Part 1

A Wait to Sleep

-by Sanjay

A beautiful young lady walks on to the stage facing a bunch of intelligent audience. Looking at all she exhales calmly, and takes hold of the mic firmly, and with a soft voice asks the audience "What is the potential of brain? "

3 Days. Before the Incident:

John Wafner wakes up in his studio apartment looks at the clock and starts to get ready to his office. He has been an introvert person since his childhood, having to deal with sudden demise of this parents he had to spend most of his time at multiple orphanages, non-willing to adopt as he would barely utter a word. 20 years down the line he is still the same person but he eventually bonded well with his colleague Mike Russo. The only person he tends to speak to. John's routine is normal he spends exactly a dollar on his meals not more not less, and regularly goes for a jog but occasionally addressed by his migraines wherein he takes an aspirin and pulls of a sleep.

As usual he gets ready and goes to his office on time, catches Mike down the hallway and says that previous night he had a beautiful dream wherein he met a girl, and that both were in love. On hearing his story, Mike just couldn't control his laugh but yet he believed the story as john clearly mentioned that is was a dream.

2 Days, before the Incident:

As usual John catches Mike again the next day at his own desk and this time he says that they ended up exchanging gifts, but when Mike asked what gift did john give, he paused for an while and told he gave a chain that had his name on it, but he also mentioned that he received a gift as well which happens to be a heart shaped key chain with his name inside it. On hearing all this Mike's first was question who on earth gives a chain to his girlfriend with their own name on it and also mentioned that no wonder why he could never get a girlfriend.

1 Day, before the Incident:

John's bike had picked up a puncture on its rear wheel so he asked Mike to pick him up, As Mike drives an expensive car "Not expensive actually" but something that John always felt. On their way to office Mike ask's john if he had a dream yesterday night… which john says he had the most romantic moment with her in the dream where they initially had a dinner date, followed by a long walk and finally a good memorable kiss which he repeatedly kept on saying that he felt as though it was real. Similarly, Mike again shrugged off his story by saying it felt real because John would have had a moment with his pillow.

On the Day, of the Incident:

Its Friday and it's been both John's and Mike's routine to go to the local basketball court to challenge the local rivals from their next block. It's been their routine since last 5 years. They cut short their office hours on Friday by half, and both drop off at john's house as the court is close by to his house. On arriving Mike starts looking for his sneakers that he brought last week and dropped off at John's place, but unfortunately he fails to find them, he then turns to John and asks if he saw his shoes but he says a firm no. The only place that Mike didn't search is the store room. He asks John for the storeroom keys to which john says he hasn't opened the room since he moved into the apartment, and also says he doesn't know if he had a key for the room. Still Mike tries his luck by turning on the knob and to his surprise the door opens and he walks straight in, but only to his surprise he was struck with shock, he immediately calls for John and John too faces the same shock when he enters the room. A couple of minutes later both settle down on the couch, and a while later the first question that Mike asks is "Didn't you mention that it was in a dream?" John with a deserted face says "Yes" again Mike counters by saying "How is the keychain physically present in the room which you told you haven't opened since you moved in?" John says he had no answer or he even doubted if he is aware off one, and there seems to be no suspicious case of burglary as well says John. After an hour of conversation Mike asks John to sleep that night early assuring that everything will be alright. He also told that he would drop by next day.

Day 1 after the Incident:

When John wakes up, he remembers that last night dream was a bit petrifying, wherein he met the same girl in a busy street and while they were walking there was a mysterious van that pulled over and Kidnapped her, though John kept on running he failed to get any detail. Brainstorming on the same dream John tries to see if he could remember any sign from that busy street so that he can drop by at that very same location to see if he could connect any dots. To his luck he vaguely remembers a sign board and quickly jumps in front of his computer and googles for the sign, to his very same luck he gets an address…. writes it down on a piece of paper grabs his coat and leaves his apartment.

On his arrival he is completely lost, it seemed as though it's a Deja vu the location seems more or less the exact same thing from his dream. Quickly he starts asking the local street vendors and the shopkeepers if they had seen him yesterday along with a girl, but every person he asked replied the same word "No", finally he arrived at the very same spot where the girl was kidnapped. Out of options and with a confused state of mind he just stands still, off nowhere a street vendor about 5 feet away shouts to him, and says he has seen him previous night…. On hearing this John with a ray of hope started moving closer to the vendor as he approached the vendor a similar van pulled over again and Kidnapped him.

The Mysterious Place:

John slowly wakes to his consciousness and to his shock he is sitting right across the very same girl that he had been seeing in his dreams, but now having seen her physically neither he nor she could barely utter a word with their mouth being tapped and with their body similar fashioned against the chair.

From the right most corner of the same room opening the door enters a group of 8 people whom john has never seen in his entire life before. A man probably aged mid 70's moves closer to John and removes the tap on his mouth, and to which John immediately yells "Who are you? ", "What is all this?" etc. The very same person address himself as Walt Redmond, and he also mentioned that he works for the US government. John immediately asks "What has he to do with the government?" and "Why was is brought here?" to which Walt causally replies All your questions will be answered.

A moment later Walt pulls out a file and says, during the World War 2 USA had developed a powerful weapon for its solders which can win wars for them with lesser solders being deployed. Adding on more details he says that the US scientists have developed a drug called the "Xyphcnis-1" which was given to a group of 10,000 soldiers including men and women.
With immense anger raging in John he asks "What does this Xyphcnis-1 do? ", Walt calmly looks at John and says, this is the drug that never lets a person sleep. And also correcting his very own statement, he tells that for a person to sleep the brain has to generate a hormone which causes a natural sleep in humans, but to wake up an antidote is also generated by the very same brain and connecting all the dots "Xyphcnis-1" generates the Antidot when it suspects that the sleep hormone is secreted and eventually causing a person never to sleep. But since the Antidot had a side-effect which also pushes the potential of the brain to 10x times causing or giving a normal brain the potential to function as multiple in simple terms Split Personality.

On hearing all this John's eyes filled with tears but his brain only possesses greater questions rather than greater pain, after all eyes can't hide what one feels. So, John says that as far as he could remember he never was given any such drug, but then Walt cuts him short to say that it was not him but his Grandfather, his Grandfather was given "Xyphcnis-1" which was inherited through gene by his father and now him. For a second the whole world came crashing to John, the sudden demise of his healthy parents and same with his grandfather, him spending his entire life in an Orphanage run by the US government non adopting him and etc. His final question was "Were his parents killed by the Government after the Government knew about the side effect? ". To which Walt says "Better if I don't tell you "and starts walking towards the door ignoring what John is still asking! As he approaches the Door he nods to a person and leaves the room.

Probably the last time ever that John would see Walt was John's thought, but to Walt he would be the last person that John would ever see. As Walt approaches his car, he hears to gun shots fired.

To Be Continued….