"C'mon Damon, we got to go to this new place I heard about. All the hottest human girls go there!"

Damon smirked at the idea. "They delicious?"

The demon dressed in red and black flannel and jeans smirked. "In more ways than one."

Damon couldn't wait. It had been a few days since he had fed on humans, and even longer since the last time he had fed on young women. They were always the most delightful.

Late night in New York City and Damon and his buddies were itching for some fun. Of course there was only one place for these hot blooded devils to go at one in the morning in the human realm, and it was the single hottest place in the city since it opened.

It was called the Underworld, and rather fitting. Hidden from prying eyes in the basement of an abandoned strip mall, the newest gentlemen's club of the Big Apple was dark and yet full of neon colored light. A large stage and bar with three separate cat walks that went out into the crowd.

That same crowd was packed to the point of overflowing along the lit walkways.

Though a gentlemen's club the men in this place were not gentle, nor were they men. Most if not all of them were demons in human form, masquerading as hungry young men looking for a good time at the expense of their unsuspecting human hosts.

Damon and his friends were no different. Taking on the forms of twenty something men claiming to be 'out of town' and looking for a good time before heading down south once again.

Loud rock music, always a plus in this place, and drinks flowing was always the signal for a good time. Yet there was something missing.

The catwalks and the poles at the end of them were not being used.

"Where are the girls?"

While his other friends disappeared into the crowd the one that wore flannel stuck around a bit longer. "This place has a special event called the 'Auction'. I think you'll get a kick out of it."

Before he could ask how that would happen Damon found himself alone as his last friend went and vanished into the crowd heading towards the bar.

'Not like I haven't had enough fun in this town,' he thought as he went towards the first catwalk. He had tried eating humans earlier in the day but all he had found was the homeless, and he wasn't in the mood for them. He needed something with life, something supple and full of energy. "Man I am starving for a meal..."

Strippers sounded just like the perfect meal ticket in his mind. As soon as he got to the front of the crowd, after much pushing and shoving that is, the event of the night had begun to get rolling. He went and leaned on the railing in front of the middle catwalk.

"Hello, guys!"

An announcer's voice bellowed over the loudspeaker and the crowd went silent for the most part.

"Welcome to the Underworld, where you'll find the greatest booze and even hotter girls than you would find topside! I see almost everyone here has a shot glass in their hand, but one other thing is missing. What do you say guys? Ready for the girls?"

A thunderous applause and cat calls signaled they were more than ready.

The announcer was more than happy to oblige. "Very well then, here we go! The Underworld presents in their debut showing: the Rebelle Sisters!"

Rock music played, this one from the eighties that more than added fuel to the fire of the atmosphere. The music played and the crowd roared but not loud enough to drown out the announcer.

"First up is a gal who is sure to bring out your inner devil. Here is Sindy!"

Her name was not a typo or a stage name made for her, as it was spelled with an 'S' and not a 'C'. Not that anyone would care about that anyway. A girl who looked to be no older than twenty strutted out onto the stage on the right catwalk. Her walk was that of a no nonsense woman while her face gave a look that seemed to be one that could kill with a single glare. Her type of dress was similar to a stereotypical goth but the way she grabbed hold of the pole showed she wasn't shy in the slightest. She wore a black crop top with a pink stone pendant dangling around her neck. Her outfit hid very little of her skin, which was slightly paler than normal and covered in intricate tattoos from the right side of her face down to her knee. Black lips and hazel eyes could be seen from behind the short bangs her short hair style that reached down to her hips. Her black and white pleaded skirt had steel chains dangling from the metal clasp. More like a punk than a goth the way she didn't smile and instead gave all the men the same coldhearted stare that seemed to scream 'come and get me' if they dared.

Sindy went and danced around the pole like a woman who knew her way around such a thing, but given it was her first time on a stage it was downplayed as beginner's luck. Her body wasn't a typical stripper's body, what with a small chest but curvaceous hips accentuated by the high heeled boots she wore. Yet even with that one disadvantage it still helped her as she was able to prove she was flexible like a gymnast.

Sindy danced only for as long as the song played, but she was nonetheless showered with dollar bills by the time she was done. An impressive debut. She stood with her back to the pole and her hands up over her head, her characteristic glare still set in stone.

Still even as she finished the music only changed to the next song.

The curtain was pulled back on the left side of the stage, revealing the next dancer and unlike Sindy the girl didn't look like she wanted to be there.

"Now be nice guys, for Sindy's younger sister is a bit on the shy side. Give a nice warm welcome to the lovely Lulu!"

Having to be shoved forward, Lulu nearly tumbled on the six inch heeled shoes she was wearing. The only saving grace was her outstretched hands connected with the pole and she was able to cushion her fall against it. Dressed in a vastly different outfit than Sindy, Lulu wore thick square rimmed glasses and also unlike her sister she had a much curvier figure. Her chest was big, each breasts bigger than her hands and her skin soft to the eyes. As to her attire she wore something that was called the 'virgin killer sweater' that drove men nuts. It was open on the sides and if she were to move too quickly in one direction her chest would pop out which was what the guys were hoping for. It also provided little protection to her hips, and her underwear was easily seen and unable to be hidden from anyone looking at her. Her auburn hair, tied up in a long tail that went down her back which was open thanks to the sweater, swayed with her body. Around her neck was a pendant similar to Sindy's.

While she was like a living Venus in terms of body type, there was one problem with Lulu. She was clueless as to what to do and stood in place in absolute terror, only looking to her side in the direction of Sindy. She was looking for reassurance but all she got was a look that told her to do something other than stand there.

Yet Lulu's face was as red as an apple and all she did was stand still. Still, not wanting to disappoint her sisters and embarrass herself further, she took a deep breath and closed her eyes, ready to take her dignity to the lowest level for the rest of her life.

The next song started, the DJ giving her another shot to make up for standing still for nearly four minutes.

From where he stood Damon noticed that as soon as she removed her thick rimmed glasses and tossed them aside Lulu's entire being seemed to change. the uneasiness disappeared as she grabbed the pole and swung herself around it. Then her mind went dirty as she stood behind the pole and pressed the center of her chest against it, her massive breasts straddling the metal bar through the fabric of her sweater. No doubt she knew what the guys wanted and to further drive them wild she lightly, enticingly, ran her lips over the surface and added the sugar to the sweetness by flicking the tip of her tongue on it.

When her song finished Lulu sat down provocatively hugging the pole and looking at the hungry men in front of her. She too was showered with bills, though whether she had made more than her sister was unknown.

Yet the night wasn't over yet.

Damon heard there were three sisters, and yet there were only two on the stage. He liked both Sindy and Lulu but he didn't seem to enjoy the idea of eating either of them. 'Sindy is flexible enough but not enough meat...then Lulu, damn she has the body but she seems awkward...' His thoughts blinded him to the announcer's words. He wondered what the final sister was like...

The announcer spoke loudly, excited after seeing the two girls put on their show. "We saved the best for last, guys! Here is, all the way from the cold land of Mother Russia, a girl whose hair is red as blood and hot to match. She'll drive you wild like a child. Here is the youngest Rebelle sister, the Devil's Daughter: Polina!"

A rock song with a heavy guitar rift started and the curtain on the stage was pulled back. With her back to the crowd stood a woman her red mane reaching halfway down her neck. She turned sharply to look over her shoulder and growled at the men who were damn near ready to jump over the railing in order to get their hands on the woman. Polina went down the center walkway, walking like a woman on a mission and swaying her hips hard with each step. Her steel tipped knee high shoes were four inch heels and she didn't have a problem walking in them. A loose low cut white tank top with a torn bottom hem that exposed her midsection was all that held back her chest. She was slightly smaller than Lulu but was no less desirable. She reached the pole and like a certified gymnast she climbed all over it, most notably when she had to show off her hips in her black denim short shorts. On her left shoulder was a red Soviet hammer and sickle tattoo. While her hair was short and was indeed crimson red the end tips were black with some kind of highlight. A pink stone was attached to the black banded choker she wore around her neck.

So she danced, getting all sorts of cat calls and hoots as well as hollering from the rowdy crowd, more both her sister's combined if one were to be honest, and the biggest difference was she seemed to be enjoying it. Smiling and loving how she was teasing like a naughty girl and she was getting away with it all.

When the song ended Polina slid down the pole before standing on her own two feet, light level of sweat covered her face and chest.

Damon himself was appealed by her performance. He knew who he wanted to feast on. He threw every single dollar bill he had on his person and even outstretched his hands as if to welcome her into his arms-

Then a shot rang out. A scream of panic followed and all eyes turned to the entrance.

Four men dressed in white robes adorned with the symbol of the Christian Cross came into the room and most of the people they went by recoiled in pain and anguish at the sight of the holy symbol. Demon slayers of the Order of St. Benedict, the demon slayer organization that patrolled Manhattan on a regular basis. The lead man, a young man dressed similarly to that of a priest pointed vehemently in the direction of the stage. "Halt in the name of the Lord!"

At first Damon thought they were pointing at him. 'The hell did I do?'

But as it turned out it wasn't him the slayers were after.

"Think it's time you move, honey."

The low level demon turned and saw that Polina, as well as her two sisters Sindy and Lulu, were standing together on the center platform. They no longer looked like strippers, or even human.

No longer held back in the face of their enemies, the sisters turned the magic of their pendants off, and now they revealed their true selves.

Lulu's eyes turned a hot pink. The sweater she wore dissolved as demonic skin covered parts of her body and a small set of demonic wings formed from her back as well as a demonic tail came from her backside. Her head sprouted a pair of thin curved horns from her temples. Her appearance was now that of a succubus.

Not to be outdone, Sindy's nails extended to sharp points and her canines extended into longer fangs. Her eyes showed off the unmistakable red glow identifying her as a vampire.

Finally, Polina became engulfed in a fire red and orange aura as a black and red long coat appeared on her body, open on the front. She smirked as the handle of her favorite weapon formed in her hand. Pressing the button on the side of it extended the blade to form something similar to a whip. True to her name, the Devil's daughter was now where she wanted to be, where she had the most fun. She pointed her sword at the slayers, who appeared to be dumbstruck by what they saw form in front of them.

Polina enjoyed their fear. "Lulu. Sindy. It's show time girls."

Then all hell broke loose in the Underworld.