PART – 2

When Christina Jackson asked the audience "What is the Potential of brain?", most of the answer's she got were also most what she expected a sheer non-sense. Brushing off all the answers she got, she continued ahead with her speech. Post her meeting all the audiences including the paparazzies where all left to their shock. Once she was done addressing all the questions and with her speech too, on her way towards the car, she picks up her phone and calls Walt. And as soon as he answers, her first question was "Did you get them?", to which Walt replies "It's done".

3 months before the Day of Incident:

As usual John wakes up in his bed at sharp 1:00 am, but the one who wakes up is someone who is not John but lives within him, he is aware of this condition since his childhood and as far as he could remember. He wakes up gets ready spends his usual amount of time in front of the internet to know "What he is suffering from?" his usual search is along the lines of new research paper published along the lines of Insomnia. But with every passing day he is left with questions. As he keeps on surfing with having few minutes left for him to start off to his night shift as the other John, he comes across a research paper that is written by Catherin Huston. He quickly skims through the Introduction and finally understands that her research is about "Finding out if humans can stay awake Or Insomnia forever". He opens another tab and searches for Catherin Huston, after a quick round of search he gets an address. And with no hesitation he just leaves to her places. On his way multiple thoughts ran on his mind, he knows that he dealing with something that he can never explain to anyone, something that during the day he is another man and during the night he is another man but with a twist in which the night man can remember every tiny details of the day man…..whatever he does he almost can virtually see or run like a video-tap. With his thoughts running in his mind he reaches the address, its about 1:30 am and without any hesitation he knocks on the door, but he gets no answer tries one more time still no. He finally starts leaving and that's when a taxi stops by and Catherin steps out. But to her surprise there is a strange man standing at her door way, to which she should have reacted by dialing 911 but instead she asks him "Who are you?", John introduces himself and quickly jumps on to saying he need couple of minutes with her, to which she says no! But John without any further details says that he hasn't slept as far as he could remember. Now this catches the eyes of Catherin and just as a reflex she asks "What the Hell?". John says lets sit for a while ill detail out everything.

After an hour later Catherin seems to be silent not because she had no questions to ask, but it's something she choose to after listening to something that she imagined could never happen. All she could think of is ask John to drop by next day morning at the university lab, to which John replied "Morning no way ill barely remember what happened now", apologizing to him for his weird reason he ask's him to drop by next day at the same time at the university.

From that day down to the day before both John and Catherin went missing they spent their nights unraveling new details almost to what Walt had revealed but expect for the reason "How did his DNA Or his Genome mutated? ". During this process they fell in love with each other and it was almost the day that Catherin was about to propose John before she was kidnapped.

One Day, After the Incident:

Mike drops by at John's house only to check on him, but when he rings the bell there is no answer, he tries again but no answer he finally breaks open the door on hearing that the phone ringtone seems to be heard from inside. Once he is in he calls out for John but he is nowhere in the house he dials his number and his phone right there lying next to the computer, with still the screen on displaying an address. Finally, Mike reaches the address, and picks his phone to ask if anyone has seen the guy in the photo, the first person he asks says "Yes" and also says that John was taken away in a van a sort of a kidnap that he suspected. Now Mike with lot of questions waits no time, he reaches the nearest police station. On his arrival he meets Rob Freeman a Senior Detective who moved up the ladder at an younger age (not something Mike already knew but was mentioned on the notice board). Finally, Mike meets Rob explain him his last 2 days incidents one after the other. On hearing all these Rob asks Mike to leave the station and he told Mike he would inform him once he gets any further details. A while later Rob makes a call and asks for CCTV footage from the address that Mike has mentioned and on getting those footage he sees no evidence of a man being kidnapped, with clueless thoughts he juggles back and forth the video to makes sure he is not missing anything, and out of nowhere his desk phone rings and he answers it. After the call Rob eventually is lost in confusion, that call came from other precincts where a girl was missing at the exact same location where Mike reported of John's missing. Immediately Rob tries to reach Mike on phone but he fails after multiple attempts, he picks his coat and starts off to Mike's address.

When rob reaches Mike's address he sees a Vintage Shelly along with another mediocre car parked in front of Mike's house, Something didn't just fit in for an employee like Mike owning a vintage shelly an expensive one was puzzling. Rob picks his gun and approach's the front door cautiously, on arrival he makes his move in briskly, as in when he steps in all he could see is an old man pulling the trigger on mike, and all that Rob could do is just watch the bullet leave the gun and quickly penetrate though Mike's forehead leave blood stains on the hind wall to Mike.

Rob calls out a warning at the old man asking him to drop his gun, and the old man follows his command. Rob makes his move closely towards him and kicks away the gun he dropped. And immediately the old man once again introduces himself as Walt Redmond, and asks Rob if he is looking into John's case to which Rob is absolutely shocked, Rob asks "How does he know?". Walt says he tried his luck or eventually he would have found out. Rob asks "What's all this?", Walt slowly resting on the couch explains the past 2 days incidents. And Rob's first question was "I don't believe that all this was a part of US secret mission?" To which Walt initially replies it was, but recently he says and pauses for a while and Utters the name "Christina Jackson", Rob immediately asks "What does the world's richest person with an asset of about close to 478 billion dollars has to do with all this?". Walt says she too has the same problem that John has, and the same questions too "Why her?" and "How her ?" in the process of finding out the answers she caught him, and he happen to be one of the scientists who was part of "ACNIS-1" development, but he never was actually involved in its development but mostly in the testing phage. Still unconnected ends for Rob, and he asks "What was Cristina's intention behind killing John?" to which Walt says, Christina on knowing all these wanted to extract the Gene pattern out of the effected people and create a supreme power that can boost the potential of the brain beyond one could even dare to imagine, for which multiple people who had the issue were killed and their bodies being preserved until the secret group of scientists extracted the Genome out again and again until they succeeded. Rob was speechless, he pulls all his strength together to ask one last question "Why did you want to be a part of this ?", Walt smiles and says during the testing phase he has given "ACNIS-1" to his children an unforgivable mistake that he has ever committed, for which he had to lose his kids at an younger age, and now the same gene patter is found in his grandson who is held captive by Christina. While Rob is lost in thoughts, Walt tries to make a quick move for the barely reachable gun at an age of his, but Walt does exceptionally great and before he could reach for the trigger, he can feel the same pain that Mike must have felt. Rob knows that he could have avoided all this by just shooting at Walt's hand but he chose not to, after all his past haunting questions being answered and he decided to send Mr. Walt's where he belonged, among the others, he also felt if this was the right punishment that Walt deserved after what he had done to John, Christine , him and many more.

The End:

Now all that's running in Rob's mind is reaching Christina and stopping her, he quickly dials his colleague explains him the details about the incident that happened at Mike's place, and on ending the call he knows his next stop is at the Massive gigantic office that Christina runs her global operations from. On his way to Christina's office he drops by at his office pulls out Walt's phone and asks his technical staff to unlock the phone meanwhiles he continues to pull out certain old documents from the server. An hour later one of his technical members enters the room with Walt's phone unlocked. He quickly grabs the phone and leaves to Christina's office. On his arrival he pulls out Walt's phone and dials for Christina's number, on hearing her voice he says "This is Rob there is no more Walt, and you would be pleased to meet me". With a Shiver down her spine, she asks the security to escort Rob to her office. On his arrival at Christina's private office, Christina's First Question was "How much money you need, to drop off all this?" and his immediate reply was "Have no number". Christina with a furious face asks "Then, What do you need?" Rob without any hesitation says "I want you to stop everything and Walt also told me about you having the issue too, and what Walt doesn't know is I too have the issue", To which Christina's reply was short " No I can't ! you are seeing the present and I'm seeing the future, the money that one could make is unimaginable it's an opportunity to control The World and only a fool like you would lose it". Rob moves closer to Christina and says I see that the paradise you see is full of money, but what good that money gives you when there is no one to endure it. Christina loses her cool, she pulls out a gun and shoots right through Rob's chest seeking two benefits, One a new Gene pattern and Second the end of her possible collapse. But just before Rob could finally have his last breath, he only had few words to say which were "The Damage is already done, Christina !" along with a smirk on his face, before Christian could get to him, he is no more. Right at that very moment her assistant walks into the room and breaks the most painful news that one would never like to hear, "We are all over the news but this time for all the wrong reasons". Christina turn on the Television that she barely used and on looking at the news she collapses in agony.

You might now wonder "How?", It was Rob you see, he is a typical police he is not just a man who could reach Senior detective at the age of 24 while others were still biting the dust, Rob has his own style of doing things, he always made sure he carries a secret mic when he is interviewing a person outside the precinct though secretly recording others without their consent is an criminal offence and something that Rob kept it to himself about having a mic, when he left to Mike's house he carried one. And when he dropped off at the office before leaving to Christina's place, he mailed the entire conversation to all the news outlets.

Now what happened after that I would leave it to your imagination, Kennedy Redmond Grandson of Walt Redmond.