Kaleidoscope eyes, velvet tongues, and looks that could kill -

They come for you, all of them, to eat you up,

Unlike vampires, there is no blood to spill.

Dreamcatchers are so alluring, so insatiable,

Manipulative and fun.

I'm sure everyone here knows at least

One girl who's like this one.


They speak to you of better futures, of realities not quite set

In stone,

Helping you find that one thing in which you have a knack.

Completely out of proportion is all she's ever blown.

Re-writing optimistic pasts that make it seem as though

You were meant to be on this one-way track.


They have told you of angels, fairies, elves in ancient lore,

But of the dreamcatchers, I can't recall that they've

Ever been spoken about before.

What they want is to sing you a song right before

They pull you back into the void,

And try to make sure you never do anything as stupid

As dream.


Follow your heart, everything is more than it seems,

Frankly, it is until you've tried.

You'll realize that once school's out, those motivational posters

Were a lie.


It all sounds so fantastic. "You can do anything you set your mind to,"

They spew.

Sure, if you want to disappoint your family and friends,

Ruin your credit score and financial records,

Wasting all your time:

Don't let your dreams keep from wiping them away, too.


I wish someone would have taught these kids that it's ok

To work in a trade, in delivery, or restaurant kitchens.

Not everyone makes it to the top, that's impossible. It's unfair

To make them feel less than dust unless they're Hilary Clintons.

Even her story ended with less fanfare.