It was destined, in an almost age-old story, that a young 'ruckus maker' will inherently clash against the prim and proper mannerisms required at Onix Fort.

By prim and proper we refer of course to the miraculous, daily regime of transforming young boys into sturdy horses. They must jump when they are told to, run faster than Usain Bolt (especially when the matron is in one of her moods) and be satisfied with meagre treats of sugar cubes or, if they're extremely lucky, carrots.

Any deviant who dare profess his individuality from the drooling masses, will meet a fiery and maldoriferous end. No, not in hell, such a fate would have been much kinder. Instead the culprit will be overworked to exhaustion, after being caned brutally then sent to his fellow mischief makers as a always brought down morale.

Such is the 'care' administered to orphans raised in Onix Fort. But today Jack Mallory has gotten into his head, to fight the system yet again. A decision akin to gambling your entire fortune or trying to outrun a cheetah...but Jack had always loved challenges.

His plan was to use reverse psychology and prevent the matron and her cronies from attacking his and his friend's base (should the matron discover it ) by making it seem like an ambush. That way they might finally manage to eat more food. The younger, sickly kids needed more rations...

But before that he needed to act exemplary, as to not draw suspicion...

As he was formulating his plan Jack bumped, litterally, into the matron, Mrs Sweetcrumb.

"Well well, Jack Mallory. I hope you are not planning any rebel escapades again, young man. For your sake, at least." Mrs Sweetcrumb said.

'Well, well, Mrs Sweetcrumb. I hope you are not planning any kitchen escapades. For your waist's sake, at least.' Jack thought while saying "Of course not, my lady, I've left such atrocious behaviour in the past. And may I say you are looking simply 'radiant' today. Must be from the fresh cucumbers you waste, I mean use for your complexion." Jack said.

"Don't think your simpering will get you anywhere Jack. I am on to your ' wicket schemes'. Whatever little plan your diminutive mind has concocted you better stop it now. I heard giving up does wonders for one's safety here Jack." Mrs Sweetcrumb said with a smirk.

Well, since she was already planning on being suspicious and since she insulted him first, young Mr Mallory decided to take such liberties himself.

"Well I've heard cucumbers do wonders for even the most grotesque of faces. Pity it was only a rumour" Jack said.

Mrs Sweetcrumb looked ready to strangle him and he will of course be punished, which will affect his plan a bit, but the look on her face was priceless.