It was like someone shocked me to reality, because I suddenly felt as though I was awake and everything was clear. All I could do was stare into Carolyn's eyes hoping she wouldn't see the fear in my eyes.
Raivon Belmont was the name given to me by my mother. My biological mother, Right before she left me at that orphanage which was some miles out of town. I was only 3 years old or so then. I never even knew what my father or mother looked like.
This little strip was a sign. It was the link to my tainted past. Or my parents tainted past. Maybe they were fugitives or something. But the law required all orphans to get Bionic chip implants, which both my step parents and I was against. So they found a way to lie to the state saying I was biologically theirs. Well, at least that makes me important in some way. The fact that I had no Bionic Chip made it easier for me to be off radar if I needed.
"Where did you get this?" I asked her.
We both stood up. I facing her. She simply faced the ground with one arm holding her other arm.
"Some Sullorian Named Junno gave it to me. He said I had to find you and give you this... Something about what you had told me of your real name... He said he wanted to talk to you about your real parents. Ray, were you really given away by your real parents?"
"Yes, I told you I was adopted. But that doesn't matter where was this Sullorian..." I asked.
"I thought you were just joking or som..."
"Hey, this is very important. What else did he say?" I cut her short, while also holding her shoulders so she could face me
Sullorians are very dangerous creatures and they never do things unless there is a huge benefit to them. I was already scared for her. They may have followed her here. Or worse, her home.
Even though no one publicly said it. We knew the Sulls were behind the recent human murders. Sullorians are an alien race that appeared on earth about a decade ago in a megalith spaceship. It seemed as though it was made as a single piece of a massive iron rock, like how wooden boats sometimes are made from a single log.
They were initially a peaceful race, near perfect, but once humans showed how greedy they are by stealing some holy Sullorian metal, everything peaceful about them seemed to cease.
For a start, they threatened to wipe out all human life on earth and take it over as their own planet. That was obviously a bluff. They weren't that many Sullorians then to fight off an army of human soldiers. But after a decade they have multiplied and grown in number... and no one had gave up the precious element since then. The recent killings might just be a start. That bluff was starting to seem very real.
She was facing the ground. Trying to remember if she missed anything.
"no, all he said was to give you this and that he wanted to talk." she wasn't lying. She always had this subconscious habit of forming a fist with her left hand whenever she lied. Her hands weren't making a fist.
"OK, I believe you... But you aren't safe here, you need to get home fast, before it gets dark..." I started to take off my hover boots so I could give them to her. "... Just remember what I taught you back then. Push your legs side to side and move your arms for balance..."
" what are you doing, I'm not putting those things on" she laughed.
"well how do you expect to get home on time?" I felt kinda silly.
"Don't worry, I talked to your parents and they are OK with me staying the night" she made eye contact and I darted my eyes left and right nervously.
This just turned awkward for me. And she knew I got nervous. I was shocked she showed up in the first place and now I had to be around her the rest of the night. We got along just fine, but there were some emotions that weren't really sorted me and her. We like each other, a lot. but sort of friendzoned ourselves. I wasn't going to change that yet. Even though I liked her I was starting to enjoy the single life and wanted to have it for a bit longer.
What scared me is she might move on to someone else. Then it would all be my fault for not doing anything about it before. Maybe I could talk to her about it tonight, given that a possible Sullorian killer was after me and I might not be alive long enough.
"OK then. Uhm... I guess let's go inside then, it's getting cold out." I awkwardly motioned to the door, trying to be chivalrous.
"I hope you aren't bothered by me staying. It's only for the night... And not for life" she joked while walking ahead of me. Then looking over her shoulder and smiling then continued into the house, leaving me outside, dumbfounded.
What was that! I thought to myself. This night was going to be long and weird for me.
Hours passed as she watched some tv with my little brother Jake while I did some online work. I was just starting an online business and after many unsuccessful attempts I felt I was on the right track now. A lot of companies in the city pay big checks for virtual software development. And I was good at that. Years of coding and art helped me get good at stuff like this.
I was momentarily distracted by the noise on TV. I watched as this scene unfolded:

A person had broken into a house and dropped some kitchen utensils, waking everyone in the house. The owner of the place walked into the kitchen holding a shoe as a weapon... Turned on the light only to find it was his brother in law.
So he said "You are Quite the character Jack"
"and you are quite the protagonists Billy, a shoe? What you gonna do with that, stick me with it?"

My focus turned to the laughter in the kitchen. My parents were in the kitchen cooking, it was kind of sweet to hear them laugh every now and then, they loved cooking together and their love for each other was very strong. Made me want to have such a life. Someone to love unconditionally and spend my life. I looked Carol's way, she was playing with my little brother. He was young, about 9, and that made him look like a baby with his small frame. I imagined her laughing that way with me. She had a smile that drowned all my worries away. It was sweet. I would look at her and feel at peace.
I caught myself staring and quickly went back to my laptop screen before she noticed. What was I doing I thought. She was the best thing that could happen to anyone and I was passing it off coz I wanted some time alone. Being in a relationship wasn't that complicated. And it's not like we were to be around each other 24/7. Maybe I needed to just act on impulse this time. No more holding back my emotions.
I was so zoned out in thought that I hadn't noticed I was staring at an ad on the laptop about ladies undies. Carolyn had gotten up from where she sat and was right next to me.
"for only 5 credits you can get two pairs of black undies... Who's the lucky girl you wanna buy those" she teased me.
I jolted back to reality and had to close the tab I was in.
"I wasn't going to buy them. I uh, it was just that..." i couldn't believe how nervous she got me. This never happens.
"you were thinking of something and zoned out. I know you, don't worry I'm just teasing" she smiled.
"I know. You just caught me off guard that's all."
"really. So you are on guard when around me? Interesting... So, what were you thinking?" she made a face to show she was contemplating something. She even crossed her arms and pretended to stroke an imagined mustache.
"you are quite the character." I responded
"and you are quite the protagonist... BILLY" she laughed. Referring to a line from the movie she was watching with my brother.
I chuckled. Then looked into her brown eyes. They reflected some light from my laptop which made her even more stunning. I wanted to speak but just found myself staring. I was mentally giving myself a punch in the face for being so awkward. She broke the silence again while still smiling.
"look, I know this is all so sudden and all, but chill. Stop being nervous you goofball."
"easier said than done. I haven't had you over in a while and I missed all this you know. This and the fact that some Sull is after me, I'm kind of on edge."
"come on... No Sullorian is after you. He just wants to talk. And even if he were after you, we are in the safest neighborhood there is. Drones are on patrol every hour. Come on, I came here to invite you to watch TV." she held my hand and pulled me out my seat.
I couldn't resist and got up. Leaving my work unfinished on the laptop. She plopped herself on the old sofa my parents bought years ago. It had grown softer over the years and more uncomfortable. But it felt like home. Home with a hole on the right arm from one of Jake's toys.
She had her feet on the sofa and folded her legs then did this cute thing where she shrugged her shoulders while giggling to get me to seat down. She was really acting like a kid, but it was so adorable. I walked to the sofa and Jake, on the floor, was so absorbed with the TV he never noticed me walk right over him. I sat right next to Carolyn to her left and pulled a blanket that was on the left arm so I could cover her with it. Even though the heater was on, she had on a vest that I'm sure wasn't keeping any warmth on her.
She smiled and leaned on my shoulder, covering herself with the blanket. I put my arm around her and leaned my head on hers. Her hair had a sweet fragrance.
"I like this" she said.
Mom and Dad laughed again in the kitchen, probably something Dad said. For a moment everything just felt right. Like nothing in the world mattered so long as I had this.
"I like this too."

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