, better go tell Ra," Thoth said before leaving the scroll room as well. Though he went down a different past than Isis. He was heading to Ra's personal chambers to tell him the good news. Thoth walked down the long, golden hallways, the sunlight streaming in, both lighting and warming the place.

He reached the double doors etched with the symbol of Ra. Thoth knocked on the door, his movements swift and sharp. Then, the god waited for permission to open the door and enter the room. Thoth strainer his hair and made sure he still had his scroll by his side.

"Come in," the voice of The Sun God echoed from behind the doors. Thoth presses his hands on the doors and they opened for him. Thoth walked over to where the king of the gods was sitting in a chair, staring out of the window next to it. "Has there been any progress with the spell, Thoth?" Ra asked as he turned his attention to the other god in the room. Ra had his hands folded in his hands and watched Thoth with a calculating stare in his golden eyes.

"Yes, Isis has found the spell and wants the gods to gather," Thoth told the king in a calm tone of voice. His face was straight and his eyes glanced around the room. Like the rest of the temple, it was golden, but there were rugs and tapestries everywhere. They depicted Ra and his kingdom.

"Good, send the message," Ra stated before taking a pause and thinking about what to say next. "We leave at sunset tomorrow," He declared before he waved his hand to dismiss Thoth and then turning back to his window gazing.

It was now settled and in motion - the gods of Egypt will go to Althira.