The wait was getting unbearable. I was standing at the entrance tapping my foot. I could be home listening to music or doing nothing... Or even in bed dreaming. I would rather be bored home than bored here. The time read 4:09pm on my wrist. I watched the streets as mini cargo vans and people walking with eyes fixed on their phones passed by. It was the only thing I could do to keep myself busy.

The sun was beginning to set on the beautiful city... And the skyscrapers were casting a huge shadow right above me so massive it made me feel small and insignificant compared to this mega economy. I started to wish our store was a few blocks to the side so sunsets could be enjoyed with all their warmth and beauty. But we were given the worst lot. Not only having a bad landscape to look out to... But the smells from the sewer pipe that seemed to always overflow almost every day of the week.

The construction men who came to unclog it were packing up and leaving. Their job half done. This time it was left that way because they couldn't risk working late in the night. Night time was not safe for us humans. With the recent attacks that happened last week, everyone was on edge and no one wanted to be the next cold body found by the morning guard bots. The streets were starting to thin as less and less people were emptying their stores and closing up. I was getting nervous I'd be the last one still open.

This was my first time filling in for Ed, the store guy Mom hired and he was late. He was super late, 4 hours late. And Steve was going to be here any minute. Steve was the Android that worked the night shift. He was bought so the store could run after hours and scrape in more money. Android's and Half Human robots... Or half robot humans existed now. Science had broken the barrier that kept humans and tech separate.

Mankind had evolved and reached a point where tech and biology had a symbiotic kind of relationship... Or entanglement as most kids were saying these days. Almost every living organism had a bionic chip that identified it as property of the city it was birthed or grown. Even the blades of grass had their own ID code that let the city know when to trim it's city lawns when the grass had grown enough.

I thought it to be wrong, thinking no one had right over any living organism in such a way. And having those bionic chips meant they could track you anywhere. Sure it helped keep the crime rate low, and help things get done efficiently but we traded our Privacy for absolute security. I was one of the lucky ones though. Born outside any major city with the Biochip policy or BC for short. But that still meant I had to choose having on a wrist band with identification and tracking or have a Biochip implant. My parents chose the band. I had to go exchange it every 6 months or so for a new one so they can make sure I haven't swapped it with someone else and gone off radar.

Sometimes I wish my parents chose the BC so they could spare me the bullying I had to endure as a kid in school. Kids with the BC implants were able to get mods to their frame or body. Allowed them to be "super human" or so. I called it "super stupid" coz they felt they were above the food chain. I kinda envied that though... Having above normal mods. But I understood my parents choice. Having a BC made you a puppet to the system, and my parents were very against that. They said they didn't want no government officials poking into my life and they believed I was perfect just the way I was. Wish I believed that... besides, theres nothing wrong with having the ability to fly or super strength. My life was normal... Just average... And I didn't want that. I wanted to feel above that. To feel I had something special.

I looked at my wrist again and it read 4:12pm. Opened up my phone and was showered with notifications. There was a text from Carol too. I was upset with her, again. We were sort of in a complicated relationship so I didn't bother opening the notifications because I was already stressed having to wait for Ed when he knew how dangerous it was for me to be out here this long.

"Heyyyy, buddy... Sorry I'm late. Hope you didn't have to wait long, no?" A voice from up ahead spoke.

It was Ed... Carrying a black bag which was dripping wet. It was one of those bags that were used for travel before hyperspeed portals and drones were created. I was a bit curious about what he was carrying. I just handed him the tablet that was in my hand with the list of tasks and goods sold that day and walked away.

He started saying something to me but I quickly turned on my music pods ignoring him. With a quick swipe of my feet I activated the hover boots on my feet. I was so itching to get out of that place. The sun was now just on the horizon. I felt myself rise from the ground and float in the air.

"I love these hover boots" I said to myself.

I started moving forward. Moving my feet left and right pushing from forward to back and started speeding home. I was a good 30 minutes away given the number of streets I had to go through to get home... And that was using the shortest route. So I sped up and used ally ways to try and get home before 5pm. The boots on my feet were just like roller blades but without the bumps and vibrations that come with traditional old fashioned rollerblades. This made me a bit wreck less whenever I had the boots on. I felt invincible... Like no one could touch me. Plus with these boots, I could hover over water or dust without worrying about getting wet or having dust get in the wheels. It was quieter too.

I reached a dark dead end ally way I usually use when rushing home and smirked upon seeing the wall at the end... I pushed my feet with more fury. when I was just about to reach the 2 meter high wall in front of me I jumped to the wall on my left, drifting and gliding... Then pushed from that wall, gliding for a few seconds mid air and drifting onto the wall on my right. I was just a few meters from the wall in front of me and had about half a meter of wall to jump over at the height I had climbed... I made another push, this time forwards and bent my legs so I could clear the remaining inches of wall that I couldn't drift up to.

I felt so alive. A quick and steady 2 meter descent was all that stood between me and the ground. If anyone was watching they'd think I was one of the Pro Skaters in the Speed Demon Olympics. Those athletes were insane with the way they maneuvered through obstacle courses. They were as elegant as ballet dancers, and had the speed of a bullet. Maybe bullet is an exaggeration. But they moved so fast you wouldn't believe. I dreamt of trying out in those Olympics... But they were so dangerous that they only let seasoned skaters try out... Those that had enough credibility behind their skills, or in short, those who had the most following on YouTube.

The wall in this ally way was my taste of the Olympics...

Truth is, I've been scaling that wall for the past 4 years since I first got my hover boots as a gift after graduation. And after a lot of unsuccessful attempts I finally perfected the art of skaling 2 meter high walls, provided I had two other walls to drift and glide off. Pro Skaters didn't need support walls, they just jumped over the walls... Some even 4 meters high

I raced home and got there at about 4:50pm. I slowed down because I didn't want to get in trouble for speeding through the neighborhood again. My neighbor was a traffic officer and we didn't get along so well... Mostly because I once mentioned how robots were taking over his Job.

Upon reaching home I saw Carol sitting on the stairs of the front porch. I was more than surprised when I noticed my little brother on the second floor motioning for me to turn back and mouthing the words "Carolyn." It was even more surprising on my part since I had not seen her come over in months. My boots turned off just when I was about to slide towards her... Juice ran out... Making me awkwardly stumble and almost fall trying to readjust to walking again. embarrassed was an understatement.

"If you can't ride those things, why do you still use them?" She asked. I simply gave an awkward smile.

She was still seated so I went on and sat next to her.

"I can ride them... I just... Lost control a bit" was all I could say.

"Still looks like you don't know how to ride them to me" she retorted.

"Yeah, you should have seen me about 10 minutes ago, I was shredding it... Anyways, why are you here, not trying to be rude, but you almost never come here."

"No how are you? I'm fine thanks for asking..." she rolled her eyes "...We need to talk." She finished.

She pulled out a blue strip from her pocket. It had my full name on it. Not "Ray Obsin" the name everyone calls me by, the same name i am legally known by but the full name only my parents and Carol know. The name i was given before my parents adopted me.

"Raivon Belmont"

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