In all my years of being a cryptozoologist, trying to uncover cryptids in mainland Australia and the neighboring islands, never in my years would I imagine I'd uncover something quite like this. Sure it's no bunyip or a surviving thylacine that disapproves the idea of its species going extinct, and it's certainly no pterosaur like creature sometimes reported in Papua New Guinea. The locals refer to this specimen as the Abaia which has been reported in plenty of Polynesian islands.

Thing is, this creature has recently been sighted all over the Pacific and Indian oceans; the most notable signs of their presence include the marine iguana population in the Galapagos islands dwindling, and great white sharks having been found with strange scarring indicating that they now have another competitor besides the orca. The most notable evidence at the time for this creature was in South Africa where a clan of brown hyenas were documented scavenging on mutilated nile crocodile carcasses. One particular hyena was found feeding on a bizarrely large egg, extracting an unidentifiable embryo and devouring it whole. Well now my colleague Heath and I have found the source. A juvenile of an undefined creature of seemingly Avian ancestry. Despite its almost entirely bird-like design, it seemed like quite the chimera; flippers and feathering of penguins, a beak of an albatross, uncharacteristically filled with teeth, a body of a moray eel and instead of back legs, it had pelvic spurs that you'd find in a python or boa.

I can't make many more speculations until I get this specimen properly analyzed, the only trace I saw of the adult was the supposed mother killing a crocodile in the swamp, could mean that these animals stay close to their nesting grounds to defend their young. A theory at best, but I will get behind this-I will learn everything there is to know about this animal if it's the last thing I do.