Although Science is powerful, there're so many things that it has failed to explain. Whenever people see, hear, or believe something which has not been explained, science finds itself trying to prove it does not even exist. Ghosts, for example, are among the most widely believed of paranormal phenomenon, which science has time and again denied on every level.

According to New York based paranormal investigator Harry Coumnas, ghosts, demons, spirits, lake monsters, aliens, and all other strange and bizarre things are real. At present, he is in Wellington, New Zealand, solving a mysterious case of a bungalow that was built in the 1930s. After the owner was murdered in 1955 by his own son over property dispute, the bungalow was handed over to his wife who too died a few years later due to cancer. The bungalow is since being taken care of by the late couple's close relative living in Auckland. According to him, he hasn't been able to have any tenant stay in the bungalow for more than a couple of months. The problem is the scary sounds they hear from every corner of the house past midnight.

Harry Coumnas, who has been hired by the late couple's relative has been investigating paranormal activities for over a decade and has solved many challenging cases. He claims that he doesn't want to prove or disapprove the existence of anything as his only goal is to save humans from the negative energy trying to harm them.

About Harry Coumnas

Harry Coumnas is a paranormal investigator who can communicate with ghosts through different mediums. He has been to more than twenty countries so far for solving various paranormal cases. He has also visited many cemeteries around the world and researched their ancient cultures as well as civilizations to learn about the various types of ghosts that exist.