It was fight night every night at the Pit, an underground bar and fighting arena under the streets of the lawless city of Atros City. Deep under the streets in an abandoned part of an old subway system, the arena was the size of a high school gymnasium and each and every inch was covered in damage and bloodstains of previous fights fought inside it. Like its name implied the fighting area was surrounded by a higher area lined with chain link fencing where onlookers could watch with relative safety. From the safety of this level the people could watch through the fence or from the various large screen monitors placed throughout the bar. Tonight the place was full to capacity, which was good for business in a rough house such as this. Drinks were flowing, people were partying like there was no tomorrow, and the fights were a blast so far, and the night was far from over.

The latest intermission had just ended, and so the promoters announced over the loudspeakers from the safety of their booth in a concrete bunker. "Ladies and gentlemen of the Pit! Our next batch of fights for the night are about to begin! Hope you've been placing your bets because once it all starts that's all there is to have! Now, our next match is a team battle! For those who don't know here are the rules for a team: there are no rules! Anything goes until one team is beaten down and unable to continue! So folks, let me ask you, are you ready!?"

The crowd which had been invested the entire night erupted into loud cheers and raised their drinks high. They were ready.

"Awesome! Now, our next tag match pits two newcomers to the Pit-a young couple no less! A terrible first date I will say! From Japan, give it up for Ichijo and Kazumi!"

The large doors of the arena opened and right to the announcer's words out stepped the young pair of new fighters. Ichijo looked physically imposing for a man his age. Standing a shade under six feet tall with slightly spiked short dark hair, the man took off the black leather jacket he wore and tossed it aside, revealing a lean muscular physique but more importantly a large elegantly designed black dragon tattoo that covered the majority of his back. White pants her wore had patches of red on it and Japanese characters going along the legs. On his arms he wore black gauntlets to protect himself from weapons.

Looking up at the crowd Ichijo could hear the chants and jeers of those who didn't know why this upstart came into a ring that had been bathed in the blood of countless men and women in its rough history. Still, the young man didn't care in the slightest. 'Let them boo...I'm here to win.'

"Hey there, baby! Why don't you take it off!"

The crowd, fueled by blood lust and booze as well as made up of mostly men filled with alcohol and testosterone, were targeting the young woman with zest.

"Young couple? Get that bimbo and her boyfriend out of here!"

"Whoa check out the hooters on her!"

Copper red hair up in a high tail tied with a black ribbon, she was a woman of Japanese ethnicity in what appeared to be her late teens or early twenties. She wore pink denim jeans with holes in them with patches of white and a pink long sleeved shirt that was stretched to the limit due to her voluptuous chest. They weren't too big instead being properly proportionate with the rest of her figure.

Still, if Kazumi was bothered she didn't seem to be. In fact, she seemed to be taking it with stride. "Same as in Los Angeles." She shrugged her shoulders. With a soft face and a rather petite build, it was a small wonder why she didn't look like a fighter. However, the phrase of never judge a book by its cover was precisely why Ichijo wished people would stop underestimating her. Still, given how often she fought with him in these types of situations he was never a hundred percent certain how she would fare.

He turned to his partner, and for a moment he felt a twinge of uncertainty. "You ready for this, Kazumi?"

Turning to him, the woman put a hand to her chest, "Don't worry about little ol' me, Ichijo. I got this!"

Out of the corner of his lips Ichijo formed a half smile. "I believe you."

As the two friends in the ring began their first fight together against a pair of unsuspecting resident brawlers in the ring, the fighting wasn't confined to the inside of the building. Outside the building that housed the Pit bar and fighting ring was one of the largest parking lots in the city. Broken down vehicles were littering the area but all that did was create seats of those who wouldn't stand to watch the fights going on. A large crowd was circling another tag fight that was just finishing up.

An African American man and a bulking Japanese man had just destroyed their foes and were standing over them triumphantly. Both were covered in sweat and with minor bruises and cuts on their arms and chests.

The smaller man named Jace smacked the bigger man Hanzo on his hard shoulder. A congratulation gesture for having won this fight. "Good going man…" He took a few breaths to gather himself.

A big man with a bigger heart, Hanzo laughed loudly, "You look like you wore yourself out, Jace."

"Sorry big guy but I am in the best shape of my life, thank you," replied Jace before standing up straight. He had short black hair that stuck out in every angle. His shoulders had black sun tattoos on them. Prizes from his lifelong fighting career. Then he added to his friend, "You look like you could lose a few pounds though."

Hanzo took playful offense to that remark. "Hey! I just lost ten pounds the other day. Gwahahaha!" Truth was though he looked like a sumo wrestler, on a small percentage of Hanzo's body mass was actually fat. His physique was misleading and it was usually the downfall of those who underestimated him.

Shaking his head Jace looked around as the crowd dropped their pay, as well as got the two unconscious men they had just beaten off the ground. "Wonder how our pals inside are doing?"

"Let's go and see," said Hanzo as he started to make his way towards the main door. "I need a beer anyway."

"Seriously I can't fucking believe you. We just—hey you hear me?" Jace gave up, as Hanzo openly ignored his attempted plea to lay off any unhealthy food. Instead he went to pick up the hundreds of dollars that had been betted for them that was all over the asphalt.

Eventually he went down to the Pit and saw that Hanzo was already two cans into his favorite hobby of beer drinking. Jace knew he had to put a stop to it early otherwise the money they made on the fight they just finished would be wasted immediately.

"Whoa Hanzo, slow down on the chugging."

Hanzo finished his newest can in one go and crushed the can in his bare hand. After a long belch he threw the can on the floor. "Hell no, Jace. Gimme another! My friend will pay for it, won't you pal?"

"For the love of..." Jace nodded at the bar tender and gave him a single hundred dollar bill. "Just beers okay?"

Then the two men turned to the fight going on inside the arena and to everyone's surprise Ichijo and Kazumi were winning but not in a landslide. Ichijo had been injured in his arms with cuts and bruises, courtesy of a lead pipe thrown in by a rowdy spectator. Thanks to the gauntlets he wore he was able to avoid getting any broken limbs, though he had taken one right to the side of his head, leaving a nasty bruise on his left cheek.

Jace took note of how hard Ichijo was fighting the younger man facing him. Rarely did he see him fight like he was having a tough time. "Jeez, the fight seems to have gone on for a while if he looks like that."

Hanzo didn't share his worry about Ichijo. "I think the boss' holdin' back Jace. Just watch an' you'll see."

Taking a closer look Jace saw something few actually could. He saw a bruised and worn fighter, but Ichijo always had a second wind available when he fought. Just when you thought he was on the ropes or about to go down he would whip up that second wind and he'd let you have it full force.

And right as he noticed that he was holding back, Ichijo took advantage of his opponent's cockiness and launched a straight kick to his jaw that knocked him for a loop. That wasn't it, however as in the same motion he took the momentum from the kick and drove his fist into the opponent in air and sent him flying across the ring and hitting the chain-link fence wall of the pit.

Soon that man was down for the count, and Ichijo was standing tall in victory, much to the shock of the crowd.

Yet that was a side note compared to the cat fight breaking out across the arena. The men were certainly into it, with the new girl beating up on Kazumi by pulling her hair and trying to yank it out by the roots.

That didn't last long.

As if she had enough of pissing around Kazumi forced the woman off of her and swiftly kicked her in the side of the head with a martial arts kick before she could get to her feet. She knew it wasn't enough however and went into a defensive stance. Ichijo, though he could have been helping her, decided to sit back and wait. He knew she could take care of herself and wanted her to show it.

The other woman, an athletic type who now sported a busted lip, got on her feet and was hunched over slightly like a cat. "Come on, you kick fancy but is that all you got?"

A woman like Kazumi would probably be quiet and lash out physically. She did not do that, instead she stood up straight and put her hands on her voluptuous hips. "Asking for more? you look like you're on the edge of defeat."

Having nearly pulled Kazumi's hair out of her skull didn't faze her in the slightest.

The other woman stood up slightly, "Quit your shit and fight me!"

She tackled Kazumi and they both fell to the ground. Now mounted Kazumi had to put her arms up like a boxer suffering a barrage of blows. It was the only way she could defend herself in this position. That was until she drove both knees into her opponent's back and knocked her forward. She got up once again ready to kick her way out of another tackle when the other woman made a mad swing with a closed fist. Luckily for Kazumi it wasn't high enough to get her face, instead getting the side of her left breast and all that did was make it bounce through her clothes. She took the chance to spin her body and get some distance for her.

"Damn your tits!" Shouted the woman.

To her confusion Kazumi tilted her head at her as if confused before looking down at her chest. "Huh? What about them?" To add more uneasiness to the shenanigans Kazumi brought her hands to her chest and cupped herself. "Wow...they are big, aren't they?"

The fact that her breasts were bigger than her hands and she was seemingly feeling herself up drove the hot blooded men in the stands nuts. Ichijo sighed and face-palmed himself.

The other woman didn't think about anything but hurting the stupid girl before her.

Too bad for her Kazumi wasn't as airheaded as she looked at that moment. She noticed her coming at her and with lightning speed, not to mention insane flexibility on her part, she made a vertical kick that connected the sole of her foot to the woman's chin. Blood and broken teeth flew from the impact, and the woman was sent falling back and landed on the ground in unconsciousness.

The fight was over, and Ichijo was quite proud of her. "Good girl."

The crowd went wild at the conclusion to the fight. The winners were surprising to them but they cheered loudly nonetheless as the announcers made their move.


The girl ran to her friend and offered a high five to him. He awkwardly gave her one. Satisfied she gave an excited hop, her chest bouncing with each one. Ichijo rolled his eyes as he noticed her bra slipping out from under her heavily torn shirt. Seems somewhere in her fight her straps had snapped and now was coming out from under her. She didn't seem to notice or if she did she didn't care.

He grabbed his leather jacket and motioned to Kazumi that he was heading to the exit. The girl followed close behind as the crowd, mostly cheering, showed them out.

At the bar Hanzo was laughing while downing his fifth straight can. He had enjoyed the last part quite thoroughly. "What a cat fight!"

As he drank his own water Jace shrugged his shoulders, he had seen the conclusion coming a mile away. 'If they had really tried they could have won within the first few seconds. Yet where would the fun in that be?'

"Jace! Hanzo! Did you see us? We kicked butt!"

Kazumi ran across the room and up to her friends while Ichijo casually did the same. He was sore and wanted to rest.

"We saw most of it. You both did great," said the man as he drank the rest of his water. 'Even if you were holding back.'

Hanzo gently patted the top of Kazumi's head, "Good job there Kazumi." Then he noticed the elephant in the room. "Seems you're having a malfunction there."

He was talking about her undergarment slipping out from under her shirt. To her defense Kazumi hadn't really noticed it, so when she finally did she was genuinely surprised.

"Oh? That's the third one this month…" She pulled the garment out and held it in her hand. The neon pink garment became a magnet to all the guys in the room. Though they eyed her with extreme interest they all steered clear as she was already with three other men, all of which proved they could kick ass. Only an idiot would approach her while they were there.

Ichijo didn't sit down at the bar. He wasn't in the mood for a drink right now. Instead he handed his jacket to Kazumi for her to wear. "Put this on until we get back to the hotel."

The jacket was twice as big as she was and enveloped her as she put it over her shoulders. "Thanks, Ichijo."

"No drinks boss?"

Ichijo shook his head, "We came, we kicked ass, and now we'll leave."

"Not until you pay yer tab," said the bartender, having run out of using the hundred Jace had paid with earlier.

Hanzo looked to Jace who shook his head. All they had left were ones and twenties, but they needed it for their next meal. Then the two turned to Ichijo.

He shook his head, "The check for tonight won't be ready until tomorrow morning."

That meant they had no money to speak of, and if they tried to leave without paying that would be a big problem. The last thing they wanted was the cops on their asses.

"Will this do?"

The voice that answered was Kazumi who held up her useless bra in her hands. The straps had snapped in two places rendering it unusable. Sure she could Gerry-rig it to make it work but the idea in her head was she could barter for their tab. Seriously naive

Surely that wouldn't work, would it?

The bartender nodded, "Make a memorable souvenir." He took the garment from her and noticed how big it was, but he didn't have to ask her what size she was. The tag on it gave the answer to that riddle. "Alright sweetheart. Take your pals and get out of here, and bring money with you next time."

"Yay!" Raising her fist into the air Kazumi cheered, while her three male friends couldn't believe what had just happened. Yet they should have expected it, as it wasn't the first time Kazumi had helped them out. They thanked their lucky stars for her unusual ingenuity to get them out of trouble.

As they left through the doors of the Pit Hanzo only had one question for his friends. "Alright then, whose paying for pizza?"